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The following commercial is an ad for MD Anderson Cancer Center. It is presented in an emotionally charged manner to help the consumer feel an organization exists that supports the efforts to eradicate cancer forever. Please take a moment to watch this 1 minute video before reading the rest of this article.

After watching this video, “HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Now, open your mind to a perspective I would like to share with you.

Why should we choose MD Anderson? According to their website, “We’re one of the largest cancer centers in the world. We’ve been working to eliminate cancer for more than six decades.

SIX DECADES and the “cure” still evades them!

They offer (according to their commercial) immuno therapy, clinical trials, genetic testing, cutting edge research, a scientific team approach, they offer dignity and compassion, etc… They add (in a tone addressing cancer itself,) “we will stop you,” “we’re not scared of you anymore,” “we want everyone to survive you,” and finally, “cancer, you’re going to lose.” Sounds powerful and persuasive, but is it a sales message or reality?

The best way to beat cancer, is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Obviously, there are factors outside  our control that can lead to cancer development, but how much emphasis and teaching do these Hospitals and other medical institutions place on teaching and IMPLEMENTING CANCER PREVENTION? Millions of dollars are invested in drug commercials. How many millions of dollars are invested in COMMERCIALS that teach LIFESTYLE as the best choice for DISEASE PREVENTION?

How DIET is used on MD Anderson’s website:

We know that diet plays a significant role in cancer development. Here is the entire contribution they offer regarding diet.

  • “Avoid sugary drinks and limit consumption of energy-dense or high-calorie foods.”

  • “Limit consumption of red meats to 18 ounces of cooked meat per week. Red meat includes beef, pork and lamb.”

  • “Avoid processed meats like ham, bacon, sausage, hot dogs and deli meat.”

  • “Limit alcoholic drinks to 2 for men and 1 for women a day.”

  • “Limit consumption of added salt, salty foods and foods processed with salt” (sodium).

  • “Don’t use supplements to protect against cancer.”

They don’t tell you what foods are known to help strengthen the body and protect it from this disease; instead they tell you what NOT TO DO. Don’t you love their last bullet point!

How TREATMENT OPTIONS are used on MD Anderson’s website:

They advertise on their website they include complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. You would think this shows an open minded awareness to the scientific literature as well as the population’s needs for treatments in addition to conventional approaches. So they offer these categories of care and then say the following about these services:

  • Conventional medicine: “is the “traditional” medicine as practiced by a medical doctor (M.D.), a doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) and other allied health professionals.”

  • Alternative medicine: “Many alternative therapies and drugs do not have scientific evidence to back up their claims of effectiveness. Some have no therapeutic benefits at all or can even be dangerous.”

  • Complementary medicine: “Many cancer patients find relief from complementary therapies, while others have found them to be ineffective or have reported problems. Although some complementary therapies are useful for cancer patients, others may be harmful in certain situations.”

Why do the categories Alternative medicine and Complementary medicine talk about the dangers and potential harms as well as the lack of “therapeutic benefit,” yet Conventional medicine doesn’t mention ANYTHING about potential risk and/or harmful side effects? Is their focus on the patient’s best interest or the hospitals best interest?

To keep this article short I will not go any further into detailing the clear biases our hospitals IMPOSE on their patients when they are in their most vulnerable emotional states.


Why should they be? This disease is the basis for their entire existence!


Really? Six decades (just with this hospital alone) and still going strong.

I asked you in the beginning of this article (after watching the video,) HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?

Now that I have just scratched the surface and shared the overwhelming biases and lack of any significant emphasis for preventative health, HOW DOES THIS VIDEO MAKE YOU FEEL? Now that you know that alternative and complimentary options are provided as a better MARKETING TOOL to attract more patients instead of a legitimate option for addressing the underlying causes of cancer, HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Now that you realize they have been working at the SAME NAMED DISEASE (CANCER) for 60 years without eradicating this feared pathological state, HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL? Knowing that “global spending on cancer medications rose 10.3 percent in 2014 to $100 billion, up from $75 billion in 2010″ (Global Oncology Trend Report, released by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics), HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?

Do you want to dramatically reduce your chances of developing Cancer? You won’t find the answers on MD Anderson’s website. You won’t find the answers in the hospitals and medical doctor’s offices.You won’t find the answers in the drug stores.

You will ONLY find the answer by accepting responsibility for your LIFESTYLE and making the necessary changes that provide  the BODY AND MIND the tools needed for healthy function.

Our current lifestyle patterns have created the devastation we face today with the various diseases that RESULT from these unhealthy lifestyles. Our doctors have successfully prolonged our suffering by using technology to develop new drugs that have extended the length of our lives WITHOUT extending the QUALITY OF OUR LIVES.

There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for finding a cure for cancer. There is NO TIME FRAME being offered. The only three things we can count on is:

  1. the continuing demand for unlimited amounts of “research” dollars”

  2. more rhetoric offered by our medical industry attempting to maintain pressure to follow traditional cancer treatments.

  3. unwavering denial that valid credible SOLUTIONS that could potentially avoid the unnecessary harmful effects of traditional chemotherapy and radiation exist and should be considered as part of a treatment protocol.


should be followed by:





  1. If cancer is eradicated, they will go out of business. I know you have made that point before, Jonathan, but it is worth repeating.

    This is great information!

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    1. As the public awakens to the idea of greater self responsibility and greater control over the decision making process regarding the type of care they choose to accept, long term qualitative outcomes will improve. This is one method to help RESTORE HEALTH while driving DOWN the cost of health care.

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  2. Wow, you left me speechless.

    The video almost makes you feel empowered. Yes, we can fight back, but as you stated more than six decades and still no known cure. And what the video never mentions is the dminished quality of life their treatments offer.

    Yes, I will cut down on the red meat.

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    1. Assuming greater self responsibility is a great starting place. Recognizing that viable healthier options to treat disease (including cancer) exists in addition to traditional chemo and radiation gives the patient more control to RESTORE HEALTH. These choices MUST be made available to the public regardless of the doctor’s personal opinion.


  3. Sure gives us something to think about. Thanks for the info.

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    1. Hopefully this information will help people realize the importance in taking greater responsibility for their lifestyles and their health care decisions. We can’t afford assuming there is only ONE APPROACH to preventing or treating diseases INCLUDING CANCER.

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  4. My daughter is a cancer survivor and she had conventional treatment alongside alternative treatment which was recommended by her oncologist( this was) some 10yr plus years ago. We ourselves did some( alot) of research and came to the conclusion that without being fanatical we should change what we felt was best for us. Also came to the conclusion that it is not only what you put in your mouth but on your body. Costmetics are not so highly regulated as they should be and still use by products of the petrolium industry which are known carcigens. I suppose my point is although there are more steps being taken to ” CURE” Cancer the onus is still on us….. Phew speech over..have a lovely day 🙂 and thank you for your post 🙂

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    1. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.
      In most cases a combination of therapeutic approaches will likely provide a better more humane treatment protocol AND BETTER RESULTS. To believe the only options include surgery, chemo and radiation (in a great majority of the cases) is extremely misleading. It amazes me that HEALTHY APPROACHES that STRENGTHEN immune function and create an unfriendly environment for cancer cells aren’t typically used as first line treatments. It is important for doctors to realize that viable options must be made available to the patient. The doctor does not have the right to avoid mentioning ones they have a personal prejudice against.

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      1. I know seems a lot of doctors have an “I know best attitude” and just expect people to follow blindly. I am just pleased my daughters oncologist encouraged her to think about her diet and immune system as well as conventional medicine he also advised against using as ice cap as it may help lessen hair loss but also lessens the effect of any treatment, he was a wise man and we have a lot to be thankful to him for. You have a nice day 🙂

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        1. As the public learns about viable, credible HEALTHY options it will help empower them to make better informed decisions. Sharing these additional options is a large part of the reason for my blog site. Whether it’s cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc… we (doctors) have a moral and ethical responsibility to share the truth about these quality options that NEVER seem to reach the consumer’s ears.


  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day we look back and realize that they may have had a cure long before, but it was not in their best business interest to reveal it. I hope I’m wrong.

    How does it make me feel ? Horrified, and cynical. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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    1. Hopefully this message provides insight and incentive for people to consider ALL viable options rather than relying on the assumption that all doctors are benevolent and only offer the best options. Unfortunately, the VALUE of profits can sometimes supersede the VALUE of human life. Just look at Merck’s BILLION DOLLAR law suit settlement over their anti-inflammatory prescription Vioxx.

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  6. Wow. Very compelling. You have a great analytical mind. Your right the very existence of these doctors rely on the cancer being there. If we only relied on television for our education, we would be in big trouble. Thanks for shining some light on a sensitive but important topic.

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    1. I know I am naive, but I still believe in people and their ability to distinguish between authoritative self-benefiting practitioners and qualitative benevolent practitioners. Those involved with cancer care that offer credible options that strengthen the health of the body while creating an antagonistic environment for cancer humanely and compassionately support their patients. If it becomes evident that toxic therapeutics (ex. chemo or radiation) are needed as part of a protocol it is very likely the frequency and quantities could be reduced minimizing the short and long term negative side effects. Although this approach may reduce the pharmaceutical profits it potentially offers the patient a more humane approach to RESTORING HEALTH than destroying their immune system and hoping they are strong enough to survive the damaging effects these poisons cause.

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  7. Happily we have a publicly funded television/radio network, so we can avoid watching ads like this, and also the trash sometimes dished up as news review.
    As a matter of interest, where is mention of drugs, such as keytruda, which are making significant steps towards curing some melanomas? We do seem to be getting closer to some non-surgical cures, as well as a better understanding of lifestyle benefits.

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    1. We have known the best options are simply to minimize the risks by living a healthy lifestyle. There are so many HEALTHY options to treat a body suffering imbalances including cancer, it is a shame that toxic pharmaceutical agents are the first line of defense most doctors reach to. Equally shameful is the lack of disclosure about these HEALTHFUL options by doctors to patients. Doctors do not have the right to place their personal opinions ahead of their ethical and legal responsibility to inform their patients of optional treatments. As the patient presents themselves in a vulnerable emotional state, doctors continue to use FEAR to gain compliance for traditional cancer treatments. I wonder if the world finds it interesting that 80+% of oncologists (according to the research by Ty Bollinger) would not use these toxins on their own family members!

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  8. This is a subject close to my heart. My medical oncologist told me once that there are hundreds of drugs out there for different kinds of cancer, some have stronger effect than others. Maybe it depends on what type of cancer you have. I was on stage 3 colon and had 6 cycles of chemo and oral tablets. It was a life-changing event for me and my family. They tell you what not to eat but do they advise how to boost your immunity?

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    1. I’m very thankful your treatment has been beneficial. I certainly believe that conventional care is a tool to be considered when approaching a treatment protocol for addressing this condition. There are, however, many other viable options depending on where the disease is discovered as well as the type discovered. My concern is the patient is NOT BE PROVIDED THESE ADDITIONAL OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. In fact, our doctors use FEAR to dissuade the patient from choosing ANY option outside of conventional treatments.

      The oncologist also removes the responsibility from the patient to help combat this disease. Stress reduction, food selections that prohibit cancer proliferation, exercise, proper restful sleep, acid/alkaline balance, etc… are just a few factors that can influence the LONG TERM outcome for these patients. MD Anderson boasts that they have been providing quality care for over 60 years. What other business would be considered successful that has worked on a problem for 60 years without discovering a solution?

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  9. I just had a series of abnormal mammograms. My dr. Is a breast cancer survivor. Even though she said it needed biopsied, she told me about the chemo and radiation protocol I may need. I was pretty shocked she immediately was funneling me into a system that assumed I would take tamoxifin for 5 years. That being said, it makes me feel like I am chum, feeding the sharks through insurance premiums and high deductibles. I don’t think my health is of particular concern to “them”. Except for the 2 years I cared for both parents, I exercised regularly, ate a balanced diet. I am back on track with both, but will find a naturopath to see what else can be improved. Thank you for this timely subject.

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    1. First, take a step backwards and breathe! Slow yourself and your thoughts down so you can HELP YOURSELF move forward in a manner that best suits your needs.
      Two small suggestions not to overwhelm you:
      1. It might make sense to have a thermography evaluation. This is NON INVASIVE and deals with metabolic activity. A mammogram simply shows densities and articulates structure. Cancer requires “feeding” hence a metabolic non invasive study could provide additional information.
      2. DR. V is a warm compassionate doctor that has also had breast cancer and has devised an approach to treatment you might find more humanistic (if treatment is even required!) You can get information about her at:

      My email address is If you have any questions and would like to discuss them in a less public arena, feel free to email me ANY TIME!

      Now, it’s the weekend and I am taking up your valuable time. Get the heck off the internet and go find something enjoyable to do! Talking and listening to doctors IS NOT ENJOYABLE!!!:-)

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      1. Lol. Thank you for listening and the email and link. I am ok, really! And I am going to do some fine cooking for us! Take care.

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  10. This is powerful and a very much of an eye opener. It is staggering how much money is spent on cancer medications. It is indeed big business, with so much going in to their marketing.

    I count myself very fortunate. The only family member I’ve lost to cancer was my grandfather. He was 84 at the time, and had a wonderful disease free life.. Once it was discovered he had cancer there was not much they could do as it had progressed so much.

    Thank you for sharing this and for the advocacy you provide for healthy lifestyles! 🙂


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    1. Thank you Carl. I hope people realize the motivation for sharing these articles is to empower the CONSUMER rather than “demonizing” the establishment. As a society, we must be willing to take greater responsibility for our health and our lives. This attitude is important because it adds quality (and the potential for quantity) to our lives. IN REALITY, is there anyone who cares more about our health and the quality of our lives than EACH OF US INDIVIDUALLY!?

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      1. I know your articles are helping me as a consumer, I am more and more making conscious decisions about what I am eating, keeping active, and going to be when I should on time. I am realizing it pays dividends not only in the here and now, but also down the road in the future.

        I also realize you give up tons of time on your blog to spread this message. Not as a business such as the pharmaceuticals, but the complete opposite. You do this from the goodness of your heart to help your fellow human beings live their lives to their highest healthy potential.
        Thank you so much! 🙂

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        1. Thank you very much for the kind words. The time and effort is worth every minute when people like yourself share the results of lifestyle changes. It not only touches my heart, but helps motivate fellow readers to incorporate these quality changes into their lives. I truly appreciate your feedback.

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  11. Awesome article and the idea that we can do something is important. I think so often we feel powerless! Thanks Jonathan!

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    1. Sometimes by feeling powerless it provides an excuse for inaction. My mission is to help people stand up and rely MORE on their own feet for balance. It adds to their own sense of VALUE and helps them find the strength to take back CONTROL of their lives.

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      1. Yes that is so true, thanks!

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  12. Makes me more determined to take my health into my own hands and give my body every thing I can to help it help me be a better, healthy individual…..I also hear a lot of malarkey….LOL kat

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    1. Words are a precious commodity. Spoken without true conviction they lead to empty results. By sharing this perspective, the reader gets to choose for him or herself whether the words resonate and offer true options and hope, or simply guide the masses to following a protocol that generates a profitable outcome for the health care industry.

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  13. conflictedhealth · · Reply

    When I was in college my General Biology teacher talked about how there is a cure for everything, but that we haven’t found the cure for cancer. A couple years later I read Dr. Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live” it has A LOT of great information, but I cannot maintain the diet that he recommends. I know that it can prevent cancer, and I know it has a lot of benefits but the cravings get the best of me. Plus there is the issue of family, and friends always trying to push unhealthy food on others. Our world is just not set up for the healthy eating that we need! Great article!

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    1. The problem with all these healthy diet plans is the lack of LONG TERM compliance. This is why I write about REALISTIC solutions that offer successful weight loss and improved blood panels without limiting the foods people eat. My rules are simple: (1) you must eat a complete HEALTHY meal FIRST. If you then want pizza or ice cream, eat it. In general people will provide essential nutrients to their bodies while likely eating less “comfort foods” because they will already be full. It no longer feels like deprivation when the person pushes uneaten “junk food” away. (2) 20 minutes of exercise, 3X/week.
      Without making this response into a book, let me just say that those willing to incorporate these two steps can make a huge LONG TERM gain in improving their health and quality of life.

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