The Business Side Of The Hypodermic Needle



What do you think would happen if our government created a law just for the auto industry providing blanket liability protection from any lawsuit for any injury caused by a motor vehicle? Do you think the auto industry might reduce costly safety standards in pursuit of increased profits? If this was to occur, do you think this might result in increased driver injuries and fatalities?

Now, what do you think would happen if the United States Supreme Court ruled that all federally licensed and recommended vaccines be the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and that the VICP should be the “SOLE REMEDY” for all vaccine injury claims? In English, this means that anyone experiencing an adverse reaction to any vaccine resulting in long-term injuries or death could no longer sue the manufacturer of the drug or doctor associated with administering the drug. The courts awarded BLANKET LIABILITY PROTECTION to ALL pharmaceutical companies for ALL current AND FUTURE vaccines.

From a business perspective, let’s see what our government (in creating the law) and our court system (in validating the law) created.

  • a compensation program run by officials employed by medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. How are these officials supposed to render impartial judgements? Can you see where a conflict of interest may exist when these officials are placed in a position to rule against their employers?

  • if you could develop a vaccine without any possible legal action against your company and could profit with the help of the government making it mandatory for everyone (children and ADULTS) to receive it, why wouldn’t you make as many new vaccines as possible? The current regulations simply require the manufacturer to create their own research validating the need for treatment. If we leave it up to the manufacturers to decide if their new source of profit should be part of the required new vaccine schedule, can you see where another conflict of interest might arise? 

  • allcauseWith the United States already the most vaccinated country in the world, a report was prepared by a panel of doctors, epidemiologists, demographers, and other researchers charged by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine to better understand Americans’ comparative health. It was found in a publication called THE ATLANTIC and entitled, New Health Ranking: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last.  “The results surprised even the researchers. To their alarm, they said, they found a {“strikingly consistent and pervasive”} pattern of poorer health at all stages of life, from infancy to childhood to adolescence to young adulthood to middle and old age.” It appears that the business model of vaccinations and the profits generated exceeded the overall health benefits. If we are “dead last” and already receive more vaccinations than any country, how would even more vaccines make us a healthier nation? Doesn’t this fit into the Einstein quote, “Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

The business model of healthcare today appears to place profit over health care. Government and Manufacturers both benefit from this business model. Other than the article ranking the U.S. dead last in overall health (among 17 nations), the purpose was to expose the business side of vaccinations and the possible conflicts of interest.

  1. Did these facts surprise you?

  2. Were you aware of the Vaccine Injury Protection Program?

  3. Were you aware that the pharmaceutical companies could not be sued for any injury sustained from any current or future vaccine?

  4. Were you aware that the FDA, CDC, NIH and other regulatory industries have board members employed by medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies voting and regulating drug policies?

  5. Finally (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO ME) does this information open your mind to the possibilities that (at least) part of truth is being withheld from us and that continued probing is important to keep all of us better informed?


  1. Vaccines are such a hot topic right now. I am not sure what the Canadian policy is but the one you have outlined here does not seem to protect the population. I guess big business wins again.

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    1. I don’t have any problem with big business winning. I simply believe they can do so in a manner where the population at large wins also. Compliance, trust and integrity are all important when it comes to the healthcare industry. We need better guidelines and more honest communication between government, big industry, doctors and the population at large.


  2. I didn’t know this. Wow!

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    1. I am trying to spread the TRUTH about health and health care issues. I am NOT attempting to direct people on how to think and feel. I just want to make certain that their beliefs and decisions are based on good accurate credible information. Better awareness leads to positive change.

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  3. Reblogged this on Advocate for Invisible Illness! and commented:
    This needs to be read. Important news.

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