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Did Your Doctor Tell You To Start Exercising?

. Women are willing to have their breasts compressed during a mammogram reducing this sensitive tissue to objects resembling IHOP pancakes. Men are willing to bend over from the waist and patiently wait for the medical diagnostic finger to determine the health of their prostate. These are two procedures that are uncomfortable and dreaded by […]

Doctors Can’t Spell, But They Know How To Confuse Us With Big Words

Have you ever noticed how important it is for doctors to use big words when discussing health issues. Medical terminology is taught in school, but doctors seem to forget that the average patient hasn’t taken these courses. Early in my practice I remember taking almost 45 minutes to explain in detail a patient’s health problems. I […]

What Is A Doctor’s Role

The one question never asked of me through my education and years of clinical practice was, “What is a doctor’s role?” To some it means healer; to others it means unlimited potential for material wealth and possessions. I believe answering this one simple question can help patients defines the PERSON and and determine if their role as doctor fulfills […]