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The television program, “Good Morning America” had a segment about a 26 year old female that decided to transform her body from competitive physique athlete to average everyday “Jane.” She posted the photo above on Facebook to share her (initial feelings of “shame”) with the world before deciding she was happier with the new person. […]


YOU SHOULDN’T BE!! These are simply pictures without a story behind them. All they prove is I’ve successfully developed muscles. They don’t measure my HEALTH, they don’t measure my HAPPINESS, they don’t measure my commitment to ANYTHING other than muscle development. Aesthetics is a common GOAL of exercise. Clothes don’t fit…, mirrors become the enemy…, […]

My REALISTIC Exercise Video

Everyone knows we’re supposed to exercise. Most people, however, have no idea how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY exercise within a REASONABLE time frame. The following 8 minute “raw” home video created on April 27th, 2017 provides simple examples of exercises that work each major muscle group. Desired results (clinical and aesthetic) can be achieved within […]


When it comes to our jobs, accountability often determines whether our paycheck reflects an increase or not. Knowing that someone or some group will evaluate job performance adds a level of accountability to the work performed. When it comes to exercise, ACCOUNTABILITY is another concept that helps incentivize people to stay on track. For most […]


NO! I don’t care how many articles profess cleaning a house, walking a dog and standing instead of sitting at a desk constitutes exercise; these activities do NOT SUBSTITUTE for structured exercise programs. They are all good activities and should be incorporated into our lives, but structured physical exercise is mandatory to achieve and maintain […]


For most of us, the word EXERCISE usually creates a strong EMOTIONAL response that looks something like one of these pictures: Why does exercise create such “traumatic” reactions and expressions? Is it because: We don’t like being told what to do? We don’t like doing things that aren’t FUN? We don’t like spending money on […]

Exercise OR Red Wine: For Most, Not A Difficult Choice!

That is right! You now have a choice because “science” and “research” has once again proven an “equal” benefit to either one. One hour of physical exercise offers the SAME PHYSICAL BENEFITS as one glass of RED WINE! Hmmmmm….. To achieve these potential benefits, however, one must be willing to compromise. You see, the benefits […]