PRISON: The New Model For Healthcare

The Following Is A True Story:

In 2014 as Halloween approached, 12 police vehicles arrived at Cassandra C.’s house in Connecticut. She was a 17 year old girl that had been diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and alone in her house. The police escorted an employee with the DCF (Department of Children and Families) into the home and found Cassandra. She was hiding in a closet. They told her they had orders to remove her from her house and take her to a hospital where she was mandated by a court order to undergo chemotherapy for her disease. She was not permitted to call her mother.

When she was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Cassandra and her mother began researching all the methods available to address this diagnosis. Cassandra decided she wanted to try a natural approach that could effectively address the disease without suffering the potential short and long term side effects that chemotherapy could potentially produce. As a result of her decision, her doctors contacted the DCF. The courts were quickly brought into the case and so began the legal battle.

Cassandra and her mother quickly found out how the judicial system worked. The state of Connecticut took on the responsibility deciding what her options were. Cassandra’s lawyer presented her case to the court. There requests were met with adamant refusals. The doctors (speaking on behalf of the state) told the judge that Cassandra would die if chemotherapy was not started. The judge ruled that Cassandra’s ONLY option was chemotherapy. This mandate REQUIRED her to comply with the hospitals’ instructions. She was placed in the hospital for 5 months while undergoing chemotherapy. She was allowed minimal contact with her family. During these limited visits, a DCF employee had to be present to supervise while a guard sat outside the room. The visits could not exceed 2 hours.

After going through the 5 months of chemotherapy and all the pain (both emotional and physical) associated with the treatment and incarceration, Cassandra was released from the hospital reportedly in a state of remission. Within just a few months (July of 2015) Cassandra had a PET scan which revealed a “hot spot” in the abdominal region. Based on the quality of the scan the images showed “something” but was not conclusive. She was told that additional testing would be performed in August.

Cassandra will turn 18 in September. Her August appointment has created a source of real anxiety. If further testing reveals that her disease is no longer in remission, she fears the state will once again step in and decide her fate without her consent. She knows that additional chemotherapy will be ordered.

Points we need to consider:

  • It’s legal for a 12-year-old to get birth control and have an abortion without the consent or knowledge of her parents in several states, but a 17-year-old isn’t allowed to refuse chemotherapy.

  • It’s legal to terminate a pregnancy, but illegal (in this case a violation of a court order) to choose a natural holistic healthcare treatment to treat one’s own disease.

  • The courts have the right to take a minor that has committed a violent crime and charge and sentence this person as an adult. Why can’t these same courts choose to listen to a minor (17 year old girl) and treat her as an adult; one who is willing to take on the responsibility of her own health by researching and choosing a reasonable alternative course of treatment to combat this disease?

  • Is it really acceptable behavior to strap a 17 year old to a hospital bed and force her to undergo chemotherapy intravenously against her will?

  • Is it really acceptable behavior to threaten her with sedation prior to every chemotherapy treatment as well as withholding food for 12 hours prior to sedation if she does not voluntarily cooperate? Do we really need to create more fear in a young woman already facing the possibility of death?

  • Is it really acceptable behavior to isolate her from her family and friends, confine her to her room and keep an armed guard at the door to insure all court orders are followed?

Under the best of circumstances the diagnosis of cancer is terrifying. Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion? Where is the dignity? If the emotional distress of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was not enough, just imagine the torment of being treated like a prisoner without basic rights because you were diagnosed with cancer and classified as a minor.

This is reality. This is what happened. I am sharing this story because major newspapers and major television news media isn’t. We can’t continue to turn a deaf ear to mandated healthcare policies.

I am NOT fighting against you and your healthcare beliefs; I am fighting FOR YOU and supporting your RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

If you have not had a chance to sign the petition, I have included a link below. I would like to thank all of you that have signed it. In summary it requests full medical disclosure on all available treatments to help the consumer decide what is in their best interest. YOUR SIGNATURE MATTERS. (Please sign this petition.) After signing, please “share” it on facebook, twitter and any other social media you associate with. THIS MESSAGE IS IMPORTANT. Click on the blue link below to open it. Thank you.

Accurate Reporting Of Healthcare Options


  1. billgasiamis · · Reply

    That is just madness. Unfortunately it’s not the first time I have heard of that. Because one lacks the courage to make such a brave decision they don’t have the right to deny someone else. Great work.

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    1. Agreed. These stories must get greater exposure otherwise people do not realize the truth. Who would believe that a person of any age would be forced to undergo a treatment against their will. What kind of people can enforce these rules and sleep at night?

      Didn’t know if you had the opportunity to review the petition? It is located at the bottom of the article, PRISON: The New Model For Healthcare. If not, would appreciate if you could find the time to read and sign (if you agree with the content) the petition and “share” it with all your social media contacts. I greatly appreciate all your support.


  2. This IS madness, and inhumanity, if you ask me. I hate it that the state is taking over our lives. We are all going to die eventually. Young and old, both are taken from us, without our consent, so why not make their passing more blessed, instead of more fearful? I wish Cassandra well, and hope that she is not mandated to undergo treatment she does not want yet again. Chemo does real harm, and doesn’t always save. I think the individual needs the right to decide. Thank you for posting this. Very important information!!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Most people have been shocked that a 17 year old young adult was treated so poorly by the various agencies and courts that were involved.

      We believe this type of barbaric treatment could never occur in the United States. I hope this case acts as a wake up call to stimulate both THOUGHTS and ACTIONS. The purpose of this story was not to create anger, but rather to create POSITIVE CHANGE; to improve our values and make certain the principles upon which this country was founded are restored.


  3. Welcome to socialism. If this becomes the law of the land we will lose so much personal freedom.

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    1. Our military health care system is somewhat like this already as well.

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    2. This is why I shared this story. This is also why I started the petition at the bottom of the story. Did you have a chance to sign it? If you wouldn’t mind (as long as you agree with its content) please “SHARE” the PETITION with your social media sources. This is an important message and I plan on taking it all the way to CNN! Thank you for all your support.

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    3. Doing everything I know to help insure the principles our country was founded on remain intact.

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  4. Working in the Prison system I knew many senior citizens who committed crimes to get locked up and get the health care they need. We live in a world that has gone insane!

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    1. I’ll bet you have many stories about the prison system. I apologize for not being as clear as intended in writing this article. The focus of this article was on a 17 year old girl that was court ordered a “sentence” of confinement to a hospital and mandatory chemotherapy. This is what I meant by “PRISON.” This young adult was not allowed to choose (along with her parent’s consent) any other course of care. This is also why I attached a petition at the bottom of the article for the readers to sign. I would certainly appreciate your help by signing the petition if you agree with its content as well as sharing it with your social media contacts. Thank you.

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      1. Oh Absolutely. That’s what I get for reading when I am still half asleep.

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  5. I wonder how this might be similar or ‘in a way’ connected to the recent deaths of so many holistic practitioners. Not to support any hype regarding these deaths.. but it does seem a bit odd and out of the ordinary.


    1. You are the second person to mention this to me. My goal is to create better communication and understanding of ALL options available to the public. I believe everyone (including big business and government) can benefit from this. It is my opinion that huge profits are still attainable without potentially causing harm in the process. It becomes a win-win for everyone!

      Did you happen to have a chance to read the petition at the bottom of the article? I am on a mission to improve media content formats discussing controversial topics. I need the support of all my bloggers. If you have not signed and agree with the content, I would certainly appreciate your signature and your willingness to share the petition on the various social media sources you utilize. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog site. The content is incredible.


  6. What a sad story and I cannot I agine the stress on this young lady. I do not know what the right answer is here but I know this is. It it.

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    1. Sometimes we need to lift our faces out of the law books and lab reports and look at the person directly in their eyes to help determine the best course of action. I believe this to be the most decent and human act of kindness and respect.

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