The consumer has been lead down a path of deception using ILLUSIONS to financially support a medical model of health. By blending truth and fear the health care system has forced the consumer to  “surrender” to an archaic model designed to grow a pharmaceutical industry and its “accomplices,” the medical institutions. The following article details this by examining our PERCEPTION vs REALITY using our government regulatory agency to validate this point . I’m providing this summary because the article is slightly longer than recent posts. I want to remain respectful of your time. I think you will find it interesting. 


The older I become, the more I realize that many of our beliefs are based on illusions. I will leave it up to the individual to determine the motives behind them, but the fact is, DECEPTION and FEAR are two powerful forces capable of directing a society toward creating foundational beliefs based on these ILLUSIONS.


Polio is a good example which illustrates an unfounded belief that most people afflicted by this disease wound up paralyzed or dying. To prove this point, please answer the following three multiple choice questions based on your beliefs?

1. If a person was infected with the virus causing polio prior to discovering the polio vaccine what would you think the COMMON outcome would be?

(a) flu like symptoms

(b) typically, no symptoms

(c) paralysis

(d) death

2. What percentage of people became paralyzed by the virus causing polio?

(a) 1%

(b) 3%

(c) 25%

(d) 40%

3. What percentage of people paralyzed from polio DIED as a result?

(a) 10-15% of the 1% paralyzed

(b) 20-30% of the 3% paralyzed

(c) 35-50% of the 25% paralyzed

(d) >60% of the 40% paralyzed


(NOTE: There are various sources that produce various statistical ranges. To be objective and unbiased, I am using the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) as my reference which aligns with traditional medical statistical reporting.)

The answers are as follows:

1. Up to 72% of people contracting the polio virus experienced NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. About 24% experienced minor symptoms including upset stomach, fever, sore throat and flu like symptoms. This means that:

96% of all people contracting polio experienced NO SYMPTOMS or only MINOR SYMPTOMS without ANY VACCINATION.

2. The percentage of people that become paralyzed was 1%. Of this 1%half the patients with spinal polio recovered fully; one-quarter recovered with mild disability, and the remaining quarter were left with severe disability. (Source: Cuccurullo SJ (2004). Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review. Demos Medical Publishing. ISBN 1-888799-45-5.)


3. The percentage of people that DIED from Polio was 1/10 to 1/20 OF 1% paralyzed. This number would be represented by choice “(a)” in the final question above.

Now that I’ve provided you the facts reported by our government regulatory agency, I’ll bet most of you will continue to find it difficult to accept this REALITY anyway. You see, foundational beliefs are structural supports providing stability that ground us and guide us when seeking answers to FEARFUL topics. The Health Care System today uses FEAR and Authoritarian Rights and Privileges to impose their ideology within our foundational boundaries to spread an agenda that supports this illusionary medical model of health while strengthening their financial position at the consumer’s expense.

BigPharmaBribeDoctorsWhat I find amazing, is their genius in blending truths and illusions which result in an apathetic population willing to subject their bodies to all kinds of drugs with KNOWN dangerous side effects. The Establishment has become so confident with their control over the consumer, their willingness to share the TRUTHFUL horrific pharmaceutical side effects (as seen in commercials EVERY DAY) is arrogantly displayed. The consumer (as well as the doctor) laughs as these terrifying side effects are legally “spewed” in these commercials without ANY CONCERN for personal safety. It is inconceivable in the mind of the consumer that our doctors would ever give us “medicines” causing such DANGEROUS “side effects.” We desperately want to believe these medicines only contain healing properties and are the missing component to our health problems. Our foundational beliefs impair our judgement about doctors and the pharmaceutical industry that supports them. It becomes easier to rely on their advice and follow their instructions than question whether this advice is truly in our best interest.

urlIn my opening paragraph I wrote, “I would leave it up to you to determine the motives behind these illusions.” I ask you openly to freely challenge my motives as well. I want everyone to know I support medical doctors and the use of pharmaceutical drugs WHEN APPROPRIATE. There are good doctors and good medicines that have saved many lives. This does NOT MEAN, however, that traditional medicine and drugs are necessarily the best and exclusive approach to all health problems.

Since, even today, we accept the illusion that the “polio virus” typically caused paralysis and death, how many other illusions do we base our fundamental health care beliefs on? We accept the idea we live in a dynamic and changing world, yet we exclude this principle to the concept of health care? Why do we willingly follow the same medical model dating back to the early 1900’s? It is my contention that FEAR, DECEPTION and MANIPULATION has created a “deer in the headlights” scenario for the average person without offering viable alternative options. I am sharing this REALITY to give YOU greater confidence knowing that BETTER OPTIONS based on HONEST RESEARCH and CLINICAL OUTCOMES EXIST if you are willing to LISTEN and make yourself part of the SOLUTION! Health is too complicated to rely on one primary medical doctor for all our needs. Creating a team of professionals with experience in various disciplines that offer various options provides an alternative approach more likely to RESPECTFULLY and EFFECTIVELY satisfy the health care needs of the individual. This concept is 21st century thinking and places the PATIENT’S INTEREST FIRST AND PLACES THEM IN CHARGE. The following chart provides an example.




  1. Your posts set my mind to motion. This post was amazing, I’m going show this to my folks here. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. I appreciate your comment so much. I’m glad my words can positively impact other people’s lives. It will be interesting to see how your parents (likely of my generation) will respond.

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      1. Yeah, definitely. I’ll let you know how they feel about it. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for this – it’s so easy to fail to see the reality, but this brings it home!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sarah for the comment. My concern is whether the clarity of the message is enough to cause people to take ACTION. Patterns in life (even bad ones) are very resistant to change.

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  3. Wow that is crazy! The statistics about polio were shocking! Thanks for shedding light! It seems we end up living in a state of fear over most medical issues these days!! Maybe our fear gives us anxiety that ends of being potentially crippling?

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    1. I agree with you. It becomes a vicious cycle.

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  4. Excellent and thought provoking work again, Jonathan! The statistics on potential side effects of drugs are something to consider also. A 5% chance of internal bleeding or 1% chance of heart attack means nothing if you happen to fall in the 5% or 1% group. When we read “possible” side effects, we need to internalize the “possibility” that those could happen to us.

    My degree is in Business with an emphasis in Marketing Research. Statistics are easily manipulated and easily misrepresented (and easily buried, sometimes, as in the case of polio).

    Preventative/proactive health care really needs to be at the front of our efforts. For that, we need to stay informed. Thanks again for another great work!


  5. I can relate to that deer-in-the-headlights feeling you mention in this post. I’ve had times in the past when I needed to make urgent medical decisions and had no idea which way was the right way to go. Today, I know more than I ever have, thankfully.

    I can also relate to the need to be my own medical advocate. Soooo important!!

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    1. Were you successful in answering the multiple choice questions or were you surprised by the facts? I’m trying to get a better feel where most people see themselves and how well their beliefs align with the reported facts.


  6. Yes, I was one of those who believed that polio meant paralysis. These eye opening statistics you provided demonstrate the success in the manipulation. Fear and deception
    are powerful tools. It’s elnightening to discover soemthing you have believed for all of
    your life is false. Disturbing too.

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    1. Learning is all part of growth at any age. Applying this “new knowledge” today and the future is where the benefits are witnessed.

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  7. Your writing reminds me of Ty Bollinger. I am reading a lot of his stuff lately, as well as people I consider “affiliates” of his. I think that knowledge is power and most people don’t realize that there are other choices available – I know because I was one of them not very long ago. I used to think natural remedies were “hooey” and that I’d rather just blindly trust a doctor simply because he or she was a doctor and supposed to know best. I am learning to critically challenge everything now, which is opening up a whole new world to me.

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    1. Welcome to the world of enlightenment. It offers opportunities that extend far beyond health; it provides a perspective on life that opens new doors as well. Enjoy the experiences.

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  8. Good stuff again Jonathon. As you so poignantly remind us, it is more important than ever for we consumers to be skeptical and do our own research and be very, very tenacious in finding out about treatments that best fit our needs.

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    1. Ironically, people want doctors to explain the best available options to satisfy their health needs. They simply aren’t aware options are being left “off the table. Hopefully, this will help them ask additional questions to get the options they seek from their physicians.

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  9. Shared with gratitude Dr J ❤

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  10. I salute you for sharing all this information without a second opinion. With all your given statistics, I am educated. I wish other Doctors would do the same as what you are doing at present. God bless Doctor Jonathan.

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  11. heartandsoul777 · · Reply

    Wow I was so far off w my answers Im a bit shocked and somewhat disturbed truth be told. Seems the older I get the more i want to know so Im very glad I found your blog ty for shining a light!

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    1. So glad we found each other. We all live on the same planet; why not use our areas of strength to help others. The act of giving is so much easier to do than listening to all the destructive “NOISE” that’s reported everyday. It’s all about choices!

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      1. heartandsoul777 · · Reply

        you wanna know what im so glad too! and i really could not have said it better myself! Staying positive is always easy for me myself becuz i choose Joy but in my small world its not always easy to show others living in the light is a much healthier option then to wallow in self pity or focus on all the noise! All i can do is set the example and hope that people become infected by my attitude hahaha! and ty so much for kind words you just made my day and its not even 8am!

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        1. I agree with you completely. As you say, “you can lead a horse to water…..

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  12. ” DECEPTION and FEAR are two powerful forces capable of directing a society toward creating foundational beliefs based on these ILLUSIONS”.
    This statement can be applied to so many areas of life. From health to wealth and all things in between. I always learn something new when reading your blog posts. What a delight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pam. There are many parallels between investing in finances and investing in health. You bring up many of these in your inspiring posts.


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