Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett: The Reporting of Childhood Healthcare Policies

I would like to begin this post by thanking a wonderful blogger with great insight (who would prefer to remain anonymous) for the suggestion to start this petition. The following in blue is a link to the petition I created.  If you feel strongly on this issue, I would appreciate you signing the petition and forwarding it to your contacts via facebook, twitter, linkedIn email and any other method useful. The media takes these petitions seriously when they see substantial support for the issues. Please be part of this campaign to improve honest unbiased reporting.  Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett

The petition reads as follows:
PURPOSE OF PETITION: I am respectfully requesting a forum for debate consisting of physicians and research scientists with credible research (peer reviewed professional publications) representing both sides of childhood preventative medical treatments including vaccinations.
PETITION: My name is Dr. Jonathan Colter. In my opinion, it is an ethical and moral responsibility for any organization that reports factual news to do so in an honest and accurate manner. Childhood diseases and their preventative measures have been studied in many countries for many years. It appears that employees of CNN,(Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett) as well as other media sources have reported the facts from a biased perspective. I make this judgement based on the people interviewed opposing the traditional approach to disease prevention. Those with the greatest amount of expertise and research opposing traditional views are never given opportunity to share their research and conclusions with the viewing audience. As a media source that understands how important it is to maintain the highest levels of integrity and honesty, I hope CNN’s past reporting was merely an oversight. If they need assistance finding the most credible opponents to current health care policies regarding childhood diseases, I will gladly provide these sources for them. I believe their investigative skills and experience will simplify the process in finding these reputable and well known professionals.
It is important to support this petition because it will help parents and doctors reach conclusions based on unbiased facts rather than journalists without professional or clinical healthcare experience. I started this petition out of concern for children and mandatory medical treatments being imposed upon them. It is important to realize that this petition is NOT REPRESENTING A PRO OR ANTI STANCE, but rather a respectful request that honest reporting on BOTH sides of the issues by the best and most credible sources be aired so the public can make decisions for themselves and their families. This will be an important step in fulfilling the requirement that doctors have prior to providing any medical treatment known as “Informed Consent.”
Once all the credible facts are provided in this unbiased format, parents and doctors can assess the child’s situation and determine the best course of care. I need your help in signing this petition to create a more honest reporting of healthcare issues between the media and the public.


  1. Signed and tweeted and facebooked it.

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    1. Your a special person. Thank you for taking the time to help.

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      1. You are welcome. Whatever I can do to help.

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  2. Signed, tweeted, and facebooked! I completely support you and have shared your blog with many. Your dedication is heartfelt and I wish you could be my doctor!!

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    1. Thank you for your ongoing support. You are a special person.


  3. Here it is 2 years later almost and just as President Trump says, “the media is dishonest……”

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    1. “HEALTH” is an extremely political topic because of the enormous revenue it generates. The media claims to fairly report the stories. This is clearly not the case. My quick and simple proof can be demonstrated by asking ANY CNN journalist for the QUALIFIED NAMES of the doctors, researchers and scientists they’ve had on their shows OPPOSING vaccinations. I use vaccinations (not as an opponent or advocate) but because it clearly shows the biases. They have NEVER had the top names sharing their CREDIBLE RESEARCH. The pharmaceutical companies have likely threatened to pull their advertising dollars if such opposition was given air time.


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