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Upon awakening each day a similar thought goes through my mind; what fun experiences lie ahead.  My intentions are to focus on these experiences and enjoy the challenges that accompany them. Reality, however, sometimes uncovers “energy draining” events that filter into many days that create such imbalances, it makes the whole day feel like an […]


After recently seeing an advertisement for a new drug (Neulasta) that is used during chemotherapy to increase white blood cell production I had to write this post. White blood cells are the cells the body naturally produces to defend against foreign invaders. When you here the term “immune system” think “white blood cells.” Since the […]

MUST SEE Interviews of Cancer Patients

As many of you know, I have tried to share information on the topic of disease and cancer to increase awareness of viable SUCCESSFUL OPTIONS many people have never heard about. Tonight, (October 21st) at 9pm eastern daylight time, Ty Bollinger will provide a FREE video segment interviewing these patients (many of whom were sent home […]

Chiropractic Physicians: Why Do They Want You Coming Back Over and Over?

It is interesting when people ask about my profession. After stating I am a physician, the question that always follows is, “what kind of physician?” I found out quickly that my answer (“a really good physician!!) was not the answer they were looking for. Once the word “Chiropractor” was mentioned I could see a mixed […]

Treating Symptoms

I have found that EVERY willing action in life comes down to one letter in the alphabet that represent two words in the English language.  The letter is “P“ and the words are: PAIN and PLEASURE If it hurts enough or feels good enough, we are motivated to take action.  Even logical thinking will permit irrational behavior to […]