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FEAR Is Not A Viable Choice

Initially, when I thought about the word “FEAR” the image that came to mind was an individual withdrawing from a situation that elicited this emotion. It was a personal emotion which resided in the mind and caused this response. As the days go by and the stories spread throughout the United States about the various doctors […]


The following article was written by April McCarthy and can be found on PreventDisease.com. It clearly explains the problems with various food products and provides SOLUTIONS for the consumer. I hope you enjoy it. Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals–and simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health. […]


When we think of food, we think of: calories, fat, protein and carbs. restaurants breakfast, lunch, dinner favorite tastes desserts Although food certainly relates to these various terms, we are learning that food actually provides our body with very TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Without going into the details about genetic expression, mitochondria health, ATP formation, hormones, cell membranes, intestinal microbiome […]


After getting the mail this morning I actually took the time to look at the flyers in the “junk mail.” There were 5 flyers and here is what they offered.  Not one flyer offered a healthy picture as an option. You can click on each photo if you want the details. This type and quality […]

How Important Is Raw Food?

When people decide to make lifestyle changes, good intentions frequently become unattainable goals. We have a tendency of making wild swings in life attempting to correct bad behaviors that have existed for many years. Phrases like, “I just need to jump start my diet…,”, “this time will be different…”, “I started during a stressful period in […]

How Advertisers Make Healthy Eating Difficult

So, what can the consumer do to improve their food selections. First you must realize that eating is similar to having a job. Some job tasks are fun and some aren’t, but to “keep the job” you must do some tasks that may not be fun or even pleasant. To “keep your good health” sometimes we need to consume foods that are not fun or even pleasant because our bodies need them to function properly. Don’t be fooled by an absence of pain or other symptoms. The result of poor eating as we continue to age will eventually lead to symptoms and reduce the quality of life.