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Have you ever noticed when a question is asked on a controversial topic, the respondent rarely (if ever) provides a direct answer. Why do you think that is? Is it because: the truthful answer is unclear skirting the question avoids potential backlash the truthful answer is POLITICALLY INCORRECT! When the consumer is asked for their […]


Whether excess weight is the result of a lifestyle based on poor health decisions or a metabolic condition caused by a genetic predisposition, it remains a problem for nearly 70% of the population in the United States. WHY HAVE WE FAILED AT “FIXING” THIS PROBLEM? We have attempted to treat weight management problems as a […]

My REALISTIC Exercise Video

Everyone knows we’re supposed to exercise. Most people, however, have no idea how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY exercise within a REASONABLE time frame. The following 8 minute “raw” home video created on April 27th, 2017 provides simple examples of exercises that work each major muscle group. Desired results (clinical and aesthetic) can be achieved within […]


I recently wrote an article entitled, MY MENTOR: JACK LaLANNE. The purpose was to share the importance of ROLE MODELS and their inspirational messages that help us pursue our chosen paths in life. Yesterday, while attending a 12 hour continuing education seminar for license renewal, (7:30am-7:30pm) I was awakened to a disturbing reality within my […]


Whether a person is overweight, obese or morbidly obese, what is the FIRST identifiable “problem” noticed by most people? You guessed it, WEIGHT. Based on society’s aesthetic standards, excessive weight is the primary problem. Secondary problems develop from stereotypes associated with individuals carrying extra weight. They include laziness, self centeredness, ambitionless, impulsiveness, compulsiveness, lack of […]


As I’ve written in the past, motivation comes from within, but inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Finding a mentor can help inspire a chosen lifestyle to navigate one’s path without having to “re-invent the wheel” at every turn. For me, that mentor was Jack LaLanne. As a little boy I would sit mesmerized to […]


Webster’s dictionary defines MEDICATION as, “a SUBSTANCE used for medical treatment, especially a medicine or drug.“ Webster’s dictionary defines FOOD as, “any nutritious SUBSTANCE that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to MAINTAIN LIFE AND GROWTH.“ We have a tendency to separate the two words MEDICINE and FOOD believing […]