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Holidays are an inevitable part of all our lives. How we approach them determines whether they bring joy or sadness or both. Following the same path from year to year is likely to create the same outcome from an emotional perspective, so I thought I would provide some suggestions to “shake things up” to offer […]


If the ONLY thing I took away from you was processed foods, fast foods, poor quality restaurant foods, and any other food void of real nutritional value, how happy and fulfilling would your life be? I pose this question, because I believe people place more value and importance on unhealthy eating than they do on […]

Are Drugs Designed To Cure

Although I was born in 1959, my memories of childhood began in 1964. During these years, the “establishment” was constantly under fire. The war in Vietnam had begun nine years earlier.  The “hippies” rebelled against traditional standards and values. A cultural revolution was underway attempting to change our thinking and our actions. During this time,the major health care problems […]

Breaking Free From Our Self Imposed Prison

We awaken, we stretch, we check the alarm clock, we get up, we start the day. We don’t think about this process. It’s just something we take for granted over our lifetime. Our imperatives change as we age. Children worry about school. adolescents worry about friends and popularity, young adults worry about career choices, adults […]


Stress is a two edge sword. In times of crisis, stress hormones are released creating a “fight or flight” response enabling people to perform super-human tasks. These hormones have made it possible for people to lift cars off babies and animals. However, when these hormones are continuously released they can destroy the human body. According […]

HOW TO MAXIMIZE LIVING (with Reduced Stress and increased Happiness)

Most of us are so busy taking care of life’s daily responsibilities, we generally don’t think about the steps needed to maximize quality living. We create daily patterns of living attempting to accomplish essential tasks.  These patterns have a tendency to develop as a RESULT of these tasks rather than an implemented STRATEGY. We tend […]


This commercial is only 42 seconds. Please watch it before reading the article. Since the average American watches over 6 hours of TV on a daily basis, it makes sense for large corporations to advertise their products on TV. Those with the most convincing ads will gain the support and spending dollars of the consumer. This is […]