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How often do we hear statements like: . “I want my child to have a better life than I had growing up.” . OR “Our children are our future.” . We’d like to believe our heartfelt sentiments are more than just words, but do our ACTIONS reflect these emotions? . TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 […]


What causes the disconnect between our eyes and our brains? How can we view this picture and not question the POSSIBILITY that pesticide spraying of our crops is detrimental to our HEALTH? How can we stare directly at the PROTECTIVE SUITS needed to apply these dangerous products and believe these poisons do not affect the […]


We can all agree releasing negative emotions in a positive manner is likely to create a better outcome then burying these emotions deep within ourselves. First, however, we must identify these negative emotions. I would like to create ONE for you whether or not you feel you have enough of your own. I’ll call it: […]

The Impact Of Media

Who was the first man to land on the moon? Most of us can answer this question without great difficulty. It’s not like the event caused any tangible benefit to the quality of our lives. One man on a planet containing more than 3.612 billion people (as of 1969), yet we can proudly remember it […]