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Sports Illustrated Ashley Graham’s “Fuller Figured” Pictorial: What Are The Ramifications?

At one time I would have talked about the pressure men and women face in this world to achieve nearly perfect dimensions. With a growing percentage of the population becoming overweight and obese, this “pressure” no longer seems to be as prevalent an issue. In fact, the expose′ about weight has reversed direction claiming that […]

CHILDHOOD OBESITY: Still Missing The Boat

As the race for our next President continues, topics of “substantive issues” remain the same topics discussed over the last 40 years. Health insurance, social security, education, budget balancing, military size, etc… continue to be the main topics with leaders claiming to know the best path to accomplishing successful outcomes. The electorate has become disenchanted […]

Life From Two Perspectives

There are many different factors involved determining whether you are more likely to follow the people in the top row of pictures or the bottom row of pictures throughout life. Both lifestyles offer challenges and difficulties. Both lifestyles require sacrifice and compromise. Why then, has almost 75% of the U.S. population followed the path of […]

Satisfying Hunger

It’s no surprise to me the developed world’s obesity epidemic continues to grow regardless of science, research and diet plans. For generations, we have attacked this problem from a calorie expenditure point of view (calories in vs. calories out) to determine what foods people need to eat to correct this disorder. This approach has failed […]


After finding this article on Yahoo Health, I decided it may be time to start reading some Tom Clancy novels.  The actual title for the article dated January 11, 2016 was, “Cure for Obesity: Freeze-Dried Poop?” This article explores the possibilities that address Obesity by taking “poop” containing healthy bacteria, freeze-drying it and placing it […]

Dietary Incompatibility

No, this is not an article critiquing various online dating services based on common food interests! This is an article discussing dietary incompatibility among friends, parents and children and the role it plays in the success and failure of food related health issues including obesity. Addictive food behavior is a real condition that countless numbers […]


A wonderful blogger friend who is working hard and successfully re-balancing his life and achieving better health and happiness posted this photo of a business card. He was understandably angered by its content and “voiced” his concerns by writing an article. When I first read the words, my emotions were pulled in many directions. As […]


Over the last 10 years obesity has made the headline news in print media and TV. During this same period, multiple approaches dealing with this condition have been addressed by physicians, nutritionists and exercise specialists. Ten years later, adult obesity rates have increased from 32% to 38%. Children (between 2-19 years of age) have remained […]


Google the internet, read the latest weight loss books or enter the world of computer gadgets that offer guidance through electronic technology and you will see the following three answers to, “should we count calories?” No, it is unnecessary Yes, it helps us understand our caloric needs Maybe, if it helps you attain your goals […]

A Politically INCORRECT SOLUTION To Childhood And Adult Weight Problems

“Food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” This was a quote I read from a Yahoo article today dealing with the debate between calorie counting and quality food consumption.  Research studies continue to attempt to prove the best method for weight management and overall health. These studies […]

Children Aren’t Born Obese

Although obesity has been classified a disease, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals can not “cure” it. One of the arguments that science has produced to reduce personal responsibility for obesity is genetics. Genetics may in fact play a role, however, genetic expression can be influenced by personal behavior. The answer to obesity seems so logical and straightforward. Consume […]

The Latest MIRACLE DRUG For Weight Loss

Yesterday, Medline Plus published an article titled, “Promise From A New Weight-Loss Drug. It is an injectable drug called Saxenda and reportedly helped people lose 5% of their body weight in a “research study.” This probably sounds promising on the surface especially for those who have tried so hard to successfully lose weight. Let’s look […]


Where is the starting point? Where can we find the answers to turn the corner on obesity and create a new beginning? These are two of the most common questions asked by those wanting to reverse the trend. If we were mechanical machines without hearts and souls, the answers would be easier to attain. The difficulty comes from […]


After getting the mail this morning I actually took the time to look at the flyers in the “junk mail.” There were 5 flyers and here is what they offered.  Not one flyer offered a healthy picture as an option. You can click on each photo if you want the details. This type and quality […]

Preventing Childhood Obesity

The American dream for the population between 18-35 years of age commonly includes gainful employment, marriage, home ownership, and children. Each component adds a new level of stress and happiness. Specific formulas for stress free living can only be found in the land of “Utopia” (a mythical place that doesn’t exist.)  Life and the lessons […]

OBESITY: The Physical, Emotional and Financial Costs

This is a difficult subject to write about because it involves subject areas that are politically sensitive. I will attempt to convey this sensitive material factually while attempting to be respectful.  This is a very important topic that affects better than 30 percent of the adult population and approximately 18-25 percent of children. If we include […]