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Anyone that has been given the diagnosis CANCER goes through various stages. Initially there is great fear. It is believed that a “death sentence” was just handed down. Many times this is followed by denial. If the disease is denied, life continues as “normal.” Eventually acceptance becomes reality and ultimately treatment is pursued. The question I […]

Childhood Cancer and Current Treatment

Most people are unaware that cancer is now the leading cause of death in children in the United States.  A statistic like this must be devastating to the medical community that has tried so hard to save these young lives.  There efforts have successfully increased the number of children surviving the 5 year marker, but […]

Winning The “War” On Cancer?

The more I research the technical aspects of health and disease, the more I realize how important COMMON SENSE is. Cancer is reported as the second leading cause of death in the United States. As of the 1900 statistics, 64/100,000 died from cancer. As of 1990 that number tripled to approximately 192/100,00 cases. Today it […]