“Why Monitor A Problem If You’re Not Going To Fix It?”


“Why Monitor A Problem If You’re Not Going To Fix It?”

Lifelock, a personal credit monitoring company regularly uses this quote in their advertising. Lifelock differentiates itself from its competitors by accepting ACCOUNTABILITY and taking action to help RESOLVE potential credit fraud (rather than simply pointing out that fraud has been committed.)

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1 Million Dollars worth of ACCOUNTABILITY


If, as consumers we believe that professional assistance is important and should be used to RESOLVE serious problems (in this case, identity theft) why don’t we seem to care if our medical physicians are held to the same standard to RESOLVING “diseases?”

Is the medical model’s goal designed to maintain a “broken” situation?

Why are we more concerned about restoring our personal credit rating than restoring our personal HEALTH? Does it make sense we hold a company like Lifelock accountable to achieving RESOLUTION to credit fraud, but only hold our doctors accountable to the standard of MONITORING and MAINTAINING the diseases they diagnose?


How many doctors do you know that work with their patients to RESOLVE their health problems? How many doctors do you think rate their own job performance on monitoring and maintaining disease (rather than resolving it?)

Why are most of us willing to live much of our lives with diagnosed DISEASES when pathways for resolving many of these conditions exist? Have you ever considered asking your doctor, “what would it take to FIX my condition rather than treating, monitoring and maintaining it?” I guess it really just comes down to:

How much longer you want to continue paying your doctor to help you KEEP YOUR DISEASE?


  1. If you want a condition fixed or improved you usually have to do the research yourself. It’s a shame because many people assume that if anything could be done their doctor would guide them. That doesn’t happen very often. They might say something like “try to eat a healthy diet and lose weight” but that’s a tall order for most people and they often don’t even know what a healthy diet is. It would be great if people had more concrete and consistent help.

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    1. It would also be great if people WANTED more concrete and consistent help.

      When people’s medical bills appear higher than expected, they have no difficulty finding the time necessary to resolve these financial issues. However, people do not seem to have the same kind of time to LEARN what it takes to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN healthier outcomes.

      I have offered FREE advice to the world for nearly 4 years with minimal responses. When people saw I was seriously going to offer help within guidelines that matched individual personalities, they typically withdrew their requests. It seems many people were more interested in finding EXCUSES for recurring failure than dedicating their time to self improvement.

      I have often found people expecting and wanting exercise as a DAILY recommendation. It’s not that they truly wanted to exercise, but rather provided a good excuse for non compliance and failure. People knew that exercising 7 days a week (ongoing) was unrealistic . When I offered a realistic plan that started a person walking 3X/week for 5-10 minutes at an interval, they withdrew from seeking assistance knowing the recommendation provided NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSES for non compliance.

      I have learned people frequently look for doctors who blame genetics and other factors (outside the patient’s responsibility) for patient health/weight dilemmas. The consumer is falling deeper into lifetime patterns of self destruction and doctors are frequently leaving this component out of the equation altogether. Conditions are diagnosed, prescription pills are swallowed, patients are “patted on the head” for taking their drugs and then rewarded with reports of “good health” because lab values are used to “prove” drugs cause “good health.”

      Regardless of how UNTRUTHFUL this is, the average consumer is not willing to LEARN and IMPLEMENT what it takes to improve the chances for healthier outcomes. They believe their health will never become compromised regardless of what they do. Without apparent symptoms, they will insist they are in good health. Their only compromise is when SYMPTOMLESS conditions are revealed (ex. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc…) requiring no more than a pill and the time it takes to swallow it.

      Unfortunately, this is the average consumer today. This is also the reason diseases are becoming (significantly) more prevalent, quality of life continues to worsen as patients lose their functional abilities, doctors strive to lengthen life expectancy (regardless of loss of quality,) while health care costs continue to skyrocket and become exceedingly unaffordable.

      This is the REALITY of today!

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      1. Very sad reality. I have however benefitted twice from your candid free advice and I wish I could write a more befitting testimonial. I lived with meds daily for two years and when I beat that and regained my health…I knew who had the power. I do, no more any doctor and this is seriously. I am prepared to work hard to stay healthy and grateful to direct my sons on that path. Today, when I see my sibling out there a NP, pop pills and line for their kids, I just shake my head

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        1. It is so very difficult to convince people to step back and objectively evaluate their approach to health and disease. They believe it is easier (some even believe wiser) to leave one’s health in the hands of the “professional” doctor. The consumer is typically best off leaving their HEALTH and LIFE in their OWN hands. Decisions should be based on a COMBINATION of professional (doctor) guidance and personal individual research to pursue an approach that:
          1. meets an individual’s needs
          2. achieves the best results as naturally as possible.

          Turning to pharmaceutical solutions for conditions our lifestyles are responsible for causing is simply foolish. First, there is no drug that FIXES stupidity. Secondly, our inherently healthy bodies do not become diseased overtime because of a pharmaceutical deficiency. Our bodies (in general) become or succumb to disease because of a lifestyle deficiency. When lifestyle changes are not enough to overcome health imbalances, pharmaceuticals as well as other treatments including ayurvedic, homeopathic, naturopathic, etc… can be “supplemented” to fill the void that’s needed. Lifestyle changes, however, should always be the FIRST thing evaluated for better long term quality results.

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  2. Good post my friend. You ask the questions we should all be asking. So many doctors (mine included) are so quick to reach for the prescription pad than discuss paths to healthier living and
    possibly freedom from medications and disease.

    I hope you and yours are well. Happy 2018/


    1. It’s been a long time. So nice to hear from you. I hope your time away has helped advance in the direction you were looking to pursue. I appreciate you making some time to add some commentary to this post.

      The concept of improved health certainly doesn’t take rocket science. Provide the body and mind their essential needs for healthy function and enjoy the residual benefits (in most cases.) Abuse the body and mind and accept the residual consequences instead (in most cases.)

      The prescription pad can be an asset when used to SUPPLEMENT a temporary imbalance. In rare cases, it may be required over a lifetime. Relying on it for nearly every condition, however, in place of overcoming a deficiency that may be the root cause of the problem, has proven ineffective as a solution to restoring health. It has, instead, EFFECTIVELY helped a huge majority of people “keep” their chronic diseases. I’m not convinced the average consumer recognizes this TRUTH! Paying a doctor for the benefit of “keeping” their disease or condition doesn’t sound like money well spent.

      My best to your lovely wife. Hope the neck is doing better as well. Here’s to good health and much happiness in 2018.

      By the way… I didn’t know if you were aware of the rappelling event I will be participating in to raise money for an organization that supports critically ill children and their families.It’s called Give Kids The World. I will be rappelling 32 stories down the outside of the Hyatt Regency in Orlando Florida in February. I would rather use their perfectly functioning indoor elevator, but I was told this wasn’t an option. 😦 I don’t even like heights, but to see these children experience the joys of childhood in an environment (84 acres of unlimited fun and entertainment) WITH THEIR FAMILIES at NO out of pocket expense to them, is a mission worth raising money for. If you would like to help support this event (and I make this offer WITHOUT any pressure) you can click on the following link. http://support.gktw.org/goto/JCsGoingOverTheEdge

      So good to hear from you. Please, stay in touch!

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      1. OMG You have left me speechless. Rappelling 32 stories.

        It is a wonderful cause. Trust me, I would be Orlando if I could. What a great cause. I will be making a contribution, please keep me posted on future events.

        Good luck on the rappelling. And I will be sticking around this time. So, I will be in touch.

        Great to hear from you.

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        1. Thank you so much for offering to support this wonderful organization I’m raising money for. Your support (with all the challenges you have had to face) just shows the quality of character you possess. I look forward to personally sending you a thank you email in the near future.

          I typically attach the web address to my replies to make it easier for people not to have to search for past comments.

          Be well my friend.

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  3. JdouglasBeard · · Reply

    Hello, Dr. Jonathan thank for this post and all your post. I have enjoyed reading them and have shared many on Facebook. I wish we had more doctors that had your knowledge, perspective, and ideas. We need more of the ideas you express to get out to the mainstream media.

    Since I changed my diet in October of 2013 I have come to believe there are cures for every disease and we are better off health-wise when we rely on natural and home remedies. I have also noticed and continue to be shocked by all the opposition toward alternative medicine (real medicine) and eating healthy on a regular basis.

    My philosophy I tell others is you either pay now and save later or you will save now and pay later. Yet, too many people use excuses that eating healthy cost too much, or it takes too much time, or worse I’m going to die anyway. The last may be true, but I wish people would understand that eating healthy is a journey and the rewards long-term far outweigh the costs.

    Well, anyways thanks for all the work you do and for your thoughts and ideas. I am always left thinking I could not have explained it any better. I feel so many times what you say on here is exactly what I have been trying to tell others all these years but it never comes out right. Blessings!


    1. Thank you so much for reading, sharing and adding you comment showing the benefits you’ve accomplished by living a healthier lifestyle. The concept is really quite simple; the IMPLEMENTATION seems to be the difficult part. Just like most things in life that are truly worthwhile, there is a learning curve. Failure is part of this learning curve. Learning from our failures to avoid repeating the same mistakes makes it easier to progress FORWARD. It’s not an overnight experience. It’s a lifestyle that offers greater opportunity for people to discover a more fulfilling existence.

      So many people LIMIT their lives to unhealthy eating and sedentary living. This is often a large part of their social life. If people chose instead to discover their PURPOSE in life, they would find all sorts of opportunities previously hidden behind their self destructive lifestyle. They would uncover true PASSION creating an abundance of energy and desire to experience more of what life has to offer. They would awaken each day looking forward to pursuing these tasks that create greater meaning and fulfillment in life.

      This, however, is not the way we typically exist. There is birth, schooling, more schooling or employment, marriage, families and life’s responsibilities. We become so regimented and carry so many burdens overwhelming our emotions, we pray to simply make it through another day.

      It doesn’t have to be this way. For it to be different, it requires a willingness to step back and objectively evaluate one’s life and the method one utilizes to pursue one’s goals. The person choosing the healthy lifestyle creates a strong foundation to advance one’s achievements more easily.

      It sounds like you have personally discovered this route. I wish you continued success on this path you’ve chosen. The rewards it offers can seem boundless.

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      1. JdouglasBeard · · Reply

        Thanks for your wise and encouraging words. Quick Question? I getting ready to start writing one of my ebook ideas (working title Seeing Food Differently) can I use your comments here? You and so many other’s advice I follow say things so much better than I seem to be able too.

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        1. You are welcome to use my comments, but I respectfully request you quote and reference them so other people have the opportunity to see health and life from a more comprehensive perspective.

          I offer my information and resources without accepting any form of compensation. I want to be certain my work isn’t turned into a revenue stream for personal gain at the expense of those people searching for answers.

          I am NOT insinuating these are your intentions, but rather making certain that anyone reading this comment understands the ground rules for sharing my information.

          Wishing you much success on your ebook.


  4. Doctors are still a big luxury to many here, even when I can afford I do a lot of work myself. Now, many of the doctors here still take time with the patients and answer all questions etc? They suggests some to help recovery and better living but you have to do much work yourself too. Thanks for this doc

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    1. Doctors are basically trained in anatomy and physiology. The only treatment option (in general) they offer their patients is pharmaceutical intervention. They are NOT TRAINED on the essentials for achieving and maintaining health. Nutrition, Exercise, Mental/Emotional Wellbeing, Social interaction/engagement, Sleep, etc… are outside their “expertise.” Ironic that the essential components of HEALTH are NOT part of a doctor’s curriculum. Why? Because doctors believe these components are the patient’s responsibility. If the patient chooses to avoid these essential components, the doctor is more than willing to provide the drug as an alternative. Unfortunately, the drug is NOT an alternative; it is a vehicle designed (in general) for SHORT TERM use to help the body overcome imbalances. If essential lifestyle requirements remain avoided (or handled improperly) the drug becomes a lifelong requirement. The consumer has (for the most part) elected this unfortunate option accepting a life of chronic disease as long as symptoms can be managed.



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  6. WOW! The Perfect question we should all be asking ourselves! (“Why are we more concerned about restoring our personal credit rating than restoring our personal HEALTH?”). This definitely causes me pause and I admittedly know I will be seriously looking at the specifics of how I should be doing this more efficiently to create long-standing change. Hugs to you for the continued inspiration to be the best version of myself!

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    1. It’s so nice to see people taking these messages to heart, for it is from my heart where these ideas originate. I hope you discover a dynamic approach to health that provides you the quality of life you AND YOUR FAMILY desire.



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