The following is an example of a family HEALTH HISTORY tree. The importance in this picture reveals the reality that GENETICS alone doesn’t determine one’s definitive outcome.


Take a moment to draw your family HEALTH HISTORY tree. Are your diagnoses similar to your parents or are they significantly different (better or worse?) If genetics alone isn’t the primary factor, what do you think the driving forces have been that have determined your health profile? Are you likely to follow a similar path with similar results your parents have taken? There are:


1. Stay the course your currently following and likely experience a quality of health your family history reveals.


2. Become a willing participant and ACTIVELY pursue a REALISTIC alternative path improving one’s chances for a healthier outcome and improved quality of life.

Living healthier does NOT guarantee LONGEVITY. Living healthier, however, places you in greater control of your life. It provides more options and more opportunities for greater fulfillment and joy. It creates greater INDEPENDENCE, personal conviction and a necessary example for generations to follow. It helps establish better clarity for what’s really important in life.


Change only begins when we begin caring about ourselves AND the community in which we live. Until this level of awareness is achieved, most people will remain unfulfilled throughout their lives. They will exist without purpose, without meaning and without quality health. This ISN’T because people are bad, but rather because people have never been taught to search for these important qualities in life. Instead, they have followed previous generation’s foot steps because….. “that’s just the way it’s always been.”

croppedUntil we determine it’s time to create our own unique foot impression that changes the damaging patterns we blindly follow, our HEALTH HISTORY tree is likely to expand with more diseases to face.

I know this reality isn’t fun, but I also know the path of growing diseases is even less fun.

9a7fc38cc5904f5661a9f872cbee21fb--animal-heros-military-dogsSometimes performing an act of kindness is all it takes to jump start the mind. Feeling good about helping others in need can transition one’s own habits from destructive to constructive. This provides the motivation to create our own unique “foot impressions” that offers each of US as well as our future generations better opportunities through better guidance. This positive change in attitude helps to break the cycle of damaging “foot impression” patterns we’ve been mindlessly following.

Why not consider making your first unique “foot impression” one that (both) you and the world can be proud of. Click on the following link entitled, “My Unique Footprint” to share your kindness with a child given no hope. Isn’t a small donation providing a MOMENT of UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS at the end of a child’s life worth making?

My Unique Footprint

Your act of kindness just might be the spark needed to awaken YOURSELF to a better healthier path in life.

I started this article by asking, “What Path Are You Following?” I truly hope you choose a path where OUR “foot impressions” may meet. TOGETHER, we can show the world that kindness and good health benefit EVERYONE!




  1. Father- 1. Heart condition 2. Stroke 3. Thyroid 4. Diabetic 5. Parkinson’s
    Mother-1. Heart condition 2. Blood Pressure 3. Macular Degneration 4. Foot Problems 5. Bone Problems

    Me: Slight heart murmur at birth which most doctors now either do not hear at all or comment it’s extremely faint. No other diagnosed conditions and I take no drugs. Age 54

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    1. I’m sorry for your parents, but I’m glad to see you’re setting an example that proves the point I attempt to share with the world. Our health (to a large extent) is determined by our OWN ACTIONS. Our bodies were designed to be healthy, NOT DISEASED. It is our own behavior and willingness to compete with our needs in life that pushes these bodies toward a life of chronic diseases.
      Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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      1. Thanks. I definitely have areas that need improvement though. I have no idea of your spiritual beliefs, but I think that spiritual aspects are just as important to health as the physical ones.

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        1. Couldn’t agree more!

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      2. Disagree. My dad a minister, eats well does not drink or smoke walks everyday and got cancer. It’s wrong to say that people’s choices makes them get cancer.

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        1. You may have misread my response to you. I will capitalize the words to make it clearer.
          “Our health (TO A LARGE EXTENT) is determined by our own actions.

          There will always be unfortunate situations where people appear to do everything right, yet are still diagnosed with cancer. Also unfortunate is the lack of HEALTHY structured lifestyles (MANY) children live today. If children are not taught essential needs and shown how to implement them into daily living, they too are likely to suffer poorer outcomes over time.

          We are a society that doesn’t place a great deal of emphasis on healthy living. A large percentage of people do not exercise, do not eat to support the body’s needs, do not understand the serious health implications that unchanneled stress results in, do not get adequate quantity and quality of sleep and choose to avoid necessary quantities of hydration/water. These steps are the ACTIONS I was referring to when I stated (TO A LARGE EXTENT) that people are often responsible for their poor health outcomes (including cancer.)

          People’s choices absolutely increase or decrease THE CHANCES of developing the major diseases we face today. Luck, however, also plays a part. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding that may have existed.


          1. No misunderstanding in my mind my friend Just that I have had cancer twice and object to the thought it’s possibly my fault. But I do think that some of the choices I have made are bad, however I have had cancer twice. I admire anyone that perseveres to make a difference.

            I understand grammar and understand completely what you are saying.

            Water is a great carrier of disease, and help the lymphatic system to work better. The less we drink (WATER) the more our body has to work which is where badness can occur. Such is what I have learnt and now drink at least 4 litres of water a day. I also make myself sweat by doing something strenuous everyday. Also sugar intake is a bad thing in large amounts. I understand, but my dad getting it is bizarre. As with many people I talk with and support who have cancer. Takeaways are a big problem to people’s health to I think.

            Thanks for your valued expert advice. It matters.

            Merry Christmas Doctor Johnathan.

            May God bless you and your family and the work that you do.

            In kindness


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            1. Thank you for your response, Mark. Glad to know we’re on the same page. I hope your blog brings many of your readers great information that can help transform lives into passionate ones that create great purpose and meaning. Discovering one’s chosen direction can often be the start of great emotional prosperity. Your encouragement will help many people that have given up on life find new strength to start again. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!


  2. I try really hard to eat healthily most of the time and believe in succeed in that..My parents ate very healthily and my mum like me cooks her own food. They exercise regularly, walked every day and were not overweight but both suffered high blood pressure. My mum gets tinnitus and had had an operation for macular degeneration.Her high cholesterol she reduced through diet as like me she has an aversion to unnecessary medication. My father died from a hospital error after he broke a hip while gardening but the operation he had using the lumbar puncture rather than having anaesthesia. My question even if healthy and within your weight range cannot high blood pressure be an inherited thing?

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    1. Many diseases can be genetically based. They are, however, a small percentage. In addition, even if genetics plays a factor technology has proven that EPIGENETICS plays an important role in “turning on” or “turning off” a gene. This means we can have a propensity without the gene EVER expressing itself.

      You mentioned your parents altered dietary habits after their high cholesterol diagnosis. Factors leading to high cholesterol can also lead to elevated blood pressure. IF the various factors involved in ANY health imbalance are addressed and an aberrant condition remains, pharmaceutical intervention may be necessary. This why I personally believe ALL DISCIPLINES have a place in correcting health conditions. Discovering which approach best satisfies the patent’s needs along with a protocol the patient is willing to comply with plays a major role in outcome.

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  3. Very rarely I take food from outside( though I enjoy it occasionally)…my mother always insists on homely food..I loved your unique impression making approach with an act of kindness too

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    1. Doctors often have well meaning intentions. Sometimes we become so “clinically” focused, we forget the impact that emotions play on health. I have learned over my career that emotional balance is ESSENTIAL if we wish to achieve clinical balance.

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      1. I agree with you totally…. and I know how deeply the emotional side of mind controls my health..

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  4. “Sometimes performing an act of kindness is all it takes to jump start the mind. ” I really love this sentiment. It’s so simple yet practicing it often has such profound positive effects. Keep up the good work.

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    1. You said everything I had hoped to say!

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  5. another wonderful blog, and my new doctor basically did this as we spoke and went through my family history with me. Even though I knew all their illness that happened to them over there years of aging, of course I was in denial that any of that could ever touch me. LOL yes I know its not a funny topic, however its pretty funny how far my head was in the sand….excellent blog, and nothing is better than putting it on paper next to each other then I made a column for myself….that was the eye opening part, great exercise for everyone to do….your the best…thanks for all that you do for us…xxkat

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    1. Thank you Kat. Glad it had an impact. Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. 🙂


      1. I did….the wind stopped and the clouds moved in, I have been taking a break from the news, and feeling better about life. Happy week ahead….xx

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  6. I loved this post, Jonathan. Firstly I completely agree that genetics need not determine the path your own health will take. Secondly, I do think it is sad that in many ways we have lost that sense of community and caring for others that used to be so prevalent when I was a child. As the world gets crazier and busier sometimes it’s enough just to get from one day to the next. But the smallest acts of kindness need only take a few minutes and can make a big impact. Great post!

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    1. Thank you Tracey. As positive as the responses have been I am surprised that a grand total of 6 people (outside my family) and personal close friends have donated to this charity I am attempting to raise money for. These are children with critical diseases that did NOT choose unhealthy lifestyles that resulted in their diseases. This charity shows these children how valuable their lives are. It provides everything they want during their all paid for stay (along with their families) on their 84 acre facility and transports them off the property to enjoy everything they ask for.

      I know it’s the holiday season and people have spent quite a bit of savings, but most of the 2700+ followers I have and facebook friends and classmates, etc… probably can find $5 to give. Instead, people have chosen to offer emoticons with sad faces. It hurts to believe I live in such a callous world.
      I spend almost everyday looking to offer information to help people live better healthier lives. I offer to do this FREE. I offer to help people one on one for FREE. In turn, the best I am offered when I ask for HELP (not for me, but others in need) is a sad face emoticon.

      I don’t need America to be great again; I just need it to elevate itself to a level of decency. Maybe if our country begins to learn how to show compassion to others, a brighter outlook becomes possible.


  7. I totally agree with you in all you say. I believe we are all individuals and are responsible for our own lifestyle choices. Granted there are some health issues that possibly can’t be avoided for some people, but making a healthier lifestyle choice can only improve one’s life capacity.

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    1. Thank you Lynne.

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  8. Helping others is why I wrote my blog in the first place. Writing 365 day’s in a row. It was challenging esp on holiday or Christmas time but I did it. I actually blogged over 400 encouraging posts in a year. Tough but for sure it’s had an impact on people’s lives.

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    1. I’ll bet it was also good for you. It provided a mission to help others which often leads to self help. Congratulations on accomplishing this difficult task.


  9. Love this post doc healthy life=happy life and it’s better to find out what’s causing what to help solve the matter before it’s too late thanks for this post I’m sure it’s very helpful to many!
    Do check out my blog post when you can would love to know what you think🙂

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    1. Thank you for adding your comment to this post. It always adds so much more value to the messages I write about.

      I also appreciate the work you put into your blog site. I hope more people stop by and benefit as I have.

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      1. No problem, I love to read your blogs and educate myself with the great health info you teach us all.
        Thank you so much doc appreciate it.

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        1. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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