1. Atkins Diet founded in the 1960’s

  2. Weight Watcher’s Diet founded in the 1960’s

  3. Jenny Craig Diet founded in the 1980’s

  4. Physician supervised Medifast Diet founded in the 1980’s

  5. NutriSystem Diet founded in the 1990’s

  6. South Beach Diet founded around 2003

Many more distinguished names could be added to this list. The ONE overriding factor they ALL have in common is the LONG TERM FAILURE each and every one statistically provides. How come they still generate millions of dollars anyway? (Answer can be found below the following pictures)




265 pounds of weight loss


Weight Watchers:



83 pounds of weight loss


Jenny Craig:



50 pounds of weight loss





250 pounds of weight loss




110 pounds of weight loss


South Beach:


80 pounds of weight loss



People are desperate to lose weight. They believe once the weight is lost, it will somehow remain that way. “This time will be different!” They believe the hurdle is “losing the weight,” when in REALITY the hurdle is:


Why do we NEVER see ANY weight loss company (or doctor) bragging about their HIGH PERCENTAGE long term WEIGHT MAINTENANCE success stories. Simple:


There are certainly a small percentage of people that implement the different components required to achieving long term weight maintenance, but 95%+ never include these various components and regain the weight (and often more) over a relatively short period of time.

Does it make sense to you to begin a program that commonly results in 95%+ failure? Do you think losing a significant amount of weight only to re-gain it back helps improve confidence, motivation and self drive? Is it worth following the herd to the “slaughter house” believing you’re somehow going to become the “family pet?”

Weight loss is NOT about WEIGHT; it is about HEALTH. Until you can truly make this CONCEPT the underlying motivation, long term weight loss will likely elude you. Once you determine QUALITY HEALTH is a goal worth achieving, you’re ready to begin the PROCESS. Food is only ONE COMPONENT in this process and the subject LEAST focused on.

If you’re ready (not if you THINK you’re ready) to finally become HEALTHY, I’ll gladly share the PROCESS with you. It won’t cost a penny; it will, however, cost time, require self value and an awareness that achievement provides access to new and (possibly) better opportunities in life.

Feel free to be skeptical. Feel free to challenge any part of the PROCESS, but only do so PRIOR to your commitment. The object is to help you help yourself. If you’re competing with me to prove you’re incapable of achieving quality health with accompanying weight loss and weight maintenance, you will SUCCEED AND FAIL. Respectfully, under those conditions, I would suggest you follow one of the many dietary plans (such as those mentioned in this post) and “achieve” the typical long term results they offer.


Has anyone cared enough to offer you a better opportunity somewhere else (WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED?)


Are you ready to reach out to me?



  1. Absolutely correct it is not losing but maintaining that loss….I eat what I fancy but follow a 80% diet with I say 20% treat but this isn’t every day..I enjoy my food and I think that is the key as well enjoying your food.. And exercise but do one you like I am not a fan of gyms but I love to walk so that is what I do…. Eat to live not live to eat makes sense and 2 meals a day is ample for me…A good offer and I hope you get some takers 🙂

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    1. You sound like you lead a life of quality moderation. This makes things very doable without inflicting personal harm to oneself. Each person must decide how to approach life in a manner that provides them the quality they choose without compromising the ability to MAINTAIN these goals.

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      1. Yes…I think I do Dr J and I don’t believe many people if any can stick to a real regimented eating regime it is not normal .. You have to decide what is best for you given your circumstances and or lifestyle..Ours is simple ..getting older it’s called..lol… But so far so good..not seen a doctor for at least 7 years and before that only when I was having my children or really, really unwell which I think I have been lucky with my health( so far) Lets hope it lasts 🙂

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  2. Doc I’ll be back here hopefully but I just want to say bravo: Men you even look more swagalicious and have same jumpsuit and singlet? What an inspiration

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    1. I tried doing everything possible so no one would accuse me of “altering” the “after” picture. I don’t even own photoshop or any picture altering software.
      It was simply to prove that aging can be a positive experience without limiting life’s choices.


  3. Another excellent post on achieving good health. So, the diet dilemma & maintaining weight loss goes on and on. The popular diets work for some who think of good health as a long term goal. And they learn to make better food choices based on high density nutrient foods. It’s not easy to give up old snack based habits, however so worth it. My middle-aged sons lost weight by using the Lose It app. It’s based on what you choose to eat everyday. It tracks calories, daily weight, and exercise. Kind of makes you aware of portion sizes & nutrients. As an guide for me, I’ve started using it and have found I’m on track with good food choices. It’s important for me to maintain good health & age well. 🍁🍂 Christine

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    1. Words of wisdom to live by. Tracking food isn’t a punishment; it is a choice to better understand whether your body is provided the nutrients it needs to function in a healthy manner. I have tracked my exercise and food choices since 1995. It has helped me achieve the quality of health I choose to experience.

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  4. 100% agree! For many people, the reason to lose weight lies with vanity, but as people get older, health factors take over. With age comes wisdom. Some people will attempt to lose weight for health reasons, but find it difficult — whether they lose the weight, but then gain it back, or are unsuccessful at losing it. It takes hard work (at first) to lose weight and you have to understand the why behind what you are doing… and also that motivation needs to be deep enough to sustain you. But more than that, I think it comes down to just having the mindset. I think the people who are successful have it set that they have to workout, just as we have to go to work, we have to pay bills, we have to breathe.. haha! And then making healthy choices when eating most of the time. But getting to that point takes time, effort, and conscious action. — At least that’s my two cents. — Your posts are full of tough love and valuable information. I’m sure anyone who signs up for your program and applies themselves will drastically change their life for the better! I wish them all good luck! 🙂

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    1. Mindset is EVERYTHING. Without it (like you suggest) most results are temporary.

      I hope (one day) people (in general) care about themselves as much as I care about them! It’s a great feeling waking up ever day and looking at our world from this perspective.

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  5. I hope more people reach out to you and start waking up to what they need to do for their long-term health and well-being!

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    1. Many would think that droves of people would reach out for FREE help, but in reality, few do. There is a great deal of FEAR of change even if it’s for one’s benefit. For some, if weight wasn’t an issue, excuses for unhappiness would have to shift to facing one’s own demons. Blaming weight becomes the lesser of two evils. If people could just begin to see a small glimpse of a bigger world unveiling so much unlimited potential, it might help them over their hurdle.

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  6. i just dont regret following you…everytime i am notify about your post, i always postpone reading until i get myself a cup of tea and then i could savour your message… !! Thanks for showing us some green light in this “confusing society”…The truth is most of us are soo confuse and ignorant that, we just follow the trend…

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    1. Thank you for your very kind words. I hope more people become willing to listen to these messages and incorporate those they feel add benefit to their lives. It can be the difference between “existing in life” vs. “living life!”


  7. You look great, Doctor Jonathan. I agree completely with your message of working toward living a healthy life rather than losing weight which is always temporary and frustrating. You are a great example of talking the talk and walking the walk. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Each of us has the capability to live a healthier lifestyle. It is a choice. Many unfortunately choose to ignore this essential NEED until self induced harm is caused. With so many forces in life that challenge our well being, it’s a shame we need to add our own name to list of harm.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more. I still can’t get over the fact that ANYONE still smokes cigarettes. Anyone who can read, anyway. Talk about self-induced harm!

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        1. Absolutely, Tony!



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  9. Excellent !!!
    Weight loss is not about weight, it is about Health – so perfectly put.

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    1. If people would be willing to truly make Health the focus, weight loss would be a natural RESULT of the PROCESS.

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  10. This is a well needed reminder to stay on track. Sometimes, I can’t help but wish I looked slimmer. It’s quite easy to succumb to all these ridiculous diets ( that cut off major nutrients ) for the wrong reason or misdirected motivation to look like peers.
    I have to frequently remind myself that what I want is health and aesthetic is as a result of a healthy lifestyle and not the other way round. Thank you for always reminding us of what is actually important.

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    1. As people begin to BELIEVE that focusing on HEALTH rather than weight becomes the foundation for long term results, the quality of life dramatically improves. We shall see how many people truly want these results (soon enough based on their response to this post.) Unfortunately, weight issues give many people a sense of being/existence. It provides reason for unhappiness. Many FEAR letting go of this destructive emotion, because they have so sense of purpose otherwise.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more

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  11. Great post! It sure is a lifestyle change and not a fad diet that helps. Maintaining the weight loss is tough especially if nothing has changed.

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  12. wonderful encouragement
    to be well & happy 🙂

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    1. Thank yo so much.


  13. Oh I love the side by side photos of you. That’s certainly the telling evidence that your philosophy works. Nice job with your physique and with your wonderful blog.

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    1. Thank you Doctor Lynn. As you know, it’s not magic. It’s a little effort, a little self value, a little discipline and a desire to be as responsible as possible for the quality of life I choose to live. Each of us has this capability if we CHOOSE to apply ourselves.

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  14. The protein diet helped me lose 15 kgs in 3 months and then I gained 20 kgs in the next two months or maybe less… that should tell my story with diets and why am not going to try one again unless ‘unconcscious’. The Psychological, emotional and mental ‘shame’ when I put that weight on so quick and awful, was enough to drive me nuts

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    1. Yet so many people will continue down a path that leads to failure rather than applying proven approaches with significantly higher percentages of success. This proves many people NEED to experience pain and other physical problems in their lives in order to define who they are. It’s a sad commentary, but truthful none the less.


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