I’ll bet you never heard of House Resolution 327?

Whether you support or oppose a vaccination program, would you agree a congressional resolution (without any media exposure to provide public awareness) creates reason for possible skepticism. Rather than bore you with the entire document, (which you can read at this link: HOUSE RESOLUTION 327) the following excerpts (highlighted in red) will focus on points that should produce a response we commonly see in dogs.






Up to 72% of people contracting the polio virus experienced NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL! Approximately 24% experienced MINOR SYMPTOMS including upset stomach, fever, sore throat and flu like symptoms.

96% of all people contracting polio experienced NO SYMPTOMS prior to the vaccine’s existence.

(REFERENCE: CDC: What Is Polio?)


The percentage of people that become paralyzed was 1%. Of this 1%half the patients with spinal polio recovered fully; one-quarter recovered with mild disability, and the remaining quarter were left with severe disability. (REFERENCE: Cuccurullo SJ (2004). Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review. Demos Medical Publishing. ISBN 1-888799-45-5.)

The percentage of people that DIED from Polio was 1/10 to 1/20 of 1% paralyzed.




Every health care professional knows vaccines injure some percentage of the population. The vaccine courts have awarded over 3 billion dollars in injury compensation to parents of vaccine injured children. The following is just one recent example:

The courts,  awarded financial compensation after petitioners for an infant named J.B. (died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome after receiving his scheduled 4 month old wellness vaccines including (DTaP) Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis, (IPV) inactivated polio virus, (HiB) haemophilus influenzae, (PCV) Pneumococcal Conjugate virus, and Rotavirus):

“Petitioners have put forth preponderant evidence that the vaccines J.B. received on September 2, 2011 actually caused or substantially contributed to his death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Furthermore, respondent has failed to put forth preponderant evidence that J.B.’s death was in fact caused by factors unrelated to the vaccines. Accordingly, petitioners are entitled to compensation.”

(REFERENCE: The United States Court of Federal Claims)




Not according to the published numbers for rankings for first year mortality (child death) rates.

Country (Iceland)    Ranking (#3)        Overall dosages of vaccines (34)

Country (Norway)    Ranking (#5)        Overall dosages of vaccines (40)

Country (France)     Ranking (#14)       Overall dosages of vaccines (49)

Country (U.S.A.)      Ranking (#57)       Overall dosages of vaccines (72)




“Bolstering our global and domestic health through vaccinations?” Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty years ago, how many children and adults were DYING from these diseases? Over that period of time vaccination compliance fluctuated, yet how many children DO YOU KNOW that died or even contracted ANY of these diseases? Now, let me ask you, “How many children DO YOU KNOW that suffer from OBESITY?” “How many children DO YOU KNOW that suffer from TYPE 2 DIABETES?” “How may children DO YOU KNOW that suffer from AUTISM?”



Why is Congress using its power at this time to organize worldwide implementation of our vaccination program? They haven’t been able to achieve a health insurance program domestically; they haven’t been able to achieve a new tax program domestically; they wait until the 11th hour to raise debt ceilings to avoid our government from defaulting, yet the vaccine program has become a priority? The government has no track record PROACTIVELY addressing issues prior to their impending need. If the last 50 years hasn’t created an impending need to reverse these infectious diseases, why are congressional members so interested in ratifying a vaccine resolution? Do they believe this document will save more lives than resolutions calling for mandates to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes and autism?


  1. The Vaccine inserts describe the adverse reactions that can cause serious harm and death to infants.

  2. VAERS (Vaccine adverse events reporting system) “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program run by CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VAERS serves as an early warning system to detect possible safety issues with U.S. vaccines by collecting information about adverse events (possible side effects or health problems) that occur after vaccination.” (REFERENCE: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

  3. Over 3 billion dollars awarded by the vaccine courts for injuries resulting from adverse reactions including DEATH from the current vaccine schedule.

  4. As stated above, the most recent award (July 2017) as a result of death attributed to the 4 month scheduled vaccines given to baby J. B. in 2011.



Please don’t sit idly by and wait for others to do the hard work to safeguard our rights defending the medical needs of our children. I have heard many parents say, “I would die for my child.” I have rarely, however, seen parents (truly opposing vaccines fearing the potential serious complications) intervene on their child’s behalf. I have also never seen a parent of a vaccine injured child claim they would repeat the same procedure if they knew ahead of time the outcome. Someone’s child is going to suffer permanent brain damage. Unfortunately, this is an “adverse reaction.” If you believe the vaccination program is in your child’s best interest, I completely support your decision. If you believe the risks do not outweigh the benefits, I support your decision as well. 


Write AND call your legislators and ask them to refuse to add their names to this resolution. Feel free to cut and paste the references I’ve provided to add CREDIBLE proof for safety concerns regarding the current vaccine schedule. If we sit by and do nothing, our children will pay the price.

Can You Live With That?




  1. There are discussions about vaccines in Europe too, even if they don’t vaccinate so much, as they do in US. Many parents here are in doubt and now they risk their kids to be excluded from kindergarten etc. without having their vaccinations.
    Not all countries are giving compensations either, no matter which fault it is.
    Great debate, Jonathan.

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    1. The threat of not being allowed to attend public schools or granted drivers licenses, or employment is an elitist policy by design. If the merits of the vaccine program clearly validated the “claimed benefits,” these intimidating policies wouldn’t be needed. The fact that so many people remain concerned about the safety and validity of the vaccine program, proves the health care industry has not offered convincing evidence. The media has also been controlled and threatened with reduced advertising dollars these organizations rely on. Health care has simply become another player in the world of BIG BUSINESS. The consumer is certainly expendable if the corporation profits as a result.

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  2. It’s refreshing to see a doctor with the opinion that it is the parent’s decision. Thank you! I made a decision not to vaccinate my child 14 years ago. At this point I am open to discussing the options with a doctor but instead every time I go to a doctor I am shamed and humiliated for making this choice. This leaves no options for discussion. In their minds, and in my child’s medical record, I am seen as a negligent parent. It makes me want to avoid doctor visits. At my son’s age now, he is also subject to the same treatment. One doctor refused to see us again based on this choice. I agree that the government could be spending it’s time and energy on more pressing issues.

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    1. Thank you for offering your comment on this subject. The medical field recognizes that “open debate” legitimately questions the validity of imposing this procedure across the board. Their dogmatic approach intimidates parents making them feel negligent when considering altering the current vaccine schedule and/or abstaining from some (or all) of the vaccines entirely. A doctor’s job is to INFORM; not IMPOSE their will. One of the biggest problems, however, is that doctors are not well informed. They rely on biased information supplied by medical learning institutions and pharmaceutical companies with serious conflicts of interest. Parents need to stand together to support eachother’s rights to make these important health care decisions. After all, the vaccine injured child does not alter the doctor’s quality of life even though he or she is responsible for injecting the substances that may result in permanent brain damage.

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      1. Yes!

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  3. Polio is still something real in Nigeria even with nationwide vaccinations. I know of people who never got vaccinated as children and are leading a healthy lifestyle. We should have the right to choose what’s best for us and you never fail to enlighten us. Thank you for making this clear.

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    1. As a physician it is my ethical and moral responsibility to provide credible information to the public to help them make the best informed health decisions for themselves. It’s a shame some of my colleagues don’t feel the same way.
      Thank you for sharing a reality in your region of the world and for helping reduce the fears imposed on those questioning the validity of today’s vaccine schedule. Lifestyle plays a much more significant role in overall health than ANY medical procedure offered today. Vaccines don’t reduce the chances for developing Childhood Obesity, Childhood Cancer, Childhood Type 2 Diabetes and Childhood Autism. These maladies affect the lives of more children today than the potential reduced risks of developing infectious diseases that (more often than not) produce nominal symptoms that self resolve in 3-7 days.

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      1. Lifestyle does play a significant role and we need more enlightenment in this part of the world. Thank you.


  4. Always a controversial subject and it can make emotions run high…I don’t believe in forcing immunisation it should as you have stated be a parental decision made based on facts or existing medical conditions.Some diseases which had been eradicated are now being seen again due to non-vaccination much fear mongering has been published in the UK on this subject. All my children have been fully vaccinated the only exception was my eldest daughter and on my doctor’s advice based on her history of fitting was that she shouldn’t have the measles vaccination. I was lucky to have a doctor like that any questions he was happy to listen to and always fully explained what if any medication he was prescribing would do or could cause…Great doctor. and a well presented post on vaccination 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Like most things in life, ALL or NOTHING is unlikely the best choice. Each of us must discover the best components and or procedures and incorporate them within LIFESTYLE protocols we choose to live by. The more involved we choose to be in supporting healthy function, the less adjunct support is typically needed.

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  5. great post Jonathan, I shared it on Facebook as I have a lot of friends with children who are on the fence, I will PM them to give this a read….thanks…

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    1. Please feel free to let your friends know they are ALWAYS welcomed to contact me with any questions. I will NEVER attempt to impose any personal biases; I will simply share info. they can use to make better informed decisions for THEMSELVES.

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      1. I will….Thanks…

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