In this picture we see a typical house. There is nothing unusual about it. It appears capable of providing safe shelter to a typical family. What if I told you the following picture was taken the next day?


It clearly demonstrates that structural issues existed prior to the resulting damage to this house.

Do you think the homeowners had any concerns the previous day when the house was fully intact? Do you think they were concerned with taking preventative measures to ensure the integrity of their house before witnessing its destruction? Why would they? There was no VISIBLE evidence (SYMPTOMS) a problem existed.


Publication2cropped1500In this picture we see a typical woman. There is nothing unusual about her that catches our attention. She appears to be as sound in health (from appearance) as the original house was sound in structure.


Publication2croppeddead500This is a picture of the same woman. Emotionally we accept this image as a woman suffering from disease. In reality, the previous picture shows what cancer in its earlier stages actually looks like. “But she didn’t look or act sick in the previous picture?” This is why we can’t afford to rely on appearance or SYMPTOMS to determine our HEALTH.


When we look at the damaged house, do we “diagnose” its problem as:

  1. damaged roofing over the entrance

  2. damaged wood framing over the entrance

  3. a shortage of nails

  4. a shortage of water resistant taping

  5. etc…


do we “diagnose” a structural foundational issue RESULTING IN:

  • damaged roofing over the entrance

  • damaged wood framing over the entrance

  • a shortage of nails

  • a shortage of water resistant taping

  • etc…

This is an important concept to understand. If we treat the individual damaged components of this house without FIRST correcting the structural foundational issues, this house will require a lifetime of ongoing repairs.


If we continue to focus our “treatments” on the damaged components RESULTING IN: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, elevated weight, cardiac disease, stroke, cancer, , etc… we continue to ignore the foundational issues responsible for the underlying causes of all these different conditions.

For a house to survive the “elements” over time, a well designed foundation is essential.

For a person to survive the “elements” over time, a well designed foundation is essential.

Is your health foundation strong? Is it built on the qualities that support healthy living including exercise, healthy nutrition, quality sleep, adequate hydration and reduced stress? Or… it more likely weak; built on emotional duress, little personal time, reduced sleep, sedentary living, unhealthy foods, anger, resentment and frustration?

You now have two VISUAL realities in front of you. You can ignore the evidence just provided and express “shock” when confronted by a discouraging diagnosis,


choose to begin valuing your life and taking control by implementing the essential foundational components that support GOOD HEALTH.





  1. There is always a price to pay when neglect of personal or others wellfare and care for our personal or others belongings. Often the damage is irreversible and irreparable if not addressed.

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    1. I completely agree with you!


  2. Oh doc, but she looked so fine in the previous picture. Maybe she also felt great. So what can you advice we do even when looking and feeling good?

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    1. When looking and feeling good, that’s the time to make the GREATEST effort to focus on essential behaviors to maintain one’s health. We tend to have it backwards. We wait for symptoms and then begin to take action steps. In most cases we miss the underlying problem and focus on reducing the symptom. Creating a LIFESTYLE that supports good health prevents the recurring symptoms and potentially lethal undertones that remain “quiet”. This is what typically creates a false sense of security that one’s health is “good.”


      1. I was wish some who tell me I work so hard on myself could read that post and this response to my comment. And when others shrug saying we’ll all die anyway, I paraphrase you saying it is therefore the quality of Life you chose to live that makes the difference


  3. That is quite an effective, dramatic way to illustrate your point, Doc. Wow. Well done.

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    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes a “palm blow” to the forehead creates a wake up call to action!

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  4. A great post and very good examples of taking care of yourself and building a strong foundation!

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    1. Glad the post was clearly written with ideas that were well received.

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  5. Good examples although quite dramatic but sometimes that is what it takes to shock people into action…Building a strong foundation needs to start early on in life although it is never too late to make lifestyle changes …

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    1. I try to write from many different approaches to touch people’s emotions to generate positive ACTIONS. If all my words achieve is “interesting thoughts” I have not achieved my objective.

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  6. This is a real eye opener and I just love how you lay everything in black and white. It’s a shame that we wait for symptoms to show before taking action. You have shown us that we shouldn’t be cautious with our life choices because we have one ailment or another but because living healthy is beneficial to us in the long run. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Always a pleasure to read your interpretation of my posts. I wish (at your age) I was as intuitive as you are. I see a great possible future ahead for you!

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      1. Thank you, the pleasure is all mine.

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  7. Thank you for laying this out again so clearly – I think I’ve told you before, but you have helped inspire us here to healthier living.

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    1. This means a lot. I do not wish to impose my beliefs; I choose to share ideas providing people with choices that can impact their quality of lives. I leave it to each individual to decide whether these ideas are capable of enhancing their experiences of joy, good health and happiness.

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  8. Jonathan, I’m running out of things to say to relay how much I love your posts. Brilliant, as always.

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    1. No worries. I appreciate the fact you’re willing to take your time to read them. In reality, my messages often reflect the path in life you’ve chosen to follow. Bravo!!

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  9. Brilliant post !!!
    Maintaining one’s home is essential, it is an ongoing process to keep it in good condition as with one’s health !.

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    1. Interesting how a “simple” concept like this has been so difficult to follow for so many people in this world!

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  10. A wonderful reminder of keeping one’s ‘house’ in order, not only for the time we are here on earth but our heavenly home as well. Lest I forget “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Hugs & blessings, as always!1

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    1. I appreciate the spiritual relevance you applied to this article. It is an important component (in my opinion) and often neglected.

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