Bad Tires

The tire on the left has gone through many miles of wear. As the tread shallows and the rubber weakens the tire begins to lose its ability to perform in a safe manner. It also begins failing to maintain its air pressure. The shallow treads produce minimal to no SYMPTOMS. The only tangible symptom the driver experiences is a frequent need to inflate the tire as a result of air leakage. A “cheap,” “easy” “treatment” is available to address this problem. “Patches” or “plugs” can be applied to the tire (as seen on the right) TEMPORARILY preventing the recurring need to replace leaking air. For many drivers this option satisfies their driving concerns. In reality this option increases their risks for injury and death.


The person on the left has gone through many years of wear. As the body and mind’s needs are ignored or abused, they begin to lose their ability to perform every day function in a healthy manner. Initially, these ignored needs or outright abuses produce minimal to no SYMPTOMS. As headaches, balance issues, breathing difficulties, digestive issues, cardiac issues and other symptoms reveal themselves, a doctor is consulted. A “cheap,” “easy” “treatment” is available to address these symptoms/problems. Pharmaceutical “patches” (if used exclusively as treatments) can be “applied” to cover up the underlying root problems TEMPORARILY preventing or minimizing the pain and discomfort experienced. For many consumers this option produces a FALSE sense of “correction.” In reality, these lifelong drugs further compromise patient health conditions by weakening their aging bodies and reducing their natural capacity to function normally.

Consider this:

Car repair centers DISCOURAGE “patching” tires with excess wear. Keeping costs in mind, they may offer optional RECONDITIONED tires to protect their customers from possible injuries. This recommendation addresses the root cause of the problem resulting in improved function and performance.

A majority of doctors, on the other hand, ENCOURAGE “patching” their patient’s chronic health issues EXCLUSIVELY with pharmaceutical drugs. This approach isn’t designed to repair the body and restore its ability to function without further need of these drugs; it is designed to AVOID the need for active patient participation in the RECONDITIONING process. The doctor is trained to focus on extending their patient’s duration of life by using lifetime drugs to achieve this goal.

QUALITY OF LIFE often becomes a secondary concern!




Of course you can leave it up to your highly educated medical physician to provide the ONLY answer he or she has been taught:





  1. Another excellent post, Dr. Jonathan! I love the analogy of the patches on the tire.

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    1. Creates an image people can easily relate to. Now, the question is, will it lead to ACTION?!!


  2. I Love this ! Totally makes perfect sense, stop giving control and take control over your life.

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    1. Glad to see the point was clearly presented. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


  3. Become part of the solution, yes! Take control 🙂

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    1. The challenge is getting people excited about taking BACK CONTROL of their lives. They have willingly handed this responsibility to professional health care providers believing their own responsibility is unnecessary. They are SERIOUSLY WRONG!

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  4. Excellent post Jonathan, yet again. I thoroughly enjoy your analogies. 🙂

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    1. Often they create clarity and help people relate to situations more personally. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

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  5. Another excellent post and I am the old biddy on the right dancing the night aside we really need to take charge of our lives and how we live them…

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    1. Keep dancing the night away. Movement is LIFE!

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  6. I am in a position of possibly patching my worn out spine or possibly having necessary surgery to fix what they can so it lasts longer. My problem is denegerative and patching isn’t going to work in the long term. Just for a quick tune-up and then back to the returning problems each time getting worse. Most of the discs are gone in my spine. Shots are quick and possible bandages, but this time they are looking to possibly repair it more permanently. If surgery is the possible answer, I must decide if it is worth it in the long run or simply try to patch the areas up for a bit longer. I am putting off the inevitable essentially, but the suggestion is not mine to make only input I will have is the answer to their suggestions. Funny how surgery wasn’t on the table the beginning of September, but as the tests came in the stakes have risen. Quick fix (steroid shots) or more permanent fix of surgery. Lots to think about once I am given the options to my treatment.

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    1. Recognizing that you have REAL CHOICES is the first required step to discovering real solutions. The “easy” way is not typically the easy way. Letting others remain responsible for your outcome vs. becoming part of the solution yourself is a big difference. It also commonly produces different outcomes. Those participating commonly achieve better outcomes.

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      1. I am not sure if I was referring to my new back/neck problems and possible surgery or what. Too much going on right now and I can’t concentrate on just one. The surgery is possibly pressing, but I have heard and researched and talked to Physical Therapists and a lot of what I have been told is don’t do it. Others say it helped their pain. I pretty much don’t have any discs left between my vertebrates and surgery would require home care that isn’t available readily. The spinal cord is being squeezed by the arthritis and subsequently all of this is causing the pinched and damaged nerves. It is just too much for me to handle or know how to handle it myself. Right now I am just waiting for the 2nd step which is pain management and whether steroid shots will help or not.

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        1. Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you reach

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          1. Thank you. The options aren’t the best.



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  9. I chose to be part of they solution to having good health. Great article, as usual.

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    1. No question you ACTIVELY participate in pursuing a quality of health you desire! This is the basis to achieving good results.


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