img_8134400For more than three years I have shared realities about health, nutrition and exercise that many have never been exposed to. It has elicited reactions that have ranged from simple curiosity to extreme outrage. These realities have demonstrated the harms we’ve faced following industry guidelines established by organizations with conflicting interests. These conflicting interests often center around profitability. Whether it’s governmental, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical or medical industries, the consumer is often “kept in the dark.” This is partly because the consumer prefers “not to know” the truth in many cases. Although the truth would lead the “rational” brain to discover alternative paths supporting better health outcomes, we have become conditioned to follow policies and procedures imposed on us.  “It’s just easier,” or so we believe.


 Quality life is based on decision making. Our choices can be based on limited biased information filled with conflicts of interest or based on credible information that may require greater personal effort including possible lifestyle inconveniences. Most people base their decisions on short term “wants”. Those seeking both short and long term benefits often choose options only available to the “unrestricted” FREE minded thinker. These options are discovered by using multiple credible references and sources.

The imprisoned minded thinker, is controlled by generations of families following imposed societal rules to maintain status quo. On the other hand, the “unrestricted” FREE minded thinker is willing to challenge rules and regulations for self preservation. He or she recognizes big industry’s willingness to sacrifice human life through experimentation when potential profitable outcomes are achievable.


The “unrestricted” FREE minded thinker questions why heavy metal toxins like mercury are withheld from animal vaccines, yet are placed in human vaccines. The “unrestricted” FREE minded thinker questions why genetically modified foods have been withheld from many livestock feed (after these animals experienced increased levels of diseases and death), yet remain in large quantities of UNDISCLOSED food sources for human consumption (in the U.S.A.) These same “unrestricted” FREE minded thinkers search for answers why companies producing these GMO products resist GMO labeling. What logical reason exists to justify reduced consumer awareness about food ingredients and choices if these foods are truly “safe”?

The “imprisoned minded thinker”, supports these programs and policies and denies their implicit dangers. It would be too difficult for the imprisoned mind to believe and accept a “free society” would be willing to allow intentional harm to its population in the form of human disease and death. We choose to ignore the recurring historical proof of policies that have killed vast numbers of people because the imprisoned mind believes, “this time it’s different.”

The choice is yours. You can maintain the “imprisoned minded thinkers” philosophy following imposed policies, and ignoring correlations between these policies and the destruction of human lives or set free the “imprisoned mind” and open your world to better quality living and healthier options.



  1. I have deleted my comment 3 times…I don’t think the world is ready for both of us…lol…I whole heartedly endorse what you are saying. I just wish ..well I just wish more people would question, would ask, would stand up and say hey…I am not buying this. because I care what I feed myself and my family…I care what you are asking me to do.. I care that you are making false claims, I care that that so many big businesses just lie to us…I care …because if everybody did that..what a difference it would make…

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    1. People are often stuck in the middle of “life” unable to see reality. I share a perspective that often confronts commonly accepted beliefs to elicit emotions. I believe this approach helps awaken people to different realities they’re hidden from.

      I believe in people. In time, I believe they will recognize the need to take greater responsibility for their lives and the lives of their children.


  2. Thanks Doc, actually there’s a very wise Book that is unpresidented in it’s entirety and it contains a verse that reads : “Be transformed (changed / improved) by the renewing of your mind (beliefs, opinions, thoughts, emotion ) Romans 12:2 Spot on!
    And another verse says: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32
    What’s the opposite of imprisoned? Freedom.
    When our minds are listening to and believing LIES, we are simply handing power over to another control. I say we must research, question and discern what is truely true. And get free of deceptive control.
    Kind regards, Osteoblog 365

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    1. Thank you for sharing those verses. Many a true word can be found in that wise book! 🙂

      Life is cyclical. The masses have lost confidence in our government. 20+% approval of congressional leadership and 30+% approval of our president. This path leads people to considering more options in life. It can be an unpleasant experience to live through, but results in cyclical rebalancing of values, morals and ethics. This is a good thing because it forces each of us to INDEPENDENTLY challenge our own beliefs. These challenges lead to a resurrection (of sorts) where new ideologies are born.


  3. Another great post, Jonathan. I wonder if as the world gets busier and people have less time (or that’s the perception) many things that involve time and effort get put aside. Like cooking healthy and well-balanced meals, exercising – and keeping well-informed. There is always time if something is important enough.

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    1. I’m sure you’re right. People begin losing perspective and begin living day to day without any meaningful game plan.

      When we’re interviewed, one of the common questions asked is, “where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years, etc… We need to learn to apply this same question to our own lives. We need to create a realistic PLAN OF ACTION to outline a legitimate path to achieving these goals.

      It seems many people stop at the “wishing” and “dreaming” phase and become part of the masses that simply “exist” rather than LIVE!

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  4. Well you know me, I’m all about freeing oneself from their own shackles of warped thinking. With freedom though comes responsibility, which I’ve come to the conclusion that many people would rather cede to someone in “authority” to do life for them.

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    1. Until parents, doctors, educators/schools, youth programs and religious institutions decide to teach our children the values and lifestyles required to live healthier and happier lives, those in power will continue to dictate the rules based on their needs. We will continue to willingly and unwillingly follow them because we have been programmed to believe “that’s just the way it is.”
      I know the “rebel” in you will NOT simply follow the pack!

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  5. Even though I know there is a lot of wrong happening when it comes to this subject, and it may never go away, I somehow believe that in time people will be more aware, people will take action and people will live the healthier balanced life.


  6. You’ve really helped me, for one, question things these last couple years. I’m so glad I found your website – it has enriched our lives!

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    1. Thank you Sarah. I’m glad you have come to question things you might have simply accepted in the past. I have learned as much from my readers as I have (hopefully) taught. Learning new “truths” is inevitable. Resisting change is a common defensive response we need to learn to negotiate more carefully. Taking one step back and asking oneself, “does this make sense” can often be the difference between self harm and self gain.

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