Publication1cropped400Children will follow their parent’s guidance because the parent is a figure of authority “accepting responsibility.”

Students will follow their teacher’s guidance because the teacher is a figure of authority “accepting responsibility.”

Workers will follow their manager’s guidance because the manager is a figure of authority “accepting responsibility.”

Farmers will follow the chemical company’s guidance as well as the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance when spraying their crops with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides because these companies and agencies are figures of authority “accepting responsibility.”

Society will follow the physician’s medical treatment guidelines because the doctor is a figure of authority “accepting responsibility.”

How has the “authoritative figure” gained the right to impose his or her will on the consumer? It has been achieved by claiming a willingness to take “responsibility.” In reality, this claim is meaningless.

  • How does the physician insisting on vaccinating a preterm child that ultimately suffers permanent irreversible brain damage resulting from adverse reactions take “responsibility?”

  • How does the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration take “responsibility” for approving chemicals and drugs that are later pulled from the market only after causing extensive harm and death?

  • How do congressional leaders (attempting to pass legislation to remove GMO labeling from foods) take “responsibility” when these same foods are proven to cause gut bacteria imbalances leading to various stomach and intestinal diseases?


has become nothing more than meaningless buzz words without true accountability.

…and the worst part…

we blindly continue to follow their guidelines because we know no other way! After all, they are the authorities. Against our better judgement we continue to follow their guidance as long as they are willing to take “responsibility.”  This 2 minute video is a perfect example showing why we follow those in positions of “authority.” Watch in amazement.

Doctors taking “responsibility” has resulted in:

  • increased rates of childhood autism with unknown causes

  • increased rates of childhood allergies with unknown causes

  • increased rates of childhood autoimmune diseases with unknown causes

  • increased rates of childhood cancers with unknown causes

yet we insist on following the same course of action that has resulted in increased rates of disease, skyrocketing health care costs and reduced quality of life!

In this 1 minute video, witness how doctors in the past have encouraged us to smoke their brand of cigarettes. Doctors wouldn’t encourage unhealthy behaviors, would they?

Carcinogenic chemicals were sprayed directly onto our children to fight mosquitos in the past. Did chemical companies and regulatory protective agencies take “responsibility” authorizing this behavior? Watch this 30 second video.


…and we continue to believe following our authoritarian leadership without questioning controversial policies is the best course of action. We choose to ignore factually inaccurate guidelines provided by authorities in the past in favor of believing today’s authoritarian leaders are somehow different and ethically bound to providing policies, products and services that safeguard our best interests.

Here’s more reality showing today is no different than the past:



…yet we regurgitate phrases like, “we’re the greatest nation in the world.” Are these the statistics of a “great nation?” Does the population of a great nation do NOTHING when these realities become known? Does the population of a great nation continue to follow deception because those in positions of authority claim “responsibility?”

The SOLUTION starts with personal decisions.

  1. Will you continue to feed your family grocery store foods full of pesticides, cancer causing preservatives and substances increasing your child’s likeliness for developing type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer?

  2. Will you continue to follow medical guidelines that have resulted in extreme escalations in childhood type 2 diabetes, childhood obesity, rates of autism (1 in 10,000 in the 1980’s and approximately 1 in 45 today) and rates of childhood cancer?

  3. Will you continue to remain the “helpless victim” or take REAL RESPONSIBILITY and help your family achieve the health and lifestyle they deserve?

These are not merely words I write. I am one of those professionals espousing guidelines the consumer should consider following. The difference is, my willingness to “take responsibility” comes in the form of ACTIONS, not simply words. My recommendations follow my Hippocratic Oath including its interpretation to mean:


In 1776 our society decided “more of the same was no longer acceptable.” The beautiful thing about 2017 is it no longer requires bearing arms to change the course of history. All it requires is a parent willing to put forth the effort into learning how to guide their child down a better, healthier path in life using available resources and professionals willing to offer assistance.

Of course, you can choose to remain steadfast and continue down the  current unhealthy path that lies ahead. Just remember, you won’t be finding any doctors paying restitution out of their pockets resulting from “taking responsibility” for adverse outcomes your child experiences from their guidance and recommendations.






  1. Great Post! I think one of the biggest problems is we are hit with too much information all at once, which by the way is primarily conflicting with each other. I try my personal best to educate myself in how is the BEST way to take care of my family and myself, but I find myself confused by it all. I consider myself a fairly educated woman, but it is difficult to know the TRUTH!

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    1. Never hesitate to ask any questions you have. I provide all my information and answers to questions without requiring any compensation. I do this for two reasons:
      1. It is my way of giving back to society.
      2. It removes ANY biases and/or conflicts of interests based on financial incentives.

      My explanations usually receive responses like, “that makes sense.” I keep things simple and straight forward. I also welcome any challenges to my advice. Since I am not God, I am certainly capable of mistakes. I am, however, pretty careful and pretty thorough with credible references in most cases to add confidence for those searching for answers.

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  2. WOW. Just…wow. You always manage to educate your reader so positively and I am so very grateful!! Hugs and blessings for continually pointing us in the right direction!

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    1. My mission focuses on getting people to THINK so they can make better personal decisions. Although everyone has a bias, I try to support views using credible references rather than imposing personal opinions on the reader. I leave it up to the reader to CHOOSE how to use the information provided. Hopefully, it creates enough “pause” to help people make better personal decisions.

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  3. Gosh!! i felt guilty.. Thanks for educating us..

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    1. Glad to help out!


  4. When a person takes on a role that involves responsibility, they really do need to take their actions seriously as they’re affecting so many people who take their word as being true. Great post!

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    1. I’m not convinced people in positions of “authority” necessarily educate the public about the public’s best interest. Business marketing focuses on industry and its needs. The consumer needs to find impartial sources to develop strategies that suit their personal interests. Relying on status quo because it has survived the “test of time,” can be a dangerous road to follow.

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    1. Thank you Sarah.

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  5. “The SOLUTION starts with personal decisions: All it requires is a parent willing to put forth the effort into learning how to guide their child down a better, healthier path in life using available resources and professionals willing to offer assistance”. A few months ago, my comment on one of your poignant posts was that I was still negotiating with my boys to love veggies and fruits. Since Sunday, I appreciate that they eat them now without negotiations needed. Your posts have done a lot even if I was already on the right track. Thank you so much doc, I have the responsibility and I ain’t lousing it up to whoever…I hope my boys grow up to know they have that responsibility too and they make healthy choices

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    1. I’ll bet your “gentle” persistence with your boys will teach them important lessons they will come to live by. As they learn and mature, it becomes much easier to accept and implement. Your efforts reflect your love for them.


      1. Indeed doc indeed

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  6. I was one of the lucky ones, I had a teacher in my younger years, 5th or 6th grade that taught me not to be a sheep and follow the pack off the cliff but to the shepherd and lead the pack to safety, I not only was a rebel and stubborn at a young age, (still am), but to be told by an authoritive figure in my life that it was better to stand up for your beliefs and what “I” felt was correct than to just “go with the flow” so to speak, I have never been known to back down from my beliefs…I am not so stubborn that I won’t listen to the argument, but always make my own decision no matter the outcome…great videos. I am sorry to say I know people who will do what there MD says only because they have MD behind their name. There will always be some sheep, and others the shepherds….and then the rebels are thrown in to that group….LOL xxkat

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    1. I think people are under the assumption a follower isn’t allowed to THINK. We possess different personalities, but all of us possess similarly structured brains. Followers are still capable of using this immense source of power to evaluate concepts. They can choose to follow various principles based on belief rather than lackadaisical acceptance. We’re given one chance at life. Sacrificing one’s quality seems an unfortunate choice.


      1. I so agree, however most followers I find have the fear of failure if they don’t conform to the group. – acceptance is a powerful feeling, almost like a power trip, I have succeeded they accept me, sort of thing….some don’t see it as sacrificing ones quality I am afraid, no matter the personal outcome. life’s hard at best….thanks for the response Jonathan, Did you make it to Phoenix to check out property? kathy

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        1. Your concept is probably very accurate. Interestingly, people often choose “misery” in groups fearing the misery of being alone. This “thinking” only offers the individual how to live their life in misery! Creating “quiet alone time” allowing the brain to search for better alternatives might be a better approach. The group living in misery will ALWAYS be an option if better choices can’t be found.
          I believe for most, “quiet alone time” will reveal quality options unavailable to those choosing to live a life in misery.


          1. Funny how so many people, in regards to there health, have never thought they have the choice instead of the medical field, my parents were avid believers of what the MD told them, no matter if it was wrong or not, head in the sand kind of thinking, my sister who is 5 years older than myself, had the same ideals as my parents, Her MD wanted to start her on diabetic medication, yet her BG was under 100….I talked her into a 2nd advice from another MD, reluctantly she did it, she felt she was going behind her MDs back and was so afraid that she (MD) would find out and be angry, however, the 2nd MD said she was not a diabetic and that in his opinion he would not start her on the medication….took a lot for her to stand up to her MD, but she did and all her MD said was okay we will watch your #’s. I told my sister to get educated on her lab values and what the normal is. She is doing way better handling her own medical needs now. I am so happy to see the mind set changing, slowly but a change for the postieve in peoples life. and I continues to preach to friend that they have a say in there own health care. Resaearch, research, research…


  7. Good info as always Jonathan. All the more reason for people to take charge of their own healthcare. While not everything can be cured by diet and exercise, so much misery can be prevented by just living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or athlete either, in fact you don’t even have to be in shape. Just get moving and start making better decisions on what to eat/drink and you’re half way there. The less you need to depend on the medical system, the better off you’ll be.

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    1. You’re right, it’s not about image. It’s about becoming healthier, feeling better and enjoying quality living. This is achieved through BALANCE rather than PERFECTION. People can be healthy and still enjoy unhealthy foods and sedentary activities. All it requires is doing “more” of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. This is a reasonable compromise a large majority of people have been unwilling to accept.


  8. Wow ! …… what an eye opener !!! Makes so much sense !!!! ……and those video’s !!! Unbelievable !

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    1. Sometimes you need to “slap reality” into the faces of the reader. Those videos provide a sense of reality few people experience. Some won’t care, but many will be affected. This awakening starts the process of positive transitions in life!

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  9. I love this! Will share with my friends and family. Sometimes it takes someone like you to show them the things I’ve said for years! I don’t care how they learn or who they listen to as long as they will make positive change in their health…

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    1. “I don’t care how they learn or who they listen to as long as they will make positive change in their health…”
      Your comment expresses my deepest feelings.


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