Publication1cropped400When it comes to health, human nature seems to rely on SYMPTOMS. These tangible disruptions provide the proof we need in order to accept that something is wrong. This approach to health and disease supports ALL major industries including medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical. It does so by withholding factual truths from the consumer who continue to purchase products and services from these industries at their own peril.





Cardiac disease is the #1 killer of Americans. It is primarily caused by poor quality food and poor quality lifestyles that:

  • damage blood vessels

  • cause plaque accumulation

  • reduce oxygen flow to the heart

resulting in high blood pressure, high cholesterol,  enlargement of the heart, damaged valves and loss of function (commonly WITHOUT SYMPTOMS early on.) At this stage, prescription medications are typically introduced attempting to maintain SYMPTOM FREE living. These medications (in and of themselves) are incapable of reversing this disease which typically progresses to the point of chronic heart disease and finally DEATH. Restoring normal heart function and heart health without prescription medications is never the goal.



Type 2 Diabetes is growing at epidemic proportions. Although there are several mechanisms, lifestyle habits play a major component of this disease. The dietary portion includes fast foods, processed foods, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners. All of these contribute to the damaging effects of Type 2 Diabetes (WITHOUT  EARLY SYMPTOMS.) These SYMPTOM FREE damaging effects include:

  • blood vessel damage

  • kidney damage

  • heart damage

  • eye damage

9 out 10 pre-diabetics are unaware they’re at risk for developing full blown Diabetes. Why? Pre-Diabetes typically occurs WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. As full blown diabetes develops, medications are typically prescribed. These medications aim to lower sugar values to “normal ranges” rather than repairing the cause of dysfunction. The physician is less concerned about the quantities of insulin and other medications needed and more concerned about the lab findings. With these goals in mind, the consumer continues neglecting their body’s needs by altering quantities of medication to “stabilize” sugar levels while maintaining dietary habits that worsen their disease.

Finally, the consumer becomes symptomatically aware of the disease as he or she begins experiencing excessive thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, increased hunger, fatigue, foot pain and numbness, infections that won’t heal and blurred vision. As medications continue to be supplied to treat this disease in place of gaining patient compliance to essential lifestyle changes, the disease progresses into severe nerve pain, heart disease, kidney disease, infections (often requiring amputations) and ultimately DEATH.

The list of additional diseases including Stroke, Obesity and Cancer follow a similar pattern that are typically SYMPTOM FREE early on. These diseases (to a large extent) are the result of unhealthy lifestyles without early symptoms that are medically “treated” to minimize symptoms. Medical intervention is falsely viewed as the SOLUTION that permits the public to maintain habitual destructive patterns of behavior. This  SYMPTOMATIC approach to all diseases has resulted in the physical, emotional and financial devastation experienced by large percentages of our population.

  • As chemical industries continue to supply increasing quantities of poisons for consumer “benefit” including toluene, PCB’s, lead, arsenic mercury, tetrachlorethylene, DDT, etc…;

  • As the agricultural industry continues to use poisonous pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on farm crops for human consumption while requiring more and more farmers to grow genetically altered foods (deemed safe,) yet proven to destroy gastrointestinal function;

  • As the pharmaceutical industry continues to supply synthetic drugs in vastly increasing quantities to the medical industry for use by an uninformed population convinced by marketing and advertising efforts of their essential need for “health:”

  • And as the medical industry continues to neglect their personal and professional responsibilities educating their patients about lifestyle changes (not medications) necessary to RESTORE health to the body as a primary approach to overcoming disease and maintaining good health

the consumer will continue to base HEALTH on SYMPTOMS and continue to succumb to unnecessary diseases that create massive wealth for these industries while destroying the lives of our children and adults.

Are you symptom free and healthy or symptom free and diseased? If you don’t know, let your lifestyle provide the answer!


I’ve given your book a title; only you can write the story!


  1. Great post, as usual! There is a lot to think about in this post. I hadn’t really considered that being “symptom free” could possibly be a symptom in itself. I love how you always tie together the healthy lifestyle portions.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I like how you worded, “symptom free could possibly a symptom in itself.” This is a concept I hope more readers take away from this article.

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  2. Top notch blog my friend.

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    1. I appreciate all your support. It’s nice to see more people willing to view controversial health subjects with greater openness. The goal is simply providing information so people can make better informed decisions for themselves. The biggest problem is most people are only provided ONE perspective to “choose from.” This is good for business, but potentially very bad for consumers.


  3. I was without symptoms, but took the diagnosis of pre-diabetes quite seriously, since I am genetically predisposed, lost several relatives to the disease. I increased my exercise, lost 10 % of my body weight, eliminated most snack foods, stuck to my own home cooking. One year later, the A1C is down. It all makes sense to me. Lifestyle matters.

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    1. You are PROOF that the message isn’t simply academic words. It’s REALITY. You accepted responsibility (even though symptoms weren’t present) and applied a plan of action to address the ROOT CAUSES of your condition. Your elevated sugar wasn’t the result of “not enough Avandia, Januvia, Actos or Prandin medications, but rather a lifestyle requiring modification. You made the changes and got the results. This is what people need to begin realizing.
      I’d like to see it go one step further. I’d like to see the decision to modify one’s lifestyle based on the recognition of IMBALANCE rather than PRE (any diagnosis.) Requiring some form of “pain”/symptom is a terrible reason to first consider implementing healthier lifestyle changes. We should do it to improve our chances of living a better quality of life.

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  4. Brilliant Jonathan as always !!!

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    1. Thank you again, Lynne.

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  5. Your statements about the drugs not solving the underlying problem, but just treating the symptoms really struck a chord with me this morning.

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    1. Very glad. I am truly NOT anti-pharmaceutical. I am PRO intelligence and following a logical approach to correcting health imbalances. Turning to synthetic therapies as a first line of defense when more conservative approaches with good credible evidence can achieve the same benefit without the potentially dangerous side effects, simply makes common sense to me. Unfortunately, many use drug therapy IN PLACE OF essential lifestyle changes. Drugs cannot and NEVER will be able to create GOOD HEALTH in and of themselves.

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  6. I just love how you emphasize on the importance of taking matters into our hands health wise by living a healthy lifestyle. The rate at which we take health for granted is alarming. Also, we rely heavily on the “professionals” to solve problems that we inflict on ourselves instead of avoiding it in the first place. People like you make this world better.

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    1. Thank you for all your kind words. Hopefully, your generation is smarter than mine and takes heed before dangerous outcomes take over their lives. We can control more than we give ourselves credit for.

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  8. This is such a brilliant post, Jonathan. The accessibility of drugs to manage symptoms that could be dealt with through lifestyle change doesn’t provide much incentive to actually improve lifestyle choices. I really hope many people get to read this post.

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    1. Thank you Tracey. People (in general) are intelligent. I think the greatest missing piece of the puzzle is not information, but rather finding the motivation to begin the process of lifestyle changes.

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  9. […] via PROOF THAT “SYMPTOM FREE” DISEASE IS KILLING US — All About Healthy Choices […]

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    1. Thank you for sharing this article with your readers. I hope your readers apply the concepts to achieve healthier outcomes.


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