pointing-an-accusing-fingercroppedANSWER: THE INFORMED CONSUMER

There are certainly many factors that culminate in disease, but the INFORMED CONSUMER has CHOSEN to IGNORE many of these factors in favor of satisfying personal desires and conveniences. The CONSUMER has repeatedly been told that EXERCISE, REAL FOOD NUTRITION, ADEQUATE RESTFUL SLEEP, and PROPER HYDRATION are tangible ESSENTIALS that play an INTEGRAL ROLE in supporting human health. With this knowledge the CONSUMER (to a large extent) has ignored these facts. The CONSUMER has been repeatedly told that STRESS REDUCTION, SOCIAL INTERACTION, and QUIET DOWN TIME are intangible ESSENTIALS that play an INTEGRAL ROLE in supporting human health. With this knowledge, the CONSUMER (to a large extent) has ignored these facts.

Publication1cropped350The CONSUMER has convinced him or herself that BAD LUCK is the primary CAUSE of disease. They have convinced themselves that personal ACTIVE participation is overrated and requires effort without tangible reward. They have convinced themselves that “feeling fine” regardless of lifestyle is an adequate barometer for determining “GOOD HEALTH.” They have CHOSEN to ignore REALITY in favor of inflicting greater harm (typically SYMPTOM FREE for years) upon themselves.



  1. Convenience

  2. Disbelief

  3. Lack of caring or concern


  1. Laziness

  2. A willingness to blind oneself to self harm

  3. A desire to relinquish parental responsibility and decision making for children.


We increase our own frustration by distancing ourselves to known SOLUTIONS. We convince ourselves these solutions are too difficult, too inconvenient and too time consuming. Instead, we choose behaviors known to damage our bodies and our minds. These ATTITUDES and BEHAVIORS interfere with our ability to seek better alternatives leaving us convinced our destructive paths are easier to follow.


The CONCEPT OF CHANGE doesn’t begin to enter our minds until we experience increasing levels of physical PAIN and discomfort.


Rather than waiting for this threshold of pain, why not consider the emotional pain we’re causing our children by following patterns of behavior that have caused their diseases to SKYROCKET?


  1. How many more children must face the diagnosis of AUTISMA.D.D, A.D.H.D, OBESITY and TYPE 2 DIABETES before we realize the FACTS point largely to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS and LIFESTYLE (NOT GENETICS) and our PASSIVE WILLINGNESS to allow harm to come to our children?

  2. How many more cases of childhood allergies (ex. ASTHMA) must we face before we realize the FACTS are pointing largely to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS and LIFESTYLE (NOT GENETICS) and our PASSIVE WILLINGNESS to allow harm to come to our children?

  3. How many more cases of gastrointestinal problems (including irritable bowel, Chrohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, Celiac Disease, diverticulitis, gastritis, peptic ulcers and acid reflux {GERD}) must we face before we realize the FACTS are pointing largely to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS and LIFESTYLE (NOT GENETICS) and our willingness to allow harm to come to OURSELVES and our children?

  4. How many more cases of AUTOIMMUNE diseases (including Dementia, Thyroid, Rheumatoid, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis) must we face before we realize the FACTS are pointing largely to ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS and LIFESTYLE (NOT GENETICS) and our willingness to allow harm to come to ourselves?

Do you REALLY believe or WANT to believe the massive increase IN ALL THESE DISEASES is based on “bad luck?”


It is our PASSIVE ACCEPTANCE of agricultural practices using harmful toxic substances on their crops to produce larger quantities of UNHEALTHY PRODUCTS we willingly purchase and consume from food stores.


It is our PASSIVE ACCEPTANCE of laws designed by congress and enforced by doctors that remove parents’ rights to decide the healthiest approach to raising their own children.


It is the PASSIVE DAMAGING SEDENTARY lifestyles we “model” to our children so they can grow up and suffer the same tragic health consequences many of us do demonstrating our lack of CONVICTION and COMMITMENT to their well being.

As this REALITY becomes clearer, I wonder how the consumer will respond to the question:

What is the biggest difference between SUICIDE and the UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE the average American CHOOSES?


Suicide is generally QUICK. The AMERICAN lifestyle treated by our health care professionals prolong many of our self induced CHRONIC DISEASES resulting in gradual and PAINFUL deaths (physically and/or mentally.)

It takes personal HONESTY to OBJECTIVELY look at oneself to TRUTHFULLY determine whether one accepts personal responsibility for the abundance of CHRONIC DISEASES we face!

It takes personal COURAGE and COMMITMENT to incorporate the NECESSARY CHANGES into our lives and the lives of our family members if we’re going to overcome this destructive path we’ve CHOSEN to follow!


Those of you already living healthy lifestyles must be willing to contribute your knowledge. I am not suggesting you impose your beliefs and methods on others, but rather share practical solutions that offer HOPE to those in need. You must reach out courteously and respectfully to reverse this destructive trend we face. By sharing these ideas, people begin understanding NEW TRUTHS with new guidelines that redirect their THINKING and BEHAVIORS. They become capable of taking back CONTROL of their lives and making better CHOICES restoring quality health to their bodies and minds.

As current events take us through troubling times, we can turn away from distracting “NOISES” and FOCUS our attention on UNIFYING OUR NATION  by rediscovering a new:


the day the PUBLIC no longer accepts institutional oppression, but chooses instead to withdraw from the “human lab rat experiment” and become responsible INDIVIDUALLY for making better personal and family health decisions.





  1. Important post, Jonathan 🙂
    I see this clearly, where I live in Spain too. Many kids have obesity, they are not allowed to run out to play with other kids, as I was, when I was a kid and how it was for my kids too many years ago.
    About 30 – 40 years ago in Spain, there was many kids, who became to stolen kids. What happened to these kids, not many know about.
    Then parents started to follow their kids to school, kids begin school here at 3 years old, then they picked them up again until many years later. Which means that mostly kids, who are outdoor, are in company of often their Granny, who takes care of them, while the parents are working, after school time and before that too.
    Grannies are often old here, so they are not able to run around with the kids, as their parents could, if they had the time and/or energy for this.
    This leave many kids indoor, in front of a TV, PC etc. with not always healthy food, Granny is often more easy to trick, than the parents. Some parents don’t care about this.
    I find it very sad, that so many kids are growing up to health problems, as easily could have been avoided from early time.

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    1. You’re right. We must learn how to prioritize our time to satisfy a balance between work/financial responsibilities and family responsibilities. Today, in most regions of the world, this balance is severely lopsided.


      1. I can only agree.

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  2. As always, another extremely well written post Doctor Jonathan.. And it is so true. With all the information we have, we are an extremely informed society on how to live a healthy active lifestyle. But so often we choose to do otherwise.

    A very important reminder. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Commonly it takes hearing a message 6-9 times before people become willing to act. I don’t know if this is the result of stubbornness or the result of growing senility? 😀

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      1. I never really thought of this mentioned in this way, but this would be pretty accurate. The need to have things repeated is pretty much the way of humans before there can be change….or we could be growing senile…lol. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this article.


  4. The famous proverb…You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…Is still very apt….Why are people so complacent and blind to what is staring them in the face, on the news, in the papers…I don’t know..they seem to have dissolved all responsibility and handed it over to schools, doctors whoever takes up the reins…The big question is why?

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    1. Maybe it is the “belief” it is easier this way. Accepting responsibility requires effort. People are tired of being tired. I understand this. What they don’t realize is a little effort will change their quality of life providing more energy to enjoy a variety of aspects of life.

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      1. Exactly, everything good requires some effort It is just the complacency we need to inspire people to want to help themselves..slowly, slowly catchee monkey as the saying goes 🙂

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  5. Jonathan this is a huge subject as you know and a very disturbing one at so many levels.

    When I was growing up, we ate healthy foods, we were active and we were well, with no issues. When I had my girls, I heard of this parent saying their kid had this issue and that issue, everything seemed to have a label. When I had these discussions with my parents, they were horrified…so what changed? Lifestyle, food choices? And now, many years later the same scenario is still around and things are getting constantly worse, now just about every kid is diagnosed with something !

    We have the 600 pound morbidly obese program showing here….shocking and sad.

    One thing is for sure, the person himself or herself has to change, has to want to make the change with their lifestyle and food choices. We can make aware, we can show them the way, but in the end it is up to the person itself.

    Thanks once again Jonathan for an excellent well informed post.

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    1. Providing large varieties of addictive food choices and expecting the average consumer (especially those under high levels of stress) to refrain is highly unlikely. I truly believe the answer to this dilemma starts at the children’s level. However, we need to help parents recognize the REAL NEEDS of the children. They are naive to the damaging effects of poor quality foods and sedentary living.

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  6. Good post. Live healthy be happy.

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  7. I will be rereading this post every week….thank you for the wonderful informative post you give to all of us…xxkat

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    1. Always a pleasure. All of need to introspect every so often to rebalance our lives which have a tendency to deviate from personal acceptable boundaries.


      1. More than you know, I can’ t believe the influence some people have over my eating habits….right down pathetic…at least I like to think I have come to recognize the source and am working on a plan next time I am with them…No thank you is the first line of defense…xxkat

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        1. Your words reflect the “battle” you continue to fight, however, the tone clearly shows your willingness to see it through. That’s what it takes to succeed!


          1. Thank you, I can’t believe how tough it is…something so simple as control over our bodies, fighting against the rebel inside…..thank you



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  9. This article has really some great points and I can see how this could help people. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you, doctor. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on it.


  10. Great post! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you very much. Just want to add how much I appreciate your work as well and the importance in messages you share.

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      1. Thank you Dr. Jonathan for your kind words!

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