Publication1CROPPED400As our nation continues to grow, its expanding wealth becomes ever more dependent on a “NON THINKING” society. Our major institutions create rules (we call laws) to FOLLOW that serve the needs of these institutions rather than the needs of its people. These institutions have “sold us a bill of goods” based on altruistic motives we have come to ACCEPT and DEFEND as irrefutable TRUTHS. We have become so indoctrinated, we vehemently oppose ANY concepts or ideas that oppose these traditionally accepted beliefs. Some examples involving health include:


1. Increased control by government to mandate medicare enrollment (Part A) by age 65.

There is no way to opt out of Medicare once you are 65 if you receive Social Security. Either you enroll in Medicare Part A, or you forfeit your Social Security benefits. Most individuals are unwilling to forfeit their Social Security benefits, and thus accept the enrollment into Medicare.”

REFERENCE: (Why Am I Being Forced into Medicare at Age 65?)



2. Increased control by the CDC to detain and quarantine people at airports WITHOUT requiring local or state authority involvement. Wendy Parmet, a health policy lawyer at Northeastern University stated,

“the rules would allow the CDC to hold someone in quarantine for 72 hours before their case is subject to review. And that review would be conducted by the CDC itself instead of an outside, objective entity.”

REFERENCE FOR QUARANTINE POLICY: (Federal Register: Dept. of Health and Human Services)



3. Increased control by congress to mandate vaccination policies for children:

“State vaccination laws include vaccination requirements for children in public and private schools and daycare settings, college/university students, and healthcare workers and patients in certain facilities.”

REFERENCE: (CDC: Public Health Law Program)


naip-twitter-header-1500x500 (2)

“The National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) provides an overview of actions needed to be undertaken by federal and non federal partners to create a “need” as well as implement an adult vaccination program.”



We claim there’s little we can do. A more accurate statement would be:





We are a society that is encouraged not to THINK. Thinking provides too many options that could alter consumer behavior and jeopardize the history of INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL we have come to ACCEPT and DEFEND.  We would rather follow rules of law without basis or merit than peacefully CHALLENGE these RULES imposed upon us.

We choose to mumble and complain to satisfy our need to display discontent without having to inconvenience our lifestyles. We have jobs and other responsibilities that could be negatively impacted by our willingness to accept greater responsibility in the health care and lifestyle decisions we make for ourselves and our families. Our decision to avoid facing the HARD TRUTHS has resulted in:

1. increased rates of childhood diseases AND DEATHS UNRELATED TO VACCINE PROCEDURES: (ex. type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer.)

2. increased rates of adult diseases AND DEATHS UNRELATED TO VACCINE PROCEDURES: (ex. heart disease, cancer and the 3rd leading cause of DEATH)


(defined as death resulting from medical treatments!) Ever wonder why the consumer is unaware this is the 3rd leading cause of DEATH in the U.S.A.?

REFERENCE: (British Medical Journal 2016: Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US)

3.   increased rates of delayed veteran treatment and veteran deaths in the V.A. hospitals.

4. increased rates of chemical and pesticide utilization in farm produce containing KNOWN CARCINOGENS (cancer causing compounds.)

5. increasing rates of environmental toxicity (water, air, food, household cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, toothpastes, dryer sheets, etc…)






LIFE is truly hard! Many believe it is too difficult and inconvenient to change current lifestyles. Shame on all of us for being so selfish. Our military has been willing to place their lives on the line to defend the FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES we boldly express to the world, yet we’re unwilling to defend ourselves and our families from poor lifestyle choices and health care policy decisions IMPOSED upon us!

President John Kennedy once stated: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?” It’s time we begin asking this question of ourselves!

  • Our leaders created a medicare system GUARANTEEING its participants health insurance coverage. Our leaders have FAILED to responsibly manage this coverage and have caused its financial sustainability to remain in question.

  • Our leaders created a social security program GUARANTEEING its participants lifelong benefits. Our leaders have FAILED to responsibly manage this coverage and have caused its financial sustainability to remain in question.

  • Our leaders created the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT which GUARANTEED its participants the ability to maintain their doctors while reducing premiums for these policies. Our leaders have FAILED to responsibly manage this coverage and have caused its financial sustainability to fail as well.

  • Our leaders created a MANDATORY VACCINE PROGRAM for children based on “medical science.” Where is the “medical science” and MANDATORY PROGRAMS to reduce CHILDHOOD DISEASES (type 2 diabetes, obesity, autism and cancer) that destroy more children’s lives than all vaccine related diseases added TOGETHER?

  • Our leaders are attempting to create a MANDATORY VACCINE PROGRAM for ADULTS based on “medical science.” Where is the “medical science” and MANDATORY PROGRAMS to reduce the ADULT DISEASES (heart disease, cancer, IATROGENIC, type 2 diabetes, stroke and obesity) that destroy more adult lives than all vaccine related diseases added TOGETHER?

The consumer typically replies to all of these points by making accusations about BIG BUSINESS and the PROFITS they seek. Although BIG BUSINESS certainly plays a role, it is:


the consumer who plays the BIGGEST CULPRIT in this debacle.

It is caused by a society that has been conditioned to avoid THINKING! It is caused by a society that has chosen to FOLLOW leaders that regularly FAIL them. The consumer is then left to pay the consequences for their failed policies.

  1. If you TRULY believe chemicals and pesticides in our foods are harmful, DON’T EAT THEM! There are CHOICES, albeit, difficult ones sometimes.

  2. If you TRULY believe that vaccinations are potentially harmful to your children, DON’T PERMIT DOCTORS TO INOCULATE THEM! There are CHOICES, albeit, difficult ones sometimes.


Our nation didn’t become the world’s leader by taking the convenient path. Many sacrifices were required to achieve the LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS we’ve been granted by this wonderful country. It’s time to repay the debt by asking, “what we can do for our country.” Why not start by THINKING about the difficult HEALTH choices you and your family face and discovering the best possible SOLUTIONS that don’t compromise your VALUES and BELIEFS.



  1. Another great article Jonathan. You always give your reader so much to think about!

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    1. Caring about people comes easy to me…getting people to care about and for themselves is a little more challenging. Hopefully the information I share “sparks a light” that helps those seeking better outcomes achieve better results.

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  2. Lynda Lee/@LadyQuixote · · Reply

    I am reading a book right now about how most of us choose to believe the official 9/11 story, and ignore the physical evidence. It’s the same kind of thing, really. Do we dare to think for ourselves? Do we dare examine the evidence and make our own decisions on how we are going to live our lives?

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    1. Thinking for ourselves requires a level of self confidence. For those lacking this level, there are MANY people willing to provide quality information to learn from, which overtime, helps develop better self confidence. In reality, no one is going to care more about the individual than the individual him or herself!

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  3. On point! Dr. J….. I often well no..All the time just wonder why? Why people don’t ask? Why people don’t question? Just why? …. Conditioning that’s why!….You are absolutely correct we are not encouraged to think but follow….

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    1. …and as followers, we don’t have the right to complain about lives we accept to live (rather than choose to live!)

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      1. No, indeed we don’t 🙂


  4. Oh very well said Jonathan. A big factor in all of this I believe is the way all of these programs “condition” us to be so dependent not he government that it becomes inconceivable to want anything else. Take care of my own retirement and healthcare needs? That’s CRAZY talk!

    In reality of course it’s insane that we allow so much government control of our lives. And you’re absolutely right, the blame lies with us.

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    1. Until people are willing to open their eyes and see this REALITY, change becomes extremely difficult. This is why I (sort of gently) continue to reinforce this message.

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      1. I like your style of “sort of gently”…;)

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  5. Great post!

    While you do say we pretend these things don’t exist, I think there are a lot of people who actually don’t know they exist – they just go along and it isn’t even so much that they don’t question these things or choose to ignore them, they are blissfully ignorant and don’t even know they exist. And that’s a huge problem as well!

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    1. You make an excellent point. Hopefully the information I share exposes more unknowing people to new realities that helps them discover these undisclosed TRUTHS.

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  6. For sure they really don’t care….and haven’t for while..it really is about time that everyone starts to think for themselves and get on board for change…its certainly not working the way it is….great post….kat

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    1. Trying to “gently” (and figuratively) “kick people in their hind quarters” to see a better reality takes a lot of energy. The good news is, I like people enough to stay motivated and on point. My “foot” however, does get a little tired every now and then. I’m sure their “bottoms” get a little tired as well! 🙂

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      1. believe me, it the “You’s” in the world that help the “me’s”, please don’t stop…

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        1. Thank you, Kat!


  7. As you so eloquently and passionately put it, critical thinking is critical…I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t had fast food since I let you know (approx. 3 months ago) that you inspired me to eat healthier/take responsibility for my health and wellness. I love (and am not surprised) that you are still using your privilege and hard-won knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place. You are a continuing blessing….your friend and fan, Truly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad to see you doing so well. McDonald’s has informed me they’re removing you from their Christmas list as a result of your NEW BEHAVIOR. 😀

      I hope other readers also begin to understand that healthier living is not a life based on sacrifice, but rather a life based on improved quality and function that can ENJOY MORE aspects of life!

      Wishing you continued success on you venture.

      Thank you so much for all your kind words and your willingness to consider my approach to healthier living.


    1. Dare to be part of a generation to respectfully stand up against compromised quality values and ethics. Use the gift of a healthy brain to consider as many viable options as possible to make the best possible choices in life. Find mentors and others that can assist you on a path can lead to discovering passion and purpose in life. This world offers so much….all it takes is a willingness to work hard, overcome obstacles and pursue your dreams until they’re achieved.


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