Publication1CROPPED700How many times have you told friends or family members one of the following statements after visiting the doctor?

  • “My doctor gave me the thumbs up after my exam and told me I’m in GOOD HEALTH!”

  • “I was told for my age I’m in GOOD HEALTH!”

  • “My doctor told me my blood work was excellent and I’m in GOOD HEALTH!”

As much as we’d all like to hear these type of comments, have you ever considered their accuracy? Many of my patients confessed over the years that these type of statements were all they needed and wanted to hear. Questioning their validity could only jeopardize a TRUTH NOT WANTING TO BE KNOWN!

Publication2CROPPED400In general, no one likes bad news. Truthful news, however, provides potential options for achieving ACTUAL GOOD HEALTH. What do I mean by TRUTHFUL NEWS?

The answer starts with defining and understanding what GOOD HEALTH really is.

Good health is an ongoing state of existence where the body and mind function optimally to satisfy daily living requirements without requiring artificial interference. This is achieved through a natural LIFESTYLE providing all essential needs which result in BALANCE between stress, pleasure and function.

In your opinion, what percentage of people likely fit this definition of GOOD HEALTH?


If artificial substances (ex. pharmaceutical drugs) or devices (ex. CPAP machines) are required by physicians to FORCE THE BODY into a LESS DAMAGING STATE OF EXISTENCE, GOOD HEALTH clearly does not exist.




  1. There is NO SYNTHETIC DRUG/MEDICATION that creates GOOD HEALTH. Sometimes these medications may be needed to overcome an acute crisis or used to MAINTAIN a chronic disease/condition. However, they are NEVER a FIX to RESTORING GOOD HEALTH to the body or mind .

  2. Ongoing use of pharmaceutical drugs and devices is often the physician’s response to UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES INTERFERING with achieving and maintaining GOOD HEALTH. Every time a prescription or device is provided by a physician, it should be clear an underlying HEALTH PROBLEM exists. It is WRONG to assume blood tests validate the prescriptions effectiveness at “REPAIRING/FIXING the ROOT CAUSES of these problems.”  All they measure is whether a “TEMPORARY” change in condition has occurred. I stress the word TEMPORARY because these prescriptions have to be taken ONGOING. If they were intended to FIX the problems, there would come a point where these prescriptions were no longer needed.



Wouldn’t it be more HONEST for a doctor refilling prescription after prescription  to inform their patient their health was “STABLE” rather than “GOOD” if blood values were within normal limits?

STABLE HEALTH vs. GOOD HEALTH are very different states of health likely to result in very different qualities of life.

Are doctors afraid of being HONEST with their patients? Has this FEAR interfered with their willingness to teach their patients how to TRULY achieve GOOD HEALTH?

Maybe it’s time to have a conversation with YOURSELF before considering having a conversation with your doctor. Are you willing to REALISTICALLY alter your current lifestyle in a manner that satisfies your body’s needs in order to achieve GOOD HEALTH? If the answer is YES:

  1. Make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. Pharmaceuticals may have a place during the PROCESS, however, LIFESTYLE changes should ultimately strengthen one’s body to the point where prescription medications (in many cases) should no longer be needed.

  2. Is your doctor willing to help you design a LIFESTYLE PLAN to achieve your GOALS? If they are not capable or willing to do this, are they willing to refer you to a PROFESSIONAL (ex. certified life coach) capable of working with you?

Now that you have better awareness and understanding of “GOOD HEALTH” vs. “STABLE COMPROMISED HEALTH” what are you going to do? Are you going to FACE THE TRUTH, improve your health and enjoy a better quality of life, or stick your head back in the sand and remain satisfied with your doctor making meaningless “complimentary” statements like, “you’re in good health” while writing your prescription renewal?” Clearly, the NEED for ongoing renewal medications contradicts this REALITY ?

If you want to CHANGE your THINKING, try closing your EYES:



  1. Spot on, Dr J, when will everyone wake up and smell the coffee. In an ideal world, Fewer people would need medication..Doctors could spend more time on those who need help…Doesn’t that sound how it should and could be. But I think some Doctors need to stand up and be counted and talk to their patients and then maybe the patients would talk back 🙂 Ideal world

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    1. People need to understand the difference between two pieces in a puzzle that fit and two pieces in a puzzle you can “almost make fit.” REAL FOOD and BETTER HEALTH FIT; pharmaceuticals (as a tool) for people who cause their own health maladies causes an “almost fit.” It NEVER successfully leads to GOOD HEALTH. It simply prolongs a diseased functioning state.


  2. Yes, spot on. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Getting people to recognize and change long term patterns is a difficult undertaking. Using a “common sense approach” often awakens the mind.

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      1. I’ve had gorgeous, super fit female and male friends get colon cancer, some of them passed. Just because someone is slim and muscular does not mean they are healthy. In fact, many athletes do a lot of damage to their bodies and have been counseled to eat a lot of sugar. I’m so grateful more doctors like you are emerging!

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        1. MODERATION and BALANCE are two important concepts that produce better LONG TERM results. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but reducing the chances for disease AND improving the quality of life make healthier LIFESTYLES a worthwhile trade off. This includes reasonable exercise as only one part of the equation. Nutrition, stress reduction, social interaction, hydration, SLEEP also play essential components toward achieving better health.


  3. Doctors give out the minimal amount of information if they think the patient cannot cope with bad news. They also can make mis-diagnoses…ten years ago I was told I had a multi-nodular goitre when it was really thyroid cancer!

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    1. Doctors are human and therefore make mistakes. I am sorry you were on the receiving end of a mistake. Fortunately your misdiagnosis was discovered and addressed based on you commenting on this post (at least) 10 years later.
      Hopefully, doctors begin to recognize that ATTITUDES must change to advance new and better ideas as they become available. FOOD is a basic essential need that rarely is addressed during an office visit. This is a great starting place for those doctors who truly care about their patient’s well being.

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      1. I was told it was best to leave the goitre alone and do nothing. It was only my insistence that the lump be removed that cancer was discovered.
        Yes, we are what we eat. Patients might benefit from dietary advice if they choose to take it!

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        1. Amen to that! I believe people will follow healthier paths in life once they begin to truly VALUE their own lives rather than abusing themselves and taking their lives for granted.

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  4. Very though provoking Dr J!

    I think that the defining reality check is: that there is the business of the “sickness industry” as well as, in opposition, there is the business of the “wellness industry.”

    Doctors make money when they are needed once a person is sick or injured. The wellness industry makes money when they are needed to keep us out of the sickness industry.

    Supplements, exercise including gyms, organic foods etc are all part of the wellness industry.

    BUT!! What I love is the approach that costs nothing more than loss of pride and an effort to self-talk positively, and forgive readily and progressively! Every bad reaction that results in stress and/or anguish can be given a different perspective which enables us to be over-comers. Life on Earth isn’t fair. Even the most health conscious, happy, positive minded person can end up with some or other virus that causes major health breakdowns. What then?!

    Well how about: “I am more than my broken body!” I am a personality. I have abilities. I am valuable. etc

    Ok. Here’s a cherry on top: Even after my body ages and dies ( and it will!), I believe life goes on…

    Now that a new realm!

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    1. I like your approach. It certainly makes good sense to incorporate these concepts into a LIFETIME plan of action. It all starts with creating a MINDSET willing to accept LONG TERM CHANGES while recognizing these changes ADD value to life. Too many people start the PROCESS believing these changes cause greater feelings of deprivation than reward.


  5. I agree – absolutely spot on, Jonathan. I personally would not be at all happy if my blood results were only stable because I was taking a round of pills regardless of what my doctor was telling me. The truth isn’t always pretty but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth. A healthy lifestyle is the only way to go!

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    1. As more people begin to see the REAL BENEFITS found in becoming truly HEALTHY, these lifestyle changes provide REAL incentive to maintain greater compliance while reducing the NEED for synthetic drugs.

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  6. Could it be that most modern day doctors consider stable health to be good health? They usually seem to find SOMETHING to prescribe medication for, even in genuinely healthy people. Thanks for sharing! Light and Love, Shona

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    1. If you’re correct, how sad would that view on good health be? The answer, however, comes from TWO directions. Doctors must learn to be more open minded to concepts and ideas foreign to them. Patients must learn to VOICE their concerns if they believe pharmaceuticals (in and of themselves) do not offer a valid SOLUTION to overall GOOD HEALTH. A greater TEAM EFFORT is needed to achieve better results.

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  7. I just have two main questions for you on the show tomorrow.

    I focus on what I call the “Four Points to Success” (Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Recovery). It’s easy for people to become fixated on a trend such as paleo or a ketogenic diet or to fall in love with a particular type of exercise like Crossfit or running. What are the “global changes” people can make in any of these four areas I mentioned. What is the “big picture” when it comes to safe, sustainable changes?

    What are some of the resources you recommend? Where can people go to find credible sources of information in an era of “paralysis by analysis”?

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to having you as a guest again and my audience is eager to hear what you have to say!

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    1. Thank you for asking me to participate in your podcast. For anyone interested in hearing our discussion, the website address is:
      https://soundcloud.com/user 601722874/the-holistic-approach-with-dr

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      1. I’m getting lots of positive feedback from my listeners!

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        1. Glad to hear it Jason. I believe more and more people are becoming responsive to the REALISTIC messages we share on health improvement resulting in improved LONG TERM weight management.


  8. teresuschem · · Reply

    I agree, I am Italian and I live in England and the perception of being fat and slim is very different in the two countries. I was clearly overweight and my doctor in England said that I was in good shape and state of health. In Italy, they would definetely say: “listen you are fat, eat less and get a move on!”

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    1. Each person responds differently to different approaches of awareness. Some need the DIRECT approach; some need a little “diplomacy.” The bottom line is, the FOCUS is all wrong. The focus should be on LIVING a BALANCED LIFESTYLE. Successfully attaining this goal entails achieving a HEALTHY WEIGHT. It is simply part of the equation to GOOD HEALTH.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

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  9. Humans generally like to evade the truth

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    1. I’m not sure they necessarily “like to evade the truth;” it might be they FEAR what’s behind the TRUTH.

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  10. Another great post – the idea of good health vs. stable health is such a simple concept. It is easy to see the difference when you read this post.

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    1. That is all I seek with my articles. I want people to think about their actions and consider whether their personal beliefs are based on assumptions or truths. Conventional ideas in health often fail the “common sense” test. The consumer, however, is never shown alternative ideas and concepts that offer better potential outcomes. My goal is to get people to THINK whether they truly VALUE their lives and whether their ACTIONS accurately reflect the goals they seek.

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  11. “The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around. Throughout history, ‘tender loving care’ has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.” – Larry Dossey

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    1. I appreciate your effort in finding the many quotes you provide. I wonder, however, what your PERSONAL thoughts are and how you pursue a HEALTHY LIFE?


  12. “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

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  13. “Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” – Plato

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  14. “To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen

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  15. The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Siddartha Guatama Buddha

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  16. Great post. Personally I like the truth no matter what. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the reality is then something can be done about it in a positive manner.

    Someone we know went for a medical, he was told he was in excellent health for his age (56) The doctor was so impressed with his ECG report. Now, this is a man, that drinks like a fish (alcohol), does minimal exercise, and I mean really minimal, eats okay, although is slightly overweight, has arthritis and takes meds for that, ….Ummmm maybe he is a miracle man.

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    1. The gentleman you know is the classic case I write about. The doctor is basing his or her comment on a report as opposed to an overall examination that should include lifestyle behaviors. The LIVER can lose between 60-80% function before lab panels reveal a problem. People simply do not realize this. A light bulb shining today and burned out tomorrow was not a healthy light bulb the day before it stopped working. It was a severely impaired light bulb that produced no symptoms of just how impaired it truly was! Disease (in most cases) is NOT an overnight experience. It is a process that progresses due to a lack of awareness/symptoms.

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  17. Absolutely !!!

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  20. To b Frank doc…..when we say he is doing good means what we exactly mean is he is not going to die….that’s what we mean…..nothing more nothing less….
    He is critical is what we mean his survival in next 24 hours is dicy…

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    1. I understand your meaning, unfortunately, the patient (typically) only HEARS, “your doing well” and assumes NO CHANGES are necessary because the doctor said, “all is good!” Regardless of what a lab panel reveals, a patient that smokes, maintains a regular unhealthy diet, is sedentary, suffers high levels of stress, etc… is NOT HEALTHY. Good health requires BALANCE and the typical lifestyle in the U.S. is far from balanced. As physicians, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to inform our patients of these TRUTHS. It is their decision to “stay the course” or change.
      We are creatures that learn through repetition. If people are told repetitively during office visits their lifestyle is unhealthy and significantly increases their chances for suffering debilitating diseases they are more inclined to modify their behavioral patterns then if they’re told, “the lab panel shows your doing GREAT!”

      If nothing else, we must accept the current approach to health and disease is failing. The statistics reveal increased estimates for disease and death resulting from these diseases in the future rather than reductions. Since this is true, following the same path is not only foolish, it is cruel. The only winners in this scenario are the health care professionals and the insurance companies. Hopefully, the consumer one day wakes up to this REALITY.


  21. .
    individual we be intimate went for a aesculapian, he was told he was in first-class health for his long time (56) The Doctor of the Church was so impressed(p) with his ECG news report.

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