Whether you’re a physician or a consumer/patient, it is important to be OBJECTIVE when determining whether an advertisement like the one above is designed to educate and protect us or create FEAR in order to gain PATIENT COMPLIANCE while improving the health care system’s revenue flow.

Let’s OBJECTIVELY use government sources to cite the scientific findings to determine whether adds like these fairly and impartially educate us or act to elicit an emotional “CALL TO ACTION” response to instigate FEAR and compliance for procedures not necessarily in our best interest.




In the United States, the mortality rate per million births in the first year of life declined by about 70% over the first half of the 20th century (3530 in 1900–1919 vs 1040 in 1934–1949).

The mortality rate among children aged 1–4 years in the United States declined more steeply (84%) than in infants (797 in 1900–1919 vs 128 in 1934–1939) [25], remaining around one-tenth of that in infants.

(REFERENCE: Global Childhood Deaths From Pertussis: A Historical Review)

Instead of readily sharing this information with the public, our government chooses to provide documents like the following:

Publication2cropped700A 92% reduction by 2007 looks amazing UNTIL we recall that there was a 70% reduction in 0-12 month old infants between 1900 and 1949 and an 84% reduction in 1-4 year old children PRIOR TO ANY AVAILABLE VACCINE! Can you see how statistics can be used to create a misleading outcome? They make it appear the vaccine produced a 92% improvement WHEN IT DIDN’T!

Since the pharmaceutical advertisement never mentioned any potential ADVERSE REACTIONS to this vaccine, should we assume it’s safe or should we ask:



According to the National Vaccine Information Center:

1. “Vaccines are pharmaceutical products and, like all pharmaceutical products, carry a risk of injury or death that can be greater for some than others.”

2. “The pertussis toxin is also thought to be the main component responsible for causing brain inflammation after injection of pertussis-containing vaccines.”

3. “Because pertussis toxin can cross the blood brain barrier when conditions are right, brain inflammation (encephalitis) that causes permanent brain damage has always been the most dreaded serious complication of the pertussis vaccination.”

4. “In 1994, the IOM (Institute Of Medicine) published the report DPT Vaccine and Chronic Nervous System Dysfunction after reviewing the 10-year follow up to the British NCES (National Childhood Encephalopathy Study) study and concluded that “NCES data are consistent with the possibility that some children without underlying brain or metabolic abnormalities might experience serious acute neurologic illness within 7 days after receiving the DPT vaccine and that acute illness could have chronic nervous system sequelae (complications.“)

5. “As of August 2012,  about half of the 2,982 awards for vaccine injury and death totaling nearly $2.5 billion dollars made under the U.S. 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act involve pertussis containing vaccines.

(REFERENCE: National Vaccine Information Center Pertussis (Whooping Cough) & Pertussis Vaccine)

The references I provided are intended to show that RISKS exist whether one follows or abstains from pharmaceutical health care policies. It is WRONG for ANY doctor to make the claim that “ALL VACCINES ARE SAFE because:

“Vaccines are pharmaceutical products and, like all pharmaceutical products, carry a risk of injury or death that can be greater for some than others. The risk for injury or death from vaccination depends upon the vaccine or vaccines given; the individual’s health at time of vaccination; vaccine reaction history; personal or family medical history and whether the child or adult are exposed to other environmental toxins or factors that may affect immune responses to vaccination.”

(REFERENCE: National Vaccine Information Center Pertussis (Whooping Cough) & Pertussis Vaccine)

If you choose to vaccinate or choose to abstain, don’t base your decision on:


Base your decision on quality sources that provide ALL SIDES OF THE EVIDENCE. Most families that have been awarded financial compensation for vaccine injuries believed their family physicians knew what was in their best interest. LEARN from their mistakes by seeking MULTIPLE QUALITY OPINIONS from various types of doctors offering OBJECTIVE UNBIASED INFORMATION they are willing to provide you. Understanding the DETAILS of the RISKS and BENEFITS empowers the consumer with knowledge to reach an intelligent INFORMED DECISION rather than leaving it in the hands of ANY one doctor.

Now that you’re “armed” with this new knowledge, go back to the advertisement and see if GSK (GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals) is looking to EDUCATE you or cause a FEAR BASED REACTION?





  1. -once again a great read

    While I realize your blog is hitting a much broader issue it reminded me of the egg. How for a short period of time the egg was a villain…like you would die from eating more than a egg a week! Then it was in the back pages and leaked slowly “oops sorry we were wrong eggs are just fine”.


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    1. So, so true. Today the “high fat” diet (ketogenic or paleo) are the buzz words gaining attention. I will bet these diets will also face “reality modifications” as we learn more about blood profile lipids (fats) and the beneficial and harmful effects high fat foods play on them. I will also bet the words REASONABLE BALANCE will always show the best overall outcomes.

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  2. I get so frustrated about the vaccination issue. Here it is the law that children are vaccinated for chickenpox to enter the 7th grade. My child was vaccinated once, but now they say it has to be a series of 2, so he has to do it again. I don’t want him to have it but I can’t homeschool him. They get you lock, stock and barrel any way they can… And it absolutely is fear mongering. Big corps for big pharma, with some politics thrown in for good measure.

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    1. Paula, your situation (a situation many parents face) has no easy answer. It comes down to two different approaches.
      1. Deciding how much of a personal sacrifice one is willing to make over the concerns for the potential harm a vaccine (and its ingredients) may cause.
      2. Deciding how much time and sacrifice a person is willing to make to ORGANIZE parents to oppose school policies and politically get involved in changing state policy issues.

      It is a mammoth undertaking. I certainly understand the many conflicting circumstances that prevent parents from making these huge sacrifices.

      If we don’t begin the process, however, the government and the medical industry will impose greater regulations at the greater population’s expense. Just think about the forced ADULT vaccination program they’re working on. How would people react to:
      1. not being able to renew a driver’s license without proof of ADULT mandatory vaccinations.
      2. Being “let go” from work for not complying with ADULT vaccinations.
      3. Not qualifying for health insurance without complying with ADULT vaccinations.

      These are just a few examples. If we don’t make the sacrifices today, it will be even harder to make them tomorrow.

      Each parent must make this decision for their own family. One of the most important questions to ask is, “am I going to accept the mandates government imposes, or am I going to make a decision based on what I believe is in my family’s best interest?!

      Certainly, not an easy choice, but one each parent must face and LIVE WITH!


      1. Frustrating. I’m not so sure we’re land of the free anymore.

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  3. From governments and pharmaceuticals, it is always fear mongering. My children have always had their vaccinations and have been fine. The exception to this and it was 40 years ago eldest daughter had temperature fits when she was teething based on that my family doctor advised me against giving her the measles vaccination. I took his advice he was brilliant family GP.
    Fast forward to 2 days AGO….I am still fuming….My grandson came home from school and at the dinner table announced look at the lump on my arm where I had this injection at school today! WHAT! Yes this actually happened…Where we asked?, informed? NO! My 12 year old grandson said it was for some virus to do with chickens……Apparently here the schools can do that….A big learning curve for us as we were not aware of this random we are giving you an injection now policy. I am still fuming but the school is closed today as it is the New Kings Birthday. Guess who will be up the school monday as I want to know exactly what this vaccination was…Too late I know but I want to know…I am still flabbergasted by this.

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    1. Our generation may want to look at vaccinations a little differently. Just because we don’t see subjective evidence of damage, doesn’t mean the vaccine wasn’t harmful. If the ingredients are toxic to the body, various injuries can occur that may not EXPRESS THEMSELVES for YEARS (similar to cancer.) The RISK/REWARD scenario must look at the REAL CHANCES of serious life altering consequences. A vaccine that simply reduces the chances of succumbing to a disease that the immune system is capable of handling (providing TRUE lifelong immunity) can ultimately be a riskier than beneficial choice.

      If, instead, we focused our attention on providing ESSENTIAL needs for body to maintain quality function, our need for artificial drugs would significantly reduce (vaccines as well as other synthetic pharmaceuticals.)

      We need to change the MINDSET that VACCINATIONS and other drugs provide levels of protection that permit us to choose destructive lifestyle behaviors without repercussions.

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  4. Great post by the way it just triggered my I am fuming mode even more as to recent events 🙂

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    1. Completely understandable.

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  5. This post brings back memories,, my mother was so protective of my daughter when she was born, no one was allowed in, she cleared the area in front of the large window in the living room and used it to let all my friends come view her, no one was allowed in to touch her or breath on her….back then being as naïve as the crowd outside, I would of never thought a tiny germ could make my little on so sick and possible die…but my mum knew….I kept my son protected only as a momma bear would when he came into this world….great post…..kat

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    1. When people tell me how overly careful they are preventing themselves from being exposed to “germs” I suggest they might be making a big mistake. This often elicits a “huh?” reaction.
      People understand the expression, “if you don’t use it, you lose it!” The immune system is no different. Exposure to germs (in and of itself does NOT cause illness!) People that exercise at gyms and expose themselves to other people’s sweat are NOT chronically sick! Exposure to germs WHEN AN IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED allows people to succumb to diseases. LIFESTYLE rather than simple exposure to “germs” is the greatest cause of disease!


      1. How true….and I agree with you full heartedly…

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