Publication1cropped600The headline in the U.K.’s Daily MAIL online news journal read:

High-fat diets are to blame for 80% of colorectal cancers in U.S.


Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic discovered a specific pathway linking high fat diets to COLON CANCER. Based on this conclusion, I decided to investigate the parameters of the study since the researchers included that “HEALTHY” high fat diets (ex. Ketogenic) placed individuals in the same risk category.

Publication2cropped350The study was designed using rats divided into two groups. One group received a normal “rat diet;” the second group received:

“a high-fat/HIGH SUCROSE diet (D12331) for 18 weeks.”

REFERENCE: STEM CELL REPORTS: RBP4-STRA6 Pathway Drives Cancer Stem Cell Maintenance and Mediates High-Fat Diet-Induced Colon Carcinogenesis

The study never stated whether the HIGH FATDIET consisted of:

  1. saturated fat containing trans fats (considered the most unhealthy {in general.})

  2. mono unsaturated fat (considered the healthiest and most protective)

  3. polyunsaturated fat (also considered healthy by many, however, remains controversial based on its processing.)

The study also combined HIGH SUCROSE (table sugar) with high fat!


It is well known the COMBINATION of UNHEALTHY fats with UNHEALTHY sugar causes the greatest damage to the body. What is unclear is how the authors concluded that diets such as the Ketogenic Diet (high in “HEALTHIER FATS” and extremely LOW in sugar as well as ALL CARBOHYDRATES) created the SAME risk profile as the Standard American Diet (high in saturated fat AND sugar.) There were NO GROUP OF RATS fed a “healthy fat” diet LOW IN SUGAR is this study!

Publication4CROPPED300The moral of the story is this. We cannot simply accept research findings from quality researchers and quality institutions without reviewing the METHODOLOGY as well as the FINDINGS. Relying on “experts” and ASSUMING their published papers are irrefutable is a misconception.

I am NOT as intelligent as many of the scientists involved in studies like this. I do, however, possess COMMON SENSE; a quality seeking answers to “simple” questions. In this case, how could the authors have concluded “HEALTHIER” high fat diets nearly absent of sugar and all carbohydrates produced the same pathway for colon cancer when NONE OF THE MICE were fed this type of diet?

Publication5CROPPEDWe are a society that “believes” in headline news whether accurate or not. I am NOT suggesting living a life of skepticism, but rather remaining OPEN MINDED to make oneself available to NEW TRUTHS. Each of us possess the SKILL to LISTEN and LEARN. This creates real POWER within the individual to CREATE a CHOSEN path in life rather than FOLLOWING any “pre-existing” path. Although FOLLOWING may seem easier because it requires less effort and less thinking, one sacrifices personal direction and CHOICE to be part of this larger group.

In conclusion, I want everyone to realize I do NOT advocate a high fat diet (even one considered “healthier”) for the general population. I believe (in general) a nutrition plan BALANCED with QUALITY proteins, carbohydrates and fats is a more REALISTIC approach for the average person. It is easier (LONG TERM) to achieve a healthier blood lab panel consuming all these macronutrients (from REAL FOOD) in nearly equal distributions than dramatically restricting one’s diet. FAD DIETS (even “healthier” ones) are rarely maintained over one’s duration of life.



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    1. Thank you for sharing (as always.) So, so, so, appreciated! 🙂

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  2. I think way too much federal money is spent on studies covering the same thing over and over again. Pretty soon another study will start (if it hasn’t already) in an effort to debunk this study… kind of a vicious cycle really. I appreciate your overall message of balance being key.

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    1. Unrealistic solutions aren’t really solutions. This is one reason I believe BALANCE is so important. In most cases, people can satisfy wants AND SATISFY NEEDS without causing anger or frustration. Helping people become healthier and more FUNCTIONAL improves their quality of life. This acts to MOTIVATE healthier choices rather than causing people to obsess over perceived wants which perpetuate more harm than true feelings of real satisfaction.

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  3. This is so true. I think we rely on “the experts” too much.

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    1. The good news is, each of us can take this matter into our own HANDS if we choose to. When it comes to our health and our lives, no one cares more about the individual outcomes than the INDIVIDUAL HIM or HERSELF!

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  4. We were given 2 ears…one for listening; one for discarding inaccurate information. It doesn’t matter whether the information comes from a credentialed source or simply an “everyday” person, if the information is inaccurate, it’s INACCURATE! LISTENING is an important key to gaining knowledge. TRUTHS change all the time. We must be aware and follow our hearts and minds to discover the best “reality.”

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  5. Great article. I’m doing all I can to steer people away from the “fat free-for-all” mentality towards long term sustainable habits. Nutrient-density is a huge consideration. This is what prompted me to create what I call “clean keto”. People need to recognize that following a lower carb, higher fat diet isn’t a license to gorge on unhealthy foods.

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    1. Well said, Jason. If a high fat diet is followed INCORRECTLY, it can cause extensive harm. People need to decide BEFORE they begin ANY program whether it is sustainable for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. If the answer is no, it should not even be attempted (even if the result might cause temporary weight changes.)

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      1. I mentioned your site on my show today. Check it out!

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        1. Thank you for the mention. Great show!

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          1. I appreciate that. Thanks for listening. I’m looking forward to having you as a guest again. I specifically want to go into the varying levels in nutrient quality that can still be considered “paleo” “ketogenic” or any other buzzword and yet be completely unhealthy and unsustainable.

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  6. Common sense should always win out….in most aspects of our lives…for me I have the common sense…hell I can preach a good word or two about healthy living…it all about fighting that rebel for me….I swear I will never understand the whys and how comes of it….great post…its always nice to get back to common sense and right from wrong in life…xxkat

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    1. Keeping the “nasty” hormones in place is challenging. One suggestion that helps is this…
      I have always expressed the importance of including comfort foods to prevent feelings of deprivation. Add one RULE to this and watch an amazing transformation from “fighting the demons” to minimizing the need to satisfy these demons. The RULE is this:
      You have to plan ahead (choose any specific day you like) to eat less healthy choices. The day can change from week to week, BUT, you must plan AHEAD. You CAN’T do it when “in the mood.” This gives you the opportunity to enjoy less healthy choices (without the guilt) without stimulating hormonal addictive reactions. It becomes a “rational” decision rather than an “emotional” one. It also reduces the desire for these less healthy choices over time.

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      1. I Will give this a try….might was well as say today is the rebel day…..LOL thanks for the input…I always appreciate your input…xxkat

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  7. great post Doc, we need to use our common sense and do our own check … when I studied research at uni one HAD to have a ‘control’ group, and this study failed in that prime requirement = NOT ligit

    When advised by the specialist that I must take this med for my breast cancer they claimed it was well tested, widely used and blah blah … had so much exhaustion, aching joints, weight gain, etc etc which I put down to the cancer that had been surgically extracted … then when I could stand it no more I ‘checked’ this med and the research was a one off by the manufacturer which claimed weight loss, etc.

    I finally found an online group of women where we could share our chronic side effects then confronted my Oncologist … she immediately agreed I could stop the med and noted all my chronic side effects … did this get passed on, doubt it .. too many making a fortune off it

    … we consumers need to get more real and closely question these ‘experts’

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    1. I write these posts for comments like yours. You are the clinical proof and offer “real life” experiences that reinforce the concepts behind my articles. As people read YOUR words, it will truly make a difference and help people find the courage to do their own investigating.

      Thank you as always for being such a critical asset in spreading these important ideas.

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      1. always grateful if I can add to your argument Doc, appreciate your persistent effort to educate us 🙂

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  8. Amazing how many people take whatever the see as true, without actually looking at it.

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    1. Many people feel they already have enough on their plate… in truth, this attitude causes great harm without any real awareness.

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  9. So many people just look at study results and don’t consider who funded the research, which can sometimes sway the wording of results.. good reminders here, Dr Jonathan!

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    1. Most people assume if an “expert” is part of a study, their findings will be legitimate. This is why I share as many TRUTHS with the public backed up be critical research (I typically provide as a reference for the reader) so they can decide for themselves whether the arguments are sound or not.



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    1. Appreciate your support as always.



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    1. Thank you for sharing this message.


  12. The simple well balanced way of eating has proved time and time again that it works – coupled with some exercise and one is definitely steering in the right direction. I gave up long time ago reading articles like this in newspapers as ‘everyone’ is the expert, and ‘everyone’ knows everything. Just common sense is needed, and then it is up to the individual.

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    1. Commercialism and entrepreneurship creates these new “plans of success.” People chase new ideas believing (this time) they have discovered the solution. The REAL SOLUTION is within each of us. Tapping in to this resource and using it to change ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR is the key to achieving better health and happiness.

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