Publication1cropped350How many of us believe our voices and our written words encouraging healthier lifestyles go unheard and continue to be no more than an exercise in futility? People recognize the good intentions behind the efforts, but the response by the general population remains greatly unchanged. Do they believe the message lacks merit? Do they believe the effort required toΒ  participate is not worth it? Do they believe government and big business is so powerful, any attempt to self direct one’s path in life is fruitless?

At some point in life we have all been asked, “when you grow up, what would you like to do?” We formulated opinions based on events and/or experiences that attracted us to different professions and/or lifestyles. The question, however, no one asked us to answer was:

how are you going to achieve it?”




Many claim circumstances. Although there is certainly validity in some cases, a majority prefer to use this as a crutch to hide from the real story. A more truthful answer lies deep within a person’s character and fortitude to pursue life regardless of how much resistance is faced.

Publication3CROPPED250Each person has the ability to make changes to his or her own life. Each person can look into a mirror and ask, “am I pursuing a course likely to achieve MY desired results?” If the answer is YES, the path is worth following. If the answer is NO, why remain steadfast on this unlikely path to success? The answer is simple; it is based on a false belief that short term “easy” achieves “good enough” results WITHOUT all the effort that LONG TERM results requires!

Is (short term) “easy” worth sacrificing (long term) success/satisfaction? This has become an “acceptable” trade off which previous generations chose not to accept. In REALITY, short term “easy” is not so easy when we step back and view it from an objective perspective.

Short term “EASY” means:

  • not making waves

  • not thinking independently (relying on what we’ve been told and falsely accepting it as undeniable TRUTH

  • seeking immediate gratification regardless of cost

  • following the masses even if we know the direction is WRONG

  • denying problems exist

  • procrastinating the difficult things in life


What is sacrificed for short termEASY?”

  • SELF VALUE– The willingness to REGULARLY participate in activities and/or events that cause greater self harm in the long term

  • HEALTH The willingness to REGULARLY satisfy “wants” over “needs” (emotional and physical) resulting in greater drug dependency and loss of both, INDEPENDENCE and quality living

  • SELF RELEVANCY The willingness to REGULARLY follow society’s mandates regardless of whether or not they make sense or possibly even hurt you

  • FAMILY The willingness to REGULARLY subject family members to lifestyle practices and behaviors that damage them emotionally and physically

  • CAREERS The willingness to REGULARLY work jobs that create boredom, anxiety, stress and other negative emotions rather than fulfilling required tasks necessary to pursue career/jobs in DESIRED fields.

quicksand-head II300

As we slowly age, short term “easy” begins to feel like we’re standing in quicksand. We’ve followed this damaging lifestyle for so many years, it feels like it’s impossible to escape. Even with assistance, we lack the motivation to pull ourselves out from this growing reality of impending DOOM.


When did we decide we’ll just “exist” in life and let life lead us around on a leash? When did we decide, “if it’s cheap”, it makes good sense to consume it? When did we decide if a third party will pay for it, we’ll inject it or swallow it? When did we decide if it is keeps our children or our spouses QUIET, we’ll concede to whatever it is? When did we decide if it doesn’t require any effort or thought we’ll “participate.”

Publication5cropped400Where has this path lead us?

  • to more complaining and dissatisfaction with life

  • to growing rates of diseases

  • to greater loss of physical and mental function

  • to greater family dysfunction

  • to increased drug dependency (BOTH prescription and recreational)

  • to abandonment of personal responsibility

  • to such a state of MENTAL PARALYSIS, that solutions are no longer pursued


Publication1 CROPPED 600

THE “HARD” WAY… (and likely) THE BETTER WAY!


  1. Amen!! Thanks for writing! I always leave feeling inspired to work harder!

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    1. I appreciate the kindness in your comment. I hope more people give these ideas some thought to see how simple REALISTIC changes can dramatically influence their health and quality of life.


  2. I agree with Ashley. Your posts are just so inspiring, Jonathan. Great motivation to make positive changes in our lives.

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    1. Thank you for being so gracious. Sharing ideas is the easy part. Convincing people to apply these concepts to their lives can be challenging. Fortunately my personality mirrors the MULE. I am willing to be as STUBBORN as necessary to convince people (wanting to improve their lives) that good REALISTIC choices exist. I enjoy helping people achieve these goals and reading the joy and happiness in the messages they share with me.

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  3. preaching to the converted here … great post Doc πŸ™‚
    main excuse I’ve heard is “I’m too busy” … seems irrelevant when they spend so much time in doctors surgery, hospital, fetching meds, etc .. maybe we could put some exercise equipment in those first two places πŸ™‚

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    1. My patients new better than to “feed” me excuses. They knew I would call them out on it. I really enjoyed the clinical work. So many of them truly worked hard at improving their health and their lives. I miss watching my patients develop increased confidence in their own abilities to CONTROL the quality of their own lives. I enjoyed offering advice and being CUT OFF in the middle of a sentence as my patient would say “I have it under control, but thank you.”
      …and in most cases, they were RIGHT!

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      1. how neat you must miss that interaction πŸ™‚
        Met a chap having tests today, last year was really bad for him with loads of health complications and when he tried to discuss that it was his problem, that he had caused this and needed to change his diet, habits, etc the doctor wouldn’t engage on it .. WTF?

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        1. Although an initial response to the physician could justifiably be anger, in most cases these physicians just aren’t equipped with any real level of education to intelligently discuss this option. A good doctor, however, would share this truth and seek out a reliable source to refer this person to. An insecure/ emotionally challenged doctor would respond exactly like this doctor did.

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          1. yes just too sad not to utilise that moment of insight as an opportunity to help the guy 😦

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  4. 100% Agreed !!!

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    1. I wish my teachers in school would have agreed with my answers 100% πŸ˜€

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      1. Me too ! I would have loved a few 100%’s !!!!!!!!

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  5. Bullet points were excellent…keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you, Frank.

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  6. Love the post…always seems you know just how to motivate us….thanks….xx

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    1. Thank you Ms. Kat. πŸ™‚

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  7. Very well said always learn from your posts do check out my two new blog posts about my trip to the Barbados would love to know what you think.

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    1. Glad to know you find them informative. Hopefully you find elements in them that may help improve the quality of your life as well.

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