Publication4CROPPED400I have been asked by many readers to share my TYPICAL DAY of eating with a TYPICAL MEAL the consumer eats out to better contrast the vast differences. Below is an example of my breakfast, lunch, dinner, workout snack (water and protein shake) and after dinner snacks. Although my pictures don’t make these foods aesthetically pleasing, the taste is my greater concern. More importantly, I wanted to show you the variety of foods eaten over 3 meals, 1 workout snack and 2 after dinner snacks. When this is compared to 1 MEAL EATEN OUT, you will better understand how calorie consumption and macro nutrient percentages (protein, carbohydrates, fats) result in the REALITY of diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease we face today!



(SIDE NOTE: I mix espresso coffee in the yogurt giving it the BROWN appearance.)



36% PROTEIN, 37% CARBOHYDRATES, 27% FAT (16 grams of the fat are saturated fat!)


When you compare my ENTIRE DAY OF FOODS with just 1 MEAL of chicken parmesan with spaghetti and 1 slice of pepperoni pizza, you will notice the one Italian meal exceeds MY ENTIRE DAY’S WORTH OF CALORIES! Now look below the pictures at the breakdown of macros:


20% PROTEIN, 31% CARBOHYDRATES, 49% FAT (23 grams of the fat are saturated fat!)

My ENTIRE DAY of saturated fat consumption equals 16 grams. 1 MEAL EATEN OUT contains 23 grams of saturated fat ALONE. (This is a 43.7% difference.)


Does this mean you must give up all that delicious unhealthy food? Of course not! If you make 80-90% of your food selections REAL FOOD with quality nutrients your body needs to maintain quality health, you have 10-20% room to satisfy your comfort delights without feeling any guilt or deprivation!



  1. I love this Jonathan and your pictures make those healthy meals so appetizing! Ironically I’m currently waiting on a friend to have lunch out at a restaurant. It’s Japanese though so I should be able to keep things healthy if I avoid the fried stuff!

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    1. I’m a believer in 80-90% clean to make room for indulgences. If the Japanese meal is meant for indulgence, I suggest “have at it.” If not, steamed brown rice, vegetables and some chicken breast makes a nice alternative option.

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  2. I love the pics. Since we have started eating more at home then eating out we have found a lot more enjoyable things to eat. Not only are we eating better but my son discovered he likes to cook as well. It’s been a great learning experience for us all.

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    1. Eating home can be:
      1. an enjoyable experience
      2. cost effective
      3. healthier, (preventing various chances for various diseases.”

      When you think of it in common sense terms, it just makes GOOD SENSE!

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  3. Reblogged this on disue.

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    1. Thank you again for sharing.

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  4. The moment I stopped eating out, my health improved and my weight decreased. Now, I serve only homecooked meals. I’ve even come up with my own version of healthy homemade pizza and burgers made from scratch and the kids love it. With a little planning and prepping, there’s no need to eat out. Eating out should be a treat, not a part of your daily routine.

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    1. From your lips to EVERYONE’S ears!! Your story has been told over and over again WITH SUCCESS. Many people, however, rely on the CONVENIENCE factor of eating out OR buying fast food to take home. If (as you say) eating out was seen as a “treat,” many health problems could be reduced if not completely avoided.


  5. Dr. J., good to know you practice what you preach! We’re eat at home people and concentrate on fruit, vegetables, cheese, chicken, turkey & fish. Oatmeal/blueberries the standard breakfast. Boring to some, but I’m trying to make it to a healthy old-old age! 🌺🌷🌸 Christine

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    1. I don’t know, Christine…an eating pattern that provides essential nutrition and information the body needs to provide YOU the QUALITY OF LIFE desired doesn’t sound so boring to me! Sounds like a pretty responsible approach to pursuing your goal of reaching a healthy old-old age.

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  6. Indeed all about choices. Eating out has never really been my thing because 1) I love to cook and 2) it’s more cost effective eating at home. When I now realize the health benefits of watching your calories and setting good examples for the kids… eating out is really that sort of treat and it’ll stay so. Now, eating at home doesn’t stop at that, you have to eat right too. There were those years when I ate a lot, and so much fat, oils and etc and the scale showed until it got me fed up: 115kgs is no joke it trashes your esteem, wellbeing, health, well for me it did all that and some. Thanks Doctor for this post. I am hoping to be as fit as you are at that age lol

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    1. 30 years from now when you reach my age, I’m certain you will be even more fit! πŸ™‚

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  7. My husband and I eat out twice a month. Once being a business meal and the other a date night meal. On both these occasions we choose a decent restaurant where healthy food choices can easily be made.
    I personally don’t understand how people can eat out several times a week even at decent restaurants, there just is no comparison to good, healthy home cooking. I never do take out /fast foods, that for me is just not an option ever. And, not only that….it is just so expensive to go out !!!

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    1. For many people, it is about CONVENIENCE. Taste and flavor can be had eating out OR eating in. Knowing what is going into your body is the big difference. Your lifestyle demonstrates a healthy BALANCE eating out and eating in. I hope more people read your comment and consider following in your footsteps.

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  8. […] EATING HOME vs. EATING OUT […]

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  9. Plus, so much of the food you get eating out just isn’t anywhere near as good as the food you can make yourself at home, taste-wise!

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    1. You’ve identified an additional bonus to eating home!

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  10. The Twentysomething Social Recluse · · Reply

    Wow… didn’t realize that at all! Thanks for sharing the info about your diet as well – I will probably be making a few changes to my snacks and my breakfast.

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    1. I like to reinforce the concept of REALISTIC changes in lifestyle. I do not believe in depriving people of any food they enjoy; I just suggest quality choices are made 80-90% of the time. In addition, I recommend that quality foods (and meals) be consumed FIRST before satisfying the need for comfort foods. This insures people receive the necessary nutrients on a regular basis. When comfort foods are eaten first, people often neglect eating other foods because they believe they have already consumed “too many calories.” This causes the body to break down from a lack of necessary nutrients and an over consumption of harmful sustenance.

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  11. Kendra Thompson-Phillips · · Reply

    Hi Johnathan,
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my what I eat in a day post. Also this is an awesome post.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words.

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  12. This is an EXCELLENT post. Since my family and I have changed our lifestyle I simply find it difficult to eat out anywhere. Even so-called healthy places aren’t healthy. This is why I really put the effort into making creative meals at home. This way no one feels like they are missing out on anything. Once you know better you do better, which makes it hard to go back to old/bad habits.

    I hope more people read this post and become inspired to nurture their bodies through better food choices and fitness.

    I recently have added more fermented veggies into our diet along with bitter foods that are high in b17. As a result, I really see a major improvement in digestion for the whole family.

    Keep inspiring Dr. Jonathan it is truly appreciated!

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    1. You keep adding the right foods to your family’s nutrition plan. They are very fortunate to have someone who cares as much as you do.

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      1. Thank you…..I’m just thrilled they are so willing to make the necessary changes!

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  13. Couldn’t agree more it’s so true and plus it could be stale food sold out nothing beats home food atleast you could eat in portions know what your eating and eat clean without worrying if your allergic to anything that’s added or how it’s made with fat, oil etc thanks for this do check out my new blog post and let me know what you think would love that

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    1. Love your thought process. It will likely provide you the opportunity to live a healthy life filled with unlimited potentials.

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  14. Too true!


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