Publication1cropped425Whether excess weight is the result of a lifestyle based on poor health decisions or a metabolic condition caused by a genetic predisposition, it remains a problem for nearly 70% of the population in the United States.


We have attempted to treat weight management problems as a “CALORIE” issue neglecting what could be THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT preventing LONG TERM SOLUTIONS:



Emotional “scars” often lead to self destructive behaviors. Conversely, well balanced people living a purpose driven life full of meaning and passion infrequently suffer from weight management issues. Now, let’s add to these “purpose driven people” the ability to channel stress in a positive manner that supports healthy living and see how many people remain with weight management issues? The number is small!

You’ll notice, I haven’t even mentioned food choices and exercise. This is because:

the person living a purpose driven life full of meaning and passion capable of channeling stress in a positive manner that supports healthy living

VALUES their mental and physical needs to sustain this desired lifestyle. They VALUE this passion and recognize that less desirable HEALTHY lifestyle choices (healthier eating and exercise) are simply SACRIFICES necessary to pursuing their purpose driven life.




These people are willing to objectively look at their lives and discover their potential for growth and development that typically benefit not only themselves, but their families, communities and even society as a whole. This provides real MEANING and MOTIVE that helps strengthen character and confidence; two traits essential for those looking to achieve long term weight loss.

We live in a world that desperately seeks unrealistic shortcut solutions to achieving weight loss. Repetitive failed attempts make the individual that much more susceptible to industries that promote LIES FOR PROFIT. In reality, we can’t expect LONG TERM SUCCESS buying pre-packaged meals or buying electrical muscle stimulators from infomercials that claim to replace ACTIVE EXERCISE. If Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, Nutrisystem, etc… provided long term results, the overweight and obese population wouldn’t be on a growth trajectory. If electrical muscle stimulators effectively replaced active exercise, health clubs like planet fitness would be closing their doors from state to state. Instead, we see their expansion.



A much EASIER and COST EFFECTIVE answer (that many refuse to face) requires introspection and better understanding of SELF NEEDS. The path to LONG TERM sustained weight loss parallels the path to purposeful living. Those CHOOSING a life of HAPPINESS, JOY and FULFILLMENT have  taken CONTROL of their lives by dictating the “terms” they live by.

This approach to successful long term weight loss WORKS more effectively than all the diets, exercise plans and physician assisted protocols. In addition it effectively reduces the chances for developing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Depression, etc… because this approach addresses the WHOLE PERSON rather than just their underlying SYMPTOMS.



How many times do people have to walk into walls directly in front of them  before deciding a 90° adjustment (right or left) might offer a better alternative? FIXING the WHOLE PERSON FIRST is this BETTER ALTERNATIVE. Facing less desirable choices (healthy eating and exercise) becomes a stepping stone to an improved quality of life rather than a perceived self imposed “punishment.”

Reversing the trend of overweight and obesity requires a RADICAL CHANGE in approach. Why not join all of us that have followed this path and experience the same:

purpose driven life full of meaning and passion capable of channeling stress in a positive manner while supporting healthy living resulting in HAPPINESS, JOY and FULFILLMENT!





  1. great post…..xxkat

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  2. Like everything – or virtually everything – in life, that which is worth obtaining requires work.

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    1. I have found that to be absolutely true. If “worth while successes” were easy, everyone would pursue and achieve them.

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  3. You touch one a really good point Jonathan with the “emotionally injured mind.” It can be extremely difficult for folks who are suffering from emotional trauma to make proactive responsible decisions about their health because just surviving day to day can be such an exhausting challenge. Nevertheless, treating the whole person as you say is really the only way to long lasting change. Good post as always.

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    1. This is NOT a quick FIX. It is a methodical approach that requires patience and self commitment. Those willing to follow this advice often have much greater success than those choosing to repeat short term “successes” resulting in long term “failures.”

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  4. Hi Doctor, because I have been there and here, I couldn’t let this post go without a comment. When I was 115kg and trying to lose weight, I could explode when I saw ‘lean’ people doing exercise beside me in the gym or sports park. I didn’t know what they were doing there and thought they were actually coming to show off and make a mockery of us ‘fat’ ones. As a teenager, I loved being jolly and skippy and all, and I never got overweight, but when my emotional life got really messed up in my twenties and up, the weight came tumbling and I sought comfort in some things ranging from food to sex and many things in between without of course passing through ‘my inner me’. I did at some point go to a dietician and got some ‘magic pills’ and ‘rigid ugly’ diet of cabbage water, no salt, cube, oil, starch, etc and it sort of worked. I shrunk with time to 70 kg and looked as gaunt as ever. I stopped eating even after I lost all that weight. Food became despicable and so did lots of other things which made my life before jolly. The result was more mess, feeling so awful and not pretty – hating to go to the gym and not feel ugly etc. To sum up my journey since then, I left and went in search of me, made peace with me, built a healthy relationship with food and all else, made peace with my God and yes took charge of my life based on what I VISIONED not measuring that against how others looked or looked at me, thought of me and more. I am among the ‘lean’ I envied and despised back then, and I flaunt my body now while doing those exercises. It is hardwork to be consistent but the results and emotional boost are worth it all. Today, I understand a lot of things. It may be easier to let go and routine around life, but you’ll not feel any better with yourself even if you fake it on the outside. Your suggestions are great doctor and am ever grateful I found your site thank you

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    1. Your comment outlines an entire TRANSITION through life. It shows how “lows” in life lead to eventual (desirable) changes. It showed the growth of a person’s character along the way. It finally showed the ability to gain CONTROL over self behavior and the amazing outcome (so far) of your life. Your story proves that it is possible to change ATTITUDE resulting in real QUALITY LIVING!

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      1. Thank you so much doctor for this response to my comment. It is this journey I noe wish to passionately share with others hoping to spur their own transformational journeys. Thank you so much doctor

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  5. Great post, Doctor! It makes so much more sense to be positive about changing our life by making positive choices than continuing with short term ‘quick fixes’ to our problem of being overweight. And, this doesn’t even mention the damage we do to our bodies yo-yoing our weight by gaining and losing repeatedly.

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    1. LONG TERM “FIXES” start in the MIND. If we can’t change ATTITUDE, we can’t change LONG TERM HABITS!

      Thank you for adding your comment, Tony.

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  6. Love this post, Jonathan. You always make so much sense. I’ve always believed that fad diets are no solution to long term weight management. Good health and eating well is a lifelong commitment and I made that commitment fifteen years ago and haven’t looked back.

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    1. You are another example that proves healthy living is NOT A LIFE OF SACRIFICE, but rather a CHOICE THAT PROVIDES BETTER OPPORTUNITY FOR BETTER LIVING!

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  7. Love this, thank you.

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  8. For more on a the science of obesity, I just launched a new category called Weight Wise on my blog “Cerebral Aerobics” at Auditusdei.wordpress.com. Your input would be an encouragement.

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    1. I’m glad to see your contributions to improving healthy outcomes. I wish you great success with your blog site.

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  9. emflogger · · Reply

    I love using myfitnesspal. Using Jenny Craig + the app as a tool, I have been losing weight for the past 4 months. Weight loss is mostly about what you do/don’t put in your mouth

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    1. That’s great. As you successfully lose the desired, you will want to shift the focus to a REALISTIC PLAN OF ACTION to MAINTAIN weight loss. This is the most difficult part in weight management. Start planning NOW so you’re ready when the time comes.

      Wishing you much continued success.


  10. foodrebel73 · · Reply

    Great post! For those of us that have struggled with our weight know there is NO easy quick fix! I am a food addict just like the name of my blog… I have been addicted to all the wrong foods for so long, but what does that really mean? I mean we all eat things that aren’t good for us or the most healthy. But it’s going past that extreme of not being able to walk away, whether it’s from sugar, fast food or processed food. I was never one that could just eat 2 cookies or a handful of chips… or just going to get fast food once in awhile. My brain craved those foods… it was easier to get those foods and cheaper and faster than cooking something. I have been on the yo yo diets and tried them all… 3 weight loss surgeries… which I wish I had never had!! I had severe complications with each one… and now after all that pain and anguish I realized what I was doing to my body and what I was putting into my body… I have taken control back from my food addiction and I have learned to eat healthy but not deprive myself of everything. I have lost over 270 lbs! Eating has new meaning to me now and I want to help others that struggle, because I get it!
    If you would like to follow my journey please do!

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    1. Congratulations on all your hard work and realization the answer to your weight problem (all along) resided within yourself. You can’t cut (surgically,) tie (surgically,) suppress (pharmaceutically,) or starve yourself (nutritionally,) and achieve LONG TERM weight loss, HAPPINESS and PURPOSEFUL living.

      Your words add important validity to the points I present in these articles. Gaining CONTROL over one’s life requires a design; a PROCESS that addresses the different components holding one back from transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

      I wish you much success as you journey down a new path in life.

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      1. foodrebel73 · · Reply

        Thank you! Life is all about control in general and once we learn that it puts things in a total different aspect!

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