Publication1CROPPED400Even if we credit vaccines with the prevention of diseases, have we missed the bigger picture regarding the OVERALL health and well being of our children?

Have parents gradually shifted their role as “guardian” of their children’s health to the pediatrician/family physician? It might be worse than this. Many parents may have gone so far as limiting their responsibilities to sheltering and providing food. Quality does not appear to be a major priority. If this results in the child developing emotional or physical health complications, they are simply placed on the doctor’s “doorstep” to “fix” the problem.



How do vaccines fix the growing health problems our children face today?

  1. How do vaccines address the increasing rates of childhood obesity?

  2. How do vaccines address the increasing rates of type 2 diabetes in children?

  3. How do vaccines address the increasing rates of cardiovascular disease in our children including high blood pressure and arterial plaquing?

  4. How do vaccines address the increasing rates of A.D.D., A.D.H.D and Autism?

  5. How do vaccines address the increasing rates of food allergies and auto-immune diseases?




I wonder whether the VACCINE CONTROVERSY has become the SOLUTION for both parent and doctor. You see, if childhood HEALTH focuses on vaccines, neither parent or doctor has to address the EXPONENTIALLY increasing population of children facing diseases unrelated to vaccine “answers.” Does anyone really believe the need for the chicken pox vaccine plays a larger role protecting the developing child than an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE and NUTRITIOUS FOOD? Billions of dollars are invested into vaccine advertising to improve childhood vaccine compliance. How many billions of dollars are invested into advertising to improve a child’s healthy lifestyle compliance? Did I say BILLIONS? I meant pennies. We parents and doctors claim to care about the welfare of our children, but do our ACTIONS justify our claims?

Isn’t LIFESTYLE more responsible for the growing number of diseases children face today than the number of illnesses prevented by the quantity of vaccines injected into their bodies? Yet when we discuss childhood health, VACCINATION remains the focus.

This is why I credit the VACCINE CONTROVERSY as the:


It creates an ILLUSION that parents and doctors care about the welfare of our children without requiring any changes in BEHAVIOR. As long as the child is vaccinated, the doctor and parent are satisfied they’ve “appropriately handled the child’s HEALTH needs. Their respective job responsibilities can be checked off the list.


This never ending cycle continues to “feed” the pharmaceutical industry with a growing “supply of children” that will one day be using their drugs (not to achieve HEALTH) but to “help” maintain their debilitating diseases.


Even if this unlikely event would occur, the pharmaceutical industry is prepared. They would quickly intervene and distract both parent and doctor with the following “BREAKINGHEADLINE NEWS:




As this news story redirects our focus back to further VACCINE CONTROVERSY, our CHILDREN continue to suffer the health consequences. The pharmaceutical industry gets to stand on the sidelines (watching in laughter) as they use the vaccine “carrot” to DISTRACT both parent and doctor from the REAL CHILDHOOD HEALTH ISSUES including diabetes, obesity, A.D.D. A.D.H.D, autism and auto immune diseases which remain UNRESOLVED!




  1. I don’t want to make light of the matter, but thank God I don’t live in the US. If my boys ever go there, they’ll be big enough to make their own choices and hopefully past the age for ‘mandatory infant vaccines’ some brag to me keeps their children healthy. And yes, one other advert I saw even on the bus in the US was vaccines and I was like wow. Thanks really Doc for all you share, I dunno if the US is really the land of natural milk and honey as is sung out here

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    1. I do love living here and sharing in the many opportunities. “Hypothetical” quicksand, however, exists all over the world (including the U.S.) that traps people regardless of how much they struggle. The U.S. has many “hypothetical” issues of quicksand. Large populations of people currently stand in it simply believing their perspective on the world is “shrinking.” They don’t realize they’re slowly being sucked down into its confines. Remaining in the same place using the same thought process only leads to greater depths of despair more difficult to overcome and survive. Those willing to seek a different path have the opportunity to avoid these treacherous paths. These opportunities exist all over the world IF people are willing to LISTEN and LEARN!

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      1. So rightly said doctor. I mean in my country- a developing one and a ‘highly indebted’ one, we can’t even dream of medicare and all. It is survival for the fittest. Maybe wanting to survive with the least possible ‘cost’ and knowing we have no social insurance is what still keeps some people to learn and make healthy choices for their holistic wellbeing? And sure there are a big bunch who give a damn or follow all American, the American dream. Going to have your baby in the US is one of the chickest things to do for the haves in our society. So to economies like ours, the US sets some big pace.

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        1. You are wise and have not been fooled in believing western medicine is the “holy grail.” You have challenged the pharmaceutical approach and proven the effectiveness of natural HEALTHY intervention to combat disease. There is NO ONE SYSTEM or approach that addresses every health problem. The more we learn to COMBINE the best most CONSERVATIVE approaches FIRST, the better LONG TERM results we shall see. When a condition creates severe imbalances in body function, it is nice to have a pharmaceutical tool in one’s arsenal to overcome this temporary condition. This tool gives the body a chance to recover to the point where natural remedies can take over and support the restoration of good health.

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  2. Either the general population lost it’s voice by choice or pressure, or we are just becoming too blase to even care to what is happening to our freedom to make the best choice when our health and wellness are at stake.

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    1. TV censorship adds a damaging role as well. Controlling what the viewers are exposed to creates a false sense of understanding to a much larger picture. Competing with this illusion can be challenging. The reason I believe I will gain “believers” is that I have NO SKIN in the game. What purpose would I have to convince a population about any health issue that doesn’t affect me? When I ask the reader to ask themselves whether the other sources of information can make this same claim, it possess an interesting delayed response! Getting people to THINK and consider new perspectives is slowly gaining popularity. People know I truly care. Do the sources they rely on care as well?

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      1. I ,for one, never doubted that you honestly and truly care. I guess I want the voice to be louder and send waves of rude awakening faster. It breaks my heart every day to hear stories of children and adults suffering from the ravaging side effects of chemo and radiation treatments and at the end to lose their battle.  It is incomprehensible  to justify millions of dollars worth of treatment and years of suffering and yet for most still no cure. Why would they find a cure for anything really if money is to be made on being sick . Why even then brother to educate patients. Mind boggling. It is enough to drive anyone  crazy if you let it.

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        1. Your comments add great validity to the points I attempt to express. I write as a physician with clinical experience and a passion for research. This, however, is not enough because it lacks the personal experience of the disease itself. You provide that personal experience that resonates with the reader. Your words are so impactful. They remove the professional bias and show the world a REALITY many are not willing to face or accept. When the time is right, however, your words will come to the forefront of their minds giving them the strength to follow a (self) directed pathway rather than subjecting themselves to a system unwilling to expand its thinking beyond surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (to a large extent.) As people begin to accept the enormous conflict of interest the medical field demonstrates when it comes to treating a disease vs. curing or preventing a disease, greater skepticism in traditional treatments will lead to the discovery of better alternative options. This, in turn, will improve the quality of living DURING and AFTER treatment. The medical field will continue to lose their patients to alternative HEALTHIER OPTIONS because their treatments and goals are based on extending the duration of life rather than focusing on the patient’s desire for extending/improving their QUALITY OF LIFE!

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  3. Another great and very important post!

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Chipping away at people’s hardened foundations formed from misinformation is a challenging task. Showing the science along with the emotional and physical damage to our children should begin to tug at the hearts of society. I have faith in people and believe they will eventually shift their attitudes from skepticism to trust. This, in turn, will stimulate action steps taken to alleviate harm our children experience today. Without personally having any “SKIN IN THE GAME,” it becomes difficult to challenge my motive; a desire to reverse the destructive trends our children face as a result of a health care system more focused on generating profits than generating healthier generations of children.

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      1. I remember when my children were young, my kids didn’t eat a lot of junk food (although they did get a little) and people thought I was terrible.This wasn’t the popular thing to do at the time. I preferred for them to eat at home. They had their favorites and sometimes ate many of the same things over and over, but as long as it was nutritionally sound I was ok with that. I remember people telling me that they shouldn’t be “allowed” to eat “that way” (healthy?) and now the science is bearing out that kids SHOULD eat that way. I also made sure that my kids got active. My kids were healthier than all of their friends. I’m not judging anyone else, merely making an observation. You are right that people have just been misinformed. It’s not an easy thing to do to challenge the status quo. Keep up the good work, Dr. Jonathan!

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        1. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

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  4. From what I see of parents today, they’ve shifted their role from guardian to by-stander. Whether too busy or too self-centered, they leave their children’s well-being to just about anyone else but them.

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    1. Unfortunately, there are quite a few parents that fit the definition of your comment. This is one reason our schools and communities must become more involved. Providing an environment that supports healthy living options for our children can help combat the home environment that often lacks the resources and/or personal concern.

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  5. What are your feelings/concerns about the measles outbreak in Minnesota? I’m following this closely because I live in MN.

    As of Wednesday, 34 measles cases were confirmed in Minnesota. Nearly everyone infected is unvaccinated, and all but a few are of Somali descent. So far, 11 children have been hospitalized.

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    1. I am so glad you brought this to everyone’s attention. I’m going to answer you without bias or emotion. This is important because FEAR and INTIMIDATION are the the two leading causes of UNINFORMED COMPLIANCE when it comes to medical and government vaccine policy.

      Measles IS a contagious disease that causes DEATH.
      A more important question, however is, “how many deaths occur in relation to the total number of measles cases?” Since hygiene and other factors also play a role, I am going to limit the cases discussed to the United States since your question pertains specifically to Minnesota.

      Prior to the measles vaccine (introduced in 1963), the CDC reported 3-4 MILLION cases per year. Using the LARGER number of cases (4 MILLION) and dividing it into the population back then (approx. 180.6 MILLION) we see the total percentage of cases amounted to 3%. 3% did NOT DIE; 3% simply developed measles. Of this total number of cases (again, 4 MILLION), 450-500 people died. This means that 0.0125% of the 4 MILLION died or 1 in 8000 cases. Remember, I used the highest values for number of cases AND number of deaths.

      We have 245 MILLION adult men and women in the U.S. 147 MILLION (Approximately 59%) take prescription medication (totaling 144 MILLION) 128,000 deaths occur ANNUALLY from PROPERLY PRESCRIBED, PROPERLY TAKEN prescription medication. This means 1 in 1125 people DIE from properly prescribed, properly taken prescription medication.

      When we discuss DEATH, we create FEAR. We need to provide the REAL numbers to create a frame work to determine the REAL RISKS. If we’re not afraid of 1 in 1125 people dying from prescription medication, why are we afraid of 1 in 8000 dying from measles? It is typically a MILD disease (as described by the Mayo Clinic in their own spec sheet on Measles:)
      “Infection and incubation. For the first 10 to 14 days after you’re infected, the measles virus incubates. You have no signs or symptoms of measles during this time.
      Nonspecific signs and symptoms. Measles typically begins with a mild to moderate fever, often accompanied by a persistent cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis) and sore throat. This relatively mild illness may last two or three days.”

      If we step back and honestly evaluate health risks, we may find ourselves more concerned that ZERO studies show the LONG TERM RISKS for SAFETY as well as the SYNERGISTIC RISKS of 5-6 vaccines given in a single office visit.

      Where are the INDEPENDENT LONG TERM STUDIES proving the safety and efficacy of the current vaccine schedule? Why can’t our doctors provide this information to us? Why do they get so angry if we ask these legitimate questions?

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  6. Thanks, Jonathan. I am learning so much from your excellent posts.

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    1. Sharing ideas that offer potentially better approaches to addressing health imbalances is the goal. Relying solely on conventional treatments with questionable safety, efficacy and RESULTS can result in a detrimental outcome. Helping consumers become MORE AWARE of credible options is the goal of my blog. It is up to the individual to choose whether or not to apply this information to their lives.

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  7. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I totally agree that the best approach to health and wellness it to live a healthy and active lifestyle and get the right kinds of things in your body – not the wrong ones! There are so many medicines and cures available in nature already, and most diseases are preventable if the right choices are made! Keep writing on, Doctor Jonathan!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I think many people would benefit from your wisdom and approach to life. Wishing you much success and good health on your journey!


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