Publication1CROPPED425This has to be one of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life. The birth of a child produces a love; a bond often exceeding human comprehension. A natural desire to protect this new beautiful life from any harm innately consumes the parents. Who better to team up with than the pediatrician who has taken a medical oath to “do no harm!”

The newborn is delivered capable of functioning, but NOT YET FULLY DEVELOPED. The brain, the immune system as well as the organs continue to develop post birth. This makes the newborn more susceptible to abnormal development if exposed to substances and chemicals that impact their natural maturation.

Within the first 12 HOURS OF LIFE, newborns are given two intramuscular injections containing ALUMINUM. The first is a synthetically developed form of Vitamin K and the second is the Hepatitis B vaccine.




Aluminum (WHEN INJECTED INTO THE BODY) works very differently than aluminum consumed and metabolized by the digestive system. We consume aluminum in our water, air, food, etc… on a daily basis. Our digestive system metabolically contends with this substance and eliminates it via the kidneys (in the form of urine) or colon (in the form of feces.) When aluminum salts (contained in the Vitamin K and Hepatitis B vaccine) are INJECTED into newborns, the digestive system is bypassed. It has been proven that injected aluminum is capable of crossing the newborn’s blood brain barrier and depositing itself in brain tissue.





The doctor is taught that synthetically formulated vitamin K is necessary for the newborn to assist in clotting (should the birthing process cause internal bleeding.) Their levels of vitamin K are not adequate for this process at time of birth. First, this is a very rare condition known as VKDB (Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding) Secondly, oral Vitamin K can be used in place of injectable Vitamin K offering significant protection without requiring the newborn to be exposed to unnecessary preservative chemicals.

The doctor is taught that hepatitis B vaccine is given to protect the newborn from a communicable infection that can damage the liver and potentially result in death. First, this disease is most commonly caused by SEXUAL TRANSMISSION or RECREATIONAL DRUG USE (sharing a contaminated needle.) Why would it be necessary to inject a newborn within the first 12 hours of life with this substance? In addition, this vaccine only provides approximately 5 years of protection. How would this protect our children 12+ years later when the odds of transmission increase as they reach their adolescents?


When NEW PARENTS are told their child can potentially bleed to death or die from liver failure, they are not about to question their doctor’s recommendations. This becomes an EMOTIONAL SPONTANEOUS CONCESSION rather than a DECISION reached with clarity and OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. What steps can be taken to help increase parental confidence with the decisions they must make for their families? I suggest getting answers IN ADVANCE to the following questions.

1. What are the risks to the newborn receiving these injections? “Minimal risks” is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER. Your doctor must explain the actual health complications as reported by the manufacturer and the VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS.)

2. Can you provide the studies showing the EXCRETION of the INJECTED ALUMINUM proving the newborn’s body tissues did not absorb it?

3. Can you provide the studies showing NO DANGER in the synergistic effects of exposure to multiple injections containing aluminum over the first 6 months of life? Here is the reality of aluminum exposure from injectable vaccines from time of birth to age 6 months:

Hepatitis B vaccine (Birth, 2 months, 4 months) 250 micrograms X 3 = 750 micrograms

HiB vaccine  (2 months, 4 months, 6 months) 225 micrograms X 3 =675 micrograms

DTaP vaccine (2 months, 4 months, 6 months) ea. containing 175-625 micrograms depending on the manufacturer. Using the SMALLEST value: 170 X 3 = 510 micrograms

PCV vaccine (2 months, 4 months, 6 months) 125 micrograms X 3 = 375 micrograms

Even if we add all these totals, the FDA says these numbers are SAFE. Based on what double blind study? Based on what long term safety study? If this is really safe, why isn’t the parent provided with this evidence IN WRITING WHEN REQUESTED?




How can I prove this? Simple! We do NOT experience an AGGRESSIVE IMMUNE RESPONSE on a daily basis to the exposure of environmental aluminum processed through our digestive tract. We DO EXPERIENCE an AGGRESSIVE immune response when exposed to injected aluminum in vaccines.

With the reduction of mercury (thimerosol) used in vaccines, we have seen a substantial INCREASE in aluminum since 1999. We have also seen a substantial increase in childhood neurological diseases and behavioral dysfunction. Does this mean aluminum is the cause of these diseases? We can’t honestly make this conclusion based on the limited data, however, a correlation certainly appears to exist. This means that a RESPONSIBLE health system would mandate additional INDEPENDENT RESEARCH to investigate this concern.





Adults (prior to conception) need to accept greater RESPONSIBILITY in the decision making process for their families. We should LISTEN to our doctor’s opinions and recommendations, but not exclusively RELY on them. Regardless of what the FDA, CDC, NIH, etc… claim, there is clearly a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and a bias in their research and conclusions. When LONG TERM STUDIES are avoided determining both safety and efficacy (even when requested by the COCHRANE GROUP- an internationally recognized independent research organization consisting of doctors, researchers and scientists from around the world without financial or political ties) skepticism and uncertainty remains a legitimate concern.

Ask yourself:

Should a newborn be exposed to chemical substances their body’s are not yet capable of handling effectively and safely?

Does it make sense to inject multiple strains of pathogens (germs), preservatives and adjuvants over and over again into a newborn and developing infant with the frequency of the current vaccine schedule?


Has the result produced healthier newborns in the U.S.?

The answer is:


Our 1st  year childhood mortality rate RANKED 57th out of 225 listed according to the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY’S WORLD FACTBOOK as of 2016. (REFERENCE: CHILDHOOD MORTALITY RATE 2016)

It is also important to note the OVERALL DOSAGES OF VACCINES  (Ages 0 TO >80 and the rankings among various countries:

Country (Iceland)    Ranking (#3)        Overall dosages of vaccines (34)

Country (Norway)    Ranking (#5)        Overall dosages of vaccines (40)

Country (France)     Ranking (#14)       Overall dosages of vaccines (49)

Country (U.S.A.)      Ranking (#57)       Overall dosages of vaccines (72)


FINALLY, are we willing to LISTEN and HEAR INDEPENDENT researchers, scientists, immunologists, medical doctors and other licensed health care professionals from around the world with experience and OBJECTIVE FINDINGS to base our ultimate decisions?

Our doctors mean well, but do NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. Don’t you owe it to your children to take the time to LEARN the TRUTH to make the BEST INFORMED HEALTH DECISION POSSIBLE?



  1. I don’t doubt for one moment that the chemicals we inject in our kids and ourselves cause the majority of our problems.Thanks as always for the info!!

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    1. It comes down to this; when options are available that provide quality outcomes AND reduce the chances of unnecessary exposure to POTENTIALLY harmful “things” (pesticides, preservatives, dyes, genetically altered foods, etc…) why not choose the SAFEST OPTIONS AVAILABLE? If the response is, “they’re not as convenient”, my response is, “neither is long term neurologic damage, and other chronic diseases that destroy the quality of life.”

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      1. Very true!!

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  2. great post…..I was a lucky mom, mu Ob-gyn was an earth mother…YAY – I was offered oral Vit K for my babies or injection….I took the oral…but the other one they had…..Lord I wish I was more informed way back then…sharing on Facebook…thanks….kat

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    1. At least (together) we can inform TODAY’S public and let them decide for themselves.

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      1. that’s all we can do…..I can’t believe that so many people never question their MD’s or even feel that they can change… helps to point out that they are the ones paying for there counsel/expert knowledge and opinions, it makes them realize that hey just maybe I can take control of my life….hope your having a wonderful weekend…

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  3. Great Post, i have been making research since morning on while newborn bleed to death, i noticed its lack of Vitamin k and kept asking myself how many amount of it do i need before the end of my trimester, i’m actually getting to the end of my third trimester but now upon reading your blog, i noticed the Vitamin K injection and the hepatitis B vaccine which should be given to the baby within 12 hours, then i realized it was given to my first baby immediately after birth. Thanks for this post, it has broadened my horizon. Thanks

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I just want to be certain there wasn’t any misunderstanding interpreting this post. I am NOT suggesting parents comply with receiving the Hep B vaccine or the injectable form of Vit. K for their newborns. I am simply sharing a part of the story left UNTOLD by many doctors expressing a one sided view lacking objectivity. It has been (and always shall be) my opinion that families should determine for THEMSELVES ANY and ALL medical treatment recommendations available. INFORMED CONSENT discussing the BENEFITS as well as the REAL RISKS is very important. If a procedure makes sense to the parent, I respect their decision to comply with the recommendation. When inconsistencies and lack of appropriate research creates questions AND conflicts of interest (between the medical, pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies) exist, the patient (hopefully) is willing to open their minds to independent qualified research on the subject before committing their children to these procedures out of FEAR and PRESSURE by our medical community. Vaccinate or withdraw from such procedures based on credible independent evidence. Ultimately, each parent will have to live with the decisions they make.

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      1. There is no misunderstanding, i actually understand the post very well, i’m just happy with the post because i have been on it for a while now. Thanks

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    1. Sadly, people are often too afraid to tread into areas of life they “do not know.”


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