shutterstock_90578188 croppedWhat is a medical doctor’s education? It is an education based on a detailed curriculum that teaches the student the PATHWAY to evaluate disease and dysfunction and offer (in general) pharmaceutical means to deal with these conditions. An important component left out of this medical education is the LACK OF DETAILS to the pharmaceutical treatments they prescribe.

A clear example proving this lack of medical awareness can be demonstrated with the ingredients in vaccines.

We assume doctors know the ingredients in vaccines they inject into our children (and adults.) This is a FALSE ASSUMPTION! Most medical doctors DO NOT KNOW the various ingredients and will UNLIKEY review them with their patients. If pressured, they are likely to simply reinforce the general concept that vaccine ingredients are “safe,” “important” and necessary for “health.” The reason this statement satisfies most people is simple. Consumers WANT TO TRUST THEIR PHYSICIANS and believe these treatments are “safe,” “important” and necessary for health.” In fact, the average consumer FEARS reprimand as well as dismissal from their physician if they question their recommendations. This has successfully maintained a level of patient compliance the medical field has relied on without requiring them to better understand the potential risks they’re exposing their patients to.

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In reality, medical doctors rely on the pharmaceutical industry to provide “honest” information about THEIR OWN product’s safety. The details about the ingredients in vaccines plays an UNIMPORTANT ROLE to the average physician (to a large extent.) Regardless of the ingredients in vaccine’s, medical doctors are required by their industry to administer them or face professional disciplinary actions including the possible loss of licensure.

After a typical work day, physicians go home to their families and live their lives as the rest of us do. They do not (generally) go home after work and spend personal time researching the credibility of pharmaceutical studies defending the safety and efficacy of the ingredients used in THEIR VACCINES.

Therefore, when we ask our physicians about the relevance and safety of the ingredients in vaccines, the answers we’re provided by our doctors (if at all) are actually the answers provided by the pharmaceutical industry to them.

How comfortable are you knowing the pharmaceutical industry (with the GREATEST AMOUNT TO LOSE OR GAIN) SELF MONITORS the ingredients and safety standards used in the manufacturing of THEIR OWN vaccines?

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Maybe it’s time we ask our doctors to share some RELEVANT information with us before we watch them inject substances into our bodies!  WHY? Because it’s important to know whether your physician truly understands the details (ex. RISKS) about what’s contained in the vials they use.

Here is my suggestion. Ask them to write on a pad the basic ingredients in each vaccine they wish to administer PRIOR to injecting it. Ask them to verbally explain the risks associated with the different ingredients. Simply saying, “the ingredients are safe and have been used for decades” should not be an acceptable response. If this is all they’re willing to offer, ask the following question:


In addition, DO NOT ACCEPT the manufacturer’s vaccine insert (if they even have it) IN PLACE OF YOUR DOCTOR’S explanation of potential side effects. The goal is to determine whether your physician TRULY UNDERSTANDS the risks of the different ingredients found in the different vaccines that he or she (strongly) recommends. If your doctor needs to refer to the insert, it means they are NOT CLEARLY AWARE of the different ingredients as well as the potential risks that exist. They are simply administering these vaccines as DIRECTED by the medical industry without accepting personal responsibility to review  the studies BEYOND the PHARMACEUTICAL’S OWN RESEARCH. This is NOT the definition of DOCTORING; this is the definition of being a TECHNICIAN. There is a big difference between providing treatment based on UNDERSTANDING the RISK/REWARD profile and simply following a protocol implemented by an industry.


How surprised would you be if your physician required the insert to inform you what the vaccine contained? How many 100’s or 1000’s of children have they administered these vaccines to without clearly knowing what they actually contained as well as the risk factors associated with these ingredients?

Insist upon your physician fully understanding THE DETAILS of any treatment they offer you or your child. Remember, the potential physical, emotional and financial damage caused to you or your child by ANY TREATMENT your physician never took the time to fully investigate and understand won’t alter the quality of his or her life.

  1. Make certain your physician provides you with proper WRITTEN INFORMED CONSENT that is CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD by you.

  2. Make certain EVERY QUESTION IS ANSWERED to your satisfaction before ANY TREATMENT is administered to you or your child.

Aren’t you entitled to having confidence knowing your physician is MORE than just a LICENSED TECHNICIAN?

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  1. Brilliant. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much.
      In this article, my goal was to PREVENT DEFENSIVE POSTURING when the word VACCINE was used. My writing is intended to open peoples’ minds to “common sense” rather than force technical medical jargon down their throats. By empowering the individual with information often outside of mainstream media, the consumer gains insight into ALL SIDES helping them make the best intelligent health care decisions for themselves.

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  2. Thank you for this post! I loved every word!!

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    1. So many people are “turned off” by the vaccine controversy. I wanted to approach this topic from an angle most people never consider. Rather than discussing the VACCINE (ex. polio) itself, I wanted people to recognize the controversy over the INGREDIENTS used to STABILIZE the chemical viability of the vaccine. People already know many dangerous chemicals exist; they may not realize some of these are found as ingredients in our vaccines.

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      1. I think this is the best approach. When friends and family ask my opinion I alway suggest that people ask the doctor for a detailed list of ingredients and how they react with body. Then they can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for them.

        As patients we have to take responsibility for what goes into our bodies. We can’t control some of the toxins we are exposed to but we can limit them when we can!

        I will say this a million times….I truly appreciate the love you have for humankind. It shows with every blog post!

        Thank you for caring enough to truly educate people so that they may care for themselves better and make better lifestyle choices!

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        1. I appreciate your kindness in words and your willingness to take the time to read and comment on my writings.

          We are all forced to live within the confines of our amazing planet. It just makes common sense to me to reach out to others with the skills I was blessed with to make our limited time together as productive and rewarding as possible. If I can leave this world knowing I’ve “consumed” less resources than I’ve made available, I will define my life as SUCCESSFUL.


  3. Wonderful post….I am so happy that our doctors listen to us and work with us on our health care….I can never express it enough to my friends that they are hiring the MD, they have the right to move on if unhappy….My husband had to deal with his guilt feelings that he was turning his back on his MD when in fact the opposite was happening….it didn’t take much to see his MD was burned out and not caring…..so sad….but great post….kat

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    1. Physicians can be a great asset or a horrific impediment to quality health. It is for each of us to decide what level of personal involvement we are willing to commit ourselves and communicate our needs to our doctors.

      It is always encouraging to read comments when people share positive experiences with their doctors. I hope my posts help encourage people to develop these types of relationships.

      Thanks (as always) for adding your valuable input.


      1. I believe you are doing wonders for people….my sister believe that MD’s are Gods not to be questioned….that was the belief of my folks….she is coming around a little….she actually has been questioning her MD about some of the decisions she wants my sister to follow…..I also have her looking her labs up on the internet to get some sort of info regarding what they mean…..not that I don’t believe in having faith in your healthcare provider, but some of them think because they have the degree they are always correct….they forget they are just like us, only highly educated….there diploma didn’t make them Gods of the humans….kat

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      2. Sorry for the little rant….LOL

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        1. Apologies unnecessary. I taught myself a little trick anytime I felt my head increasing in size from over confidence and believing I might be God’s other child. I went to the local golf course and attempted to walk across the water holes. This quickly confirmed I WAS WRONG!!

          Closing in on another weekend. Make sure you enjoy it!!


          1. Laughing out loud…..love it…..have a great weekend yourself….a little windy here but pretty sure the bunny will be by on Sunday….xxkat

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  4. Are you a medical doctor? If so that’s so cool!!

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    1. I was a chiropractic physician with a family practice for over 20 years. My goal in practice was to discover ROOT CAUSES of clinical (symptomatic) presentations and to work with my patients to RESTORE balance and good health. Empowering patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to live healthy lives helped incentivize them to accept greater responsibility for their actions and decisions.

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      1. That’s so cool, don’t you feel so proud of your self! I would if I was you, knowing I help people feel good about them self, I would never be sad again 🤗

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        1. I feel blessed and humbled by the experiences and opportunities I have been fortunate to be part of. I often tell people the gift of giving is the best gift one can give to oneself. This is why in retirement I continue to write about HEALTH issues. My passion to share with people all over the world provides resources that many would never know where to find.
          I wish for you to find the same joy and passion in your pursuits in life.

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    1. Thank you for caring enough to share.


  6. […] his platform. I don’t know about his offline practice, but where I in the position to chose my doctor, I’ll chose Doctor J any […]

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    1. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.


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