This post is 1322 words providing an outline to achieve SUCCESSFUL LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS. FOR THOSE IN NEED, I RECOMMEND TAKING THE TIME TO READ IT.


Publication1 CROPPED 500“I lost 100 pounds.” “I only have 35 pounds to go.” “I’m having trouble getting those last 10 pounds off.”

These were such typical phrases I heard spoken by patients over many years in practice. Their focus and mission was completing the “weight loss” portion of healthy weight management. It was pursued through various types of weight loss programs and diet plans and


This fact, however, doesn’t dissuade the average consumer from repeating the same or similar dietary or weight loss program only to FAIL OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Publication2 CROPPED 400



The problem is, most people don’t want to BELIEVE IT! They are more comfortable following conventional plans that repeatedly produce (at best) short term changes, than following a plan that makes GOOD SENSE addressing BOTH physical and emotional components.



  • It doesn’t deliver prepackaged foods to their door.

  • It doesn’t provide an incentive for quick weight loss.

  • It doesn’t tell you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • It doesn’t provide “points” associated with each food item consumed.

  • Books haven’t been written documenting this plan.

and the big reason people don’t like my plan is:


Not the most positive statement, but none the less, an accurate one people don’t want to face. As people lose weight and recognize their lives haven’t dramatically changed as a result, continued desire for weight loss loses “steam.” Why continue to work so HARD to lose weight if the goal isn’t creating a HAPPIER LIFE? At least unhealthy food SATISFIED an emotional need accompanied by a happy palate!

Publication5 CROPPED 500

I’ll bet many of you have experienced this thought process! It is at this point that many overweight people return to previous destructive patterns of behavior and sabotage their own attempts.

If my points are striking a nerve, maybe you should consider my plan and my approach to successful LONG TERM weight loss AND weight management!

To participate, there are some rules you must agree to follow. If you deviate or determine that you no longer need to follow the plan (in its ENTIRETY) because THIS TIME “will be different,” I PROMISE YOU, you will FAIL this plan as well.


DISCLAIMER: Check with a licensed professional health care provider you deem qualified to determine if this program suits your physical and emotional needs PRIOR TO IMPLEMENTING ANY COMPONENT!


So here are the RULES:

  1. Your goal CAN’T be weight loss.

    a) I don’t simply mean you can’t focus on weight; I mean you must CREATE a MEANINGFUL REASON to follow this HEALTH PLAN that attaches an emotional commitment to keep you motivated and focused. (For example: You will follow this plan because you want to physically participate in your child’s or grandchild’s life over the next 15+ years in a meaningful way.) Wishing to look good in pictures for a class reunion or a child’s wedding DOES NOT qualify. The MEANINGFUL REASON must have ongoing PURPOSE with a STRONG EMOTIONAL COMPONENT (ex. I want to get off and stay off medications.)

  2. You must find or create POSITIVE CHANNELS for stress relief BEFORE beginning this program.

    a) These channels are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! They will become your substitute for food and other unhealthy choices. They become your “crutch” to get through stressful episodes even if these episodes are recurring ones. (ex. job stresses, family stresses, marital stresses, etc….) Examples of stress relief channels might include: (a) listening to or playing music, (b) exercising to “burn off anger in a physical manner through positive actions, (c) gardening to grow fruits and vegetables or plants to create beautiful colors and smells. These may NOT be good channels for you. You must look within yourself to find MEANINGFUL POSITIVE CHANNELS to fill the stressful VOIDS to prevent returning to older destructive patterns of behavior.

  3. You can’t begin this program if your mindset is only at an emotional level of “WILLING TO TRY.You must mentally be prepared to make mistakes without letting them impede your progress. SUCCESS is NOT achieved in a linear plane. You must be prepared to (figuratively) fall and get up over and over as you LEARN and DEVELOP your NEW PATH in life.

    a) This program is HARD! There is no one watching over you to make sure you don’t “cheat” or lie. The only accountable person is YOU.

  4. You must be willing to log your foods in a computer program (of your choice.)

    a) This is NOT A PUNISHMENT. Most people do not know good meal combinations from bad meal combinations. This helps track your foods so you can LEARN your habits and LEARN what changes need to be adapted. POINTS (in weight watchers) doesn’t TEACH you about what you’re eating. How can you make good choices if you don’t understand what you’re choosing from? Logging foods (in computer programs) helps you identify food categories (ex. proteins, carbs, fats) which helps you make better informed decisions when choosing meals. As people use food logs, they become more involved in the learning process which makes foods, in general, more interesting. (FYI- I am a healthy weight, use food logs DAILY, and have done so since 1995!)

  5. You must be willing to walk (or do some form of exercise) 3-4 days/week for 20-30 minutes.

    a) If you’re not willing to commit the time to this necessary component, the other steps WILL NOT WORK! You can’t pick and choose to adapt the plan to your wants; YOU MUST ADAPT YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS TO THE PLAN!

  6. You must go to bed at a reasonable hour to get between 6-9 hours of sleep per night.

    a) I know many people have difficulty sleeping. This plan will likely help improve this problem as well. Even if you can’t sleep for the duration, you must provide 6-9 hours of bedtime (even if part of this time is meditating or just resting with one’s eyes shut.)


  • No secret costs

  • No special purchases

  • No books to read or diets to follow

It’s a plan that helps you re-position and reset your life in a manner that prioritizes YOU, reducing stress and giving you positive outlets to enjoy a better quality of life. Food is no longer relied on as the answer to stress. Food becomes utilized for its original purpose; providing nutritional and informational needs to the body. Those with a little creativity can also add gustatory pleasure using spices and healthy sauces to enhance flavor. Eating HEALTHY does NOT mean eating foods that taste like CARDBOARD!



For it to work, however, you must truly VALUE your LIFE and the LIVES of those who care about you and need you in their lives.

There will be mistakes along the way. I don’t mean cheating; I mean incorrect assumptions. LEARN FROM THEM so you don’t repeat them. Learning from them converts FAILURE into SUCCESS.

In 1322 words, I can’t go into great specifics, so here’s what I can do. IF YOU ARE TRULY READY,


begin following the 6 steps above. If you have ANY difficulties or questions, you can contact me for assistance. I will NOT CHARGE ANY FEES, however, when you SUCCEED, you must promise to share your success with others lost searching for answers. The object isn’t for me to “FIX” the world; it’s for all of us to participate and help each other improve the quality of as many lives as possible.




  1. Another really great post!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. It means a great deal to me.

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  2. Best advice ever!!

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    1. It was a challenging article to write, but the words need to be read. People can’t move FORWARD in life in they remain unwilling or unable to find solutions. As I point out difficulties in my articles, I always provide some type of REALISTIC solutions. I certainly do not have all the answers, but I can create awareness about serious issues while compassionately helping people initiate the process of CHANGE.

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      1. I can appreciate that it must have been a difficult subject. I know that there’s only one real solution– the one you propose, but I still want a pill or a special diet.

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        1. Many people would love to find the magic bullet. In my opinion, even if they did, there would be some other aspect in life impeding their progress to journey along a path fulfilling purpose and passion for life. The “easy” way out is rarely EASY!


          1. Even the “hard” way isn’t easy…. :0

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  3. Fantastic post! Commitment is key!

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    1. SELF VALUE is the key. Commitment is the PROCESS!

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  4. Love this post!! I’m doing 2 out of the 6 already. I exercise and am doing my best to stay off of cholesterol meds by changing my diet. Which has worked so far. But now I’m stuck. I think my biggest issue is really the amount I eat. I am going to add the food log to my healthy journey. Thank you for your posts as always!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Food logs are so important. Ultimately, they become a game as you challenge yourself to finding delicious foods that do NOT compromise your health. They also add a level of accountability since you know you will have to take the time to enter foods you don’t want to enter!

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  5. Sharron · · Reply

    As someone who often thinks about losing those pesky 5kgs left over after child no 3 (who has just turned 15!), but has never fully engaged in doing something about it, l know nos. 3 & 4 are my sticking points. Can I ask what type of food log/ program you use? Keeping consistent records for anything is not one of my strongpoints!!

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    1. I use a program called Diet Power. This program, however, is not any better than other programs that are FREE to consumers (such as My Fitness Pal.) Making the commitment to oneself shows GREAT VALUE in personal HEALTH. Once the learning curve is experienced using any program, food entry is QUICK. I spend approx. 5 minutes per day entering ALL foods. I recommend entering with each meal for two reasons:
      1. You won’t forget what you’ve eaten and accidentally leave it out of the daily records.
      2. It takes less time (and less personal resistance) to enter 1 meal at a time than entering an entire days worth of food when you’d rather be doing other things at the end of the day.

      Even if you eat similar foods daily, enter them every day. Entering ALL foods also helps IF blood panels show negative changes. Turning to food analysis FIRST is an important approach to RESTORING HEALTH rather than merely addressing the SYMPTOMS discovered in a blood panel.

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  6. This is really good advice man (tough love vibe)

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    1. It’s a difficult subject to write about. It requires compassion and empathy without coddling or enabling damaging patterns of behavior. I truly believe re-training the brain to approach LIFE from the perspective I discuss, offers a REAL SOLUTION to a problem with MANY underlying CAUSES. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this.

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  7. Very good post Jonathan !!!

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    1. Thank you, Lynne.

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  8. Great post, you nailed it!

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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I’m sure we share many similar ideas and approaches to health and fitness. I look forward to reading your future postings.

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  9. Your plan is simple and straight forward……love it….I am trying to follow this plan its simple and to the point and I love it…not always easy in life but certainly worth the try….thanks for the great post…..kat

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    1. I agree with you, Kat, it’s not easy. Most things, however, in life that are truly worthwhile, are often difficult to attain. If it was easy, EVERYONE would pursue (and achieve) it!


      1. How true!!!

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  10. Doc, maybe mine wouldn’t fit as a success story because I hadn’t read of your plan when I started out near 7 years ago. I first of all so badly needed over 40kgs off to reach my goal of 75 kgs. So I tried several diets and concoctions (the chinese teas which are cheap but might as well imprison you near or around a loo)… I did lose over the 40 kgs- 45 to be precise; and looked so gaunt my mum almost organized my funeral to put it blunt. Then I started gaining weight again by resuming to ‘eat’ and then I met a friend who helped me realise it should be about much more than losing weight. He could tell I had serious emotional issues too which needed to fall in place. For example, sleep and I had a rocky relationship but today with discipline and peserverance even when I fail, I normally log off at 9 pm to up by 4 am. My internal alarm is one of the best around I just don’t wanna commercialize it lol. So to keep my comment short since the post itself deserves all that length, those steps you wrote do work but you have to be ready to work hard and hold YOURSELF GENTLY ACCOUNTABLE CAUSE IT’S YOUR LIFE AFTERALL.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for sharing (and realizing) how important the EMOTIONAL component to HEALTH (and ultimately, weight loss) is.
      We are a society that has a tendency to focus on SYMPTOMS. This is why we maintain DISEASE rather than RESTORE HEALTH in most cases of chronic conditions.
      I’m glad to see you were wise enough to listen to your friend. Your experiences and willingness to share them on my site will help countless people recognize “TRUTHS” they were “blinded” to.

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      1. And doc, when you get to that point of total acceptance of awesome you, you’re gonna care much more about what you feed yourself either food wise or any other wise. This is so true for me especially now because I can listen to my body and mind and nurture same with what I feel is best for my physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual wellbeing. Thanks for this post once again.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s quite a hurdle to overcome. Most people are never willing to “take the leap of faith.” They would rather live their lives within the confines of self imposed limits (creating a false sense of security,) than expand their vision and self value that would ultimately improve their quality of life.

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      2. And listening to my friend is just like trying your plan. After having tried to do it on your own by which ever ‘diet’ or plans you know or stumble on, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and listen to someone else for a change and even to your own self too.

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        1. There is no better source of wisdom, than that which resides deep within ourselves. Sometimes people just have a difficult time locating it and/or “trusting” it.

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  11. Such great information. Love the precise language to keep it simple.

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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback and taking the to reading my article. I appreciate it greatly.


  12. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Your no-nonsense posts are highly appreciated. If some people find your statements too “arrogant,” then they’re certainly missing the point here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your understanding. Sometimes it is easier for people to “point their finger” at me than at THEMSELVES.

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        Absolutely! Taking responsibility isn’t an easy thing to do.

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  13. This is such great information. Thanks for posting! I also blog about similar topica if you would like to check out my blog.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the article and comment. I checked out your blog site and consider your information a real asset for those seeking information on healthier living. Keep up the good work.


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