combination-cropped-450Do vaccinations (in general) stimulate the immune system to cause an immune response? The answer is YES (in most cases.) Does this provide the body a “heads up” against future exposure to these “germs?”  The answer is YES (in most cases.)

Can we therefore conclude the vaccination program is beneficial and should be mandated for every CHILD AND ADULT?



The first two sentences appear to validate vaccines and their benefits. Let’s look at an analogy to see what you think?


A house alarm can be used as an analogy to compare its function and response with our immune system. I will use BLUE LETTERING TO REPRESENT THE ALARM AND RED LETTERING TO REPRESENT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  • An alarm’s electrical wiring or wireless technology PREPARES the house for PROTECTION against burglars.

  • The vaccine PREPARES the body for PROTECTION against “germs.”

  • The house alarm is ACTIVATED and waits for home invasion.

  • The body is ACTIVATED (by the vaccine) and waits for “germ” invasion.

  • The burglar enters the house SETTING THE ALARM OFF.

  • The germ enters the body SETTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OFF.

  • Let’s pretend the ALARM is connected to machine guns throughout the house and let’s pretend the alarm works properly activating all the machine guns (in case the burglar gets beyond the point of entry into the house.)

  • Let’s pretend the IMMUNE SYSTEM is activated by a germ entering the body and let’s pretend the immune system activates the entire immune system (in case the germ gets beyond the point of entry into the body.)

  • Let’s pretend the burglar is KILLED after all the machine guns shoot thousands of rounds of ammunition throughout the house. Did the ALARM stop the burglar? YES! At what price?


  • Let’s pretend the “germ” is KILLED after the entire immune system sends thousands of immune cells to destroy it. Did the VACCINE kill the “germ?” YES! At what price?


The more vaccines an infant’s UNDER DEVELOPED IMMUNE SYSTEM is exposed to (especially in one doctor’s office visit) the greater the chances for a DETRIMENTAL synergistic response.


Should ANY health care procedure be MANDATED (natural or pharmaceutical) that has not had independent research PROVE the LONG TERM SAFETY AND EFFICACY of its use?


It’s not about conspiracy. It’s not about Pro or Anti vaccine propaganda. It’s not about Big Pharma.





Can YOUR DOCTOR promise YOU the current vaccine schedule and quantity of vaccines given in the United States to children today will “DO NO HARM” to YOUR child?



Maybe it’s time to get the proof IN HAND BEFORE any further treatments are administered!


  1. Wonderful! I love your analogies here!

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    1. Thank you kindly. 🙂

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  2. It’s a complex controversial topic that requires patience and a non confrontational approach to get people to consider the POSSIBILITY that vaccinations are not as SAFE and NECESSARY as believed. The more information I can share that confirms my statements regarding Pediatrician awareness to INDEPENDENT LONG TERM SAFETY and EFFICACY, the more likely parents will assume GREATER RESPONSIBILITY in the decision making PROCESS. I support ALL parent’s decisions whether they support or oppose the vaccine program. I simply want to make certain they have ALL SIDES of the story so they can make the BEST INFORMED DECISION for their families.

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  3. great post….

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    1. Helps to make understanding our immune systems a little easier. It also shows how we cause our systems to overreact and ultimately cause ourselves unnecessary harm.


      1. And its such a delicate balance….but once you get to know your body the balancing act is easier…..have a fantastic weekend….kat

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  4. Thank you! It started as almost 1000 words which I cut to 400+. It can be challenging trying to provide quality information in just a few words. Reality, however, requires it. People (understandably) want to read as many different posts as possible. Mine (regardless of the “value” I believe it offers) is still just another post.


  5. I see the point you are making and it does drive home serious thoughts! Thanks😊

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    1. There is so much common sense to health. Using analogies like this helps clear up some confusion. Glad you thought it “drove home the point.”

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  6. Your posts never disappoint Jonathan, and it is always so enlightening to read them. Thank you for opening our eyes and making situations like these clearer to understand before making bold decisions. Your analogies certainly help. Thank you.

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  7. I try to express points from many different angles to find a common point of communication. As a doctor, using “big words” doesn’t make me intelligent; it demonstrates my inability to communicate in a meaningful way with people. I also do not believe in talking “down” to people either. These analogies align readers thinking with the points I try to make. Often, people tell me they never realized various concepts until I illustrated them in this format. For me, it has been a learning process over many years of practice.

    I’m glad you feel this approach creates improved awareness. Thank you as always for your much appreciated comment.

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  8. Great analogies there Jonathan, they really paint a clear picture on the problems with forced vaccinations. But darn it, you made have to “think” again! 😉

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    1. I am constantly accused of awakening sleeping neurons! 🙂

      As you know, my goal with this topic is to simply get people to recognize there is an HONEST UNTOLD story that people MUST consider before making their own INFORMED decisions regarding ANY medical treatment. There are PRO’s and CON’s to vaccinations; NOT ONLY PRO’s! Each person should have the right to weigh these different sides out. Unfortunately, our gov’t and medical institutions are not willing to permit REAL exposure to the CON’s in fear that consumers will choose to abstain from it. Their fear, however, does not give them the right to mandate ANY health care procedure. They should provide their “truths” and allow qualified opponents to provide their “truths.” If their “truths” were as accurate as they claim, why should they fear opposing positions?

      As people consider this question, it opens a door in people’s minds and helps motivate further investigation. When we review the facts, the more OBJECTIVE and CRITICAL our evaluation, the better we feel about the CHOICES we make.

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      1. “I am constantly accused of awakening sleeping neurons!” Not a bad thing in my book. 🙂

        Yup, pros and cons to everything, we need and deserve to know both.

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        1. Keep awakening those tired and sleepy neurons. You do it in a manner that challenges THINKING rather than inciting emotional outburst. In today’s tumultuous times, your approach brings SANITY to intellectual discussion; a pleasure and honor to be apart of!

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  9. great article- how do we spread that information to the masses?

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    1. By reinforcing the message over and over and showing the relevance and benefit to the individual. Change is slow and requires patience as well as unrelenting persistence (with a smile on our faces!)


  10. hafararisay · · Reply

    sorry but 😥


  11. […] via IMMUNE HEALTH: AN OBJECTIVE ANALOGY — All About Healthy Choices […]

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  12. atlantiswaites · · Reply

    I love analogies! Really helps bring it down to layman’s level.

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    1. I try to write my posts on a level that EVERYONE can understand. Using medical terminology can be confusing and (honestly) unnecessary. For people to consider changing their lifestyle patterns of behavior it first requires UNDERSTANDING THE RECOMMENDATIONS!

      Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

      Stay healthy and happy!


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