child-cropped-450In the world of HEALTH, the words “GOOD” and BAD” are frequently used by doctors to assist patients with treatment options. I have used these two words frequently to help my patients qualify the recommendations I’ve suggested to them. It is important, however, to base personal decisions NOT ON THE WORDS THEMSELVES, but rather the CONTEXT they are used.


If a person was lost in the mountains during a snowstorm, fire could prevent a person from freezing to death. Fire would, therefore, be “GOOD.”

If this same person fell asleep on a couch with a cigarette smoldering that resulted in a house fire destroying the entire residence, fire would be considered “BAD.”

When it comes to HEALTH, context is EVERYTHING!


In third world countries where unsanitary conditions result in poor hygiene and unsanitary water is used for drinking water, vaccines offer a level of protection in lieu of the risks these same vaccines are associated with. Vaccines (in this context) would be seen as “GOOD

In developed countries where good hygiene and clean water is the norm, mandatory vaccinations result in a small percentage of permanently brain injured children. Vaccines (in this context for these children) are “BAD.”

In the United States, injuries associated with vaccines are rarely (if ever) made public. There is great concern that releasing this information might cause FEAR preventing families from vaccinating their children. These injuries are REAL, DOCUMENTED and destroy many of the families living with this REALITY.

When the Supreme Court had to make a ruling regarding the:


use of vaccines  (using the Supreme Court’s terminology:) they identified a reality, but deemed vaccines appropriate for the benefits they potentially offered.


Simply put, the courts ruled in favor of vaccines (as “GOOD”) and appropriate for use.

They also stated the REALITY of SERIOUS DANGER associated with vaccine use; that SERIOUS IRREVERSIBLE HARM will come to a SEGMENT of the population. This “BAD” outcome is an “unavoidable” REAL consequence of the vaccine program. The following are two vaccine court rulings that NEVER RECEIVED MAJOR NETWORK MEDIA COVERAGE.


“In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, whose parents described how “MMR vaccinations” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain.”

“The government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR vaccine.”


The purpose of this post is to present WITHOUT BIAS clarity that ALL CURRENT VACCINES pose a serious health risk to an UNKNOWN segment of the population. This segment only becomes known after receiving the vaccine.

It is essential to understand these vaccines are capable of causing PERMANENT NEUROLOGICAL INJURIES!






Some of you may feel this is ONLY TWO CASES worth several hundred thousand dollars. Since rulings in the vaccine courts do not receive media coverage, the average consumer is unaware that:

the vaccine injury courts have awarded over:

$3,000,000,000 (THREE BILLION DOLLARS)

to families that have proven their children have sustained injuries from these vaccinations.


I call the moral of this story,


How many doctors do you believe consider it their moral and ethical responsibility to explain the potential lifelong injuries as well as the diseases the vaccine is designed to combat prior to administering these vaccines? This LEGAL responsibility is RARELY fulfilled.  Why do YOU think this is the case?

How many families do you think might reconsider their decision if they had a magic ball to see the future BEFORE their child’s injury actually happened? Choosing to participate in the vaccine program is a personal decision each family should have the right to make.

Pressuring doctors (with their EMPLOYMENT) to maintain patient vaccination quotas causes many doctors intense personal conflict. A program that initially started with honorable intentions has mutated into a multi billion dollar industry protected by the law from ALL LIABILITY and incentivized to produce unlimited numbers of new vaccines (without quality research and with regulatory agencies having financial conflicts of interest of their own.)


The TRUTH, however, MUST BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD before ANY PARENT willingly places their child’s life at RISK by vaccinating OR abstaining.






  1. From personal experience I have a Bad view of vaccinations. I have personally witnessed the harm my children have suffered after receiving vaccination. My oldest suffered mild brain damage and my youngest suffered a seizure. These events have been overwhelming in our lives, but we persevere. I beg people to please look deeper into vaccines. Inquire about the ingredients. Ask questions and please learn from my ignorance. Now that I understand and know the ingredients in many vaccines offer the body no nutritional benefit… completely makes sense that they can be so harmful. Please educate yourself to know the truth.

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    1. Thank you for your willingness to share such a personal story. Vaccinations have been indoctrinated into people’s minds as “essential” to saving infants and children from “life threatening” illnesses. People don’t realize that a majority of these illnesses simply result in a typical 3-5 day illness WITHOUT complications. Experiencing these illnesses NATURALLY also provides TRUE lifetime immunity. Booster vaccinations would NOT BE REQUIRED.

      FEAR and lack of REAL knowledge prevents many parents from committing their time to learning the RISKS and BENEFITS. They assume their doctors have their best interest in mind. The consumer MUST realize their physician is going to promote and follow a standard their INDUSTRY determines. This industry standard often conflicts with physicians personal beliefs. Their job, however, is in jeopardy if they deviate from these guidelines.

      Parents need to examine INDEPENDENT experts as well as traditional sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding to make better INFORMED DECISIONS!

      How many vaccine injured parents do you think would loved to have had a second chance to learn more before subjecting their child to an elective treatment that resulted in permanent brain injury? You don’t hear the MEDIA talking and interviewing these families, do you?

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      1. Exactly! Parents are the ones left to care for and clean up behind things that never had to happen in the 1st place. The events are life changing to children and parents and it doesn’t have to be this way.

        You never see interviews from the parents….just like you never see commercials for alternatives to prescription drugs.

        You never see commercials talking about the benefit of Real food or companies who make better food alternatives.

        As a human race we have to do better for and by one another and stop letting greed win. As long as greed is winning we all lose.

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        1. ….from your lips to the MANY EARS that need to hear your words!!!….
          Thank you again.

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  2. My kids were all vaccinated because without them they couldn’t go to school and me too for that matter and I am 60 now and my kids in the 40’s range. The younger one who isn’t 30 yet got more vaccinations then his sisters did.

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    1. You may not have realized it, but there were exemptions including religious exemptions. The bigger picture, however, relates to our government mandating a medical intervention without clearly informing the parent of the possible risks (as well as benefits) associated with this procedure. Threatening parents with school admissions is inappropriate and seems to be a contradiction with a child’s/parent’s right to “liberty.” Why not ask your pediatrician what the chances are of a child acquiring one of the vaccine diseases and suffering a fatal outcome? I’ll bet most doctors would not have an accurate answer to this question.

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      1. I haven’t needed a pediatrician for many, many years LOL! Actually I, nor my parents used pediatricians. We all went to the family doctor. They did almost anything then. Not now though. And no we did not know about exemptions or to even ask for one and I don’t know if we would have made a choice to not vaccinate or not. As far as I know all my grandkids are vaccinated as well. I think, though I might be wrong, but I think my daughter in her mid 30’s and became a nurse had to have all the vaccinations she missed as a child.

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        1. Our society is treated disrespectfully by the health care profession. They have created a “false belief” mandating vaccination requirements for (primarily) all children and health care workers. What right does ANY institution have to mandate medical treatments? They hide behind the cloak that this “treatment” protects all of society. There are too many conflicts of interest questioning their ethics and morals. Accepting this blanket policy of mandatory vaccinations continues to be a source of great controversy with arguments on BOTH sides of the “coin.” Until the medical field is willing to produce:
          1. LONG TERM studies demonstating the efficacy and SAFETY of our current vaccine schedule.
          2.LONG TERM studies comparing the vaccine world from the non vaccine world demonstrating the CURRENT NEED for this procedure

          legitimate concerns will validate those choosing to follow a path opposing medical mandate.

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          1. My one daughter told me when her child was born they were all getting flu shots because the baby couldn’t. I had no intention of getting a flu shot. I won’t get any shots now that I have a say in the matter. I asked her if she intended to stay in the house with the baby because she couldn’t make the population get a flu shot. My 2 daughters and their families all get flue shots every year. I do not and haven’t luckily had the flue either.

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  3. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    this whole thing is just heartbreaking to me…I can’t seem to wrap my head around how they are deemed good when really the are only good to the people that do not end up with permanent neurological injuries…I never had a doctor explain any dangers to me when my daughter had to have these shots to go to school. and the school or doctor never told me I had any choice it was she gets the shots or doesn’t get to start school the end. You never cease to amaze me Jonathan with the substance of your posts and getting right into the fact of it all. thank you so much! 🙂

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    1. I am just one of many doctors wanting the world to have a chance to see an HONEST perspective as it relates to health care and the services provided. Our belief in these institutions is based on FAITH and NOT NECESSARILY FACTS. Consumers become very defensive when their doctor’s practices are questioned and challenged. I have seen enough harm over my career. This doesn’t mean medical doctors are bad or underhanded; it means they have been indoctrinated into practicing a form of acute emergency care (which they do very well,) but have fallen short on chronic diseases as well as applying treatment protocols to RESTORING HEALTH. ALL health care fields have LIMITATIONS. From my experiences, many traditional allopaths do not typically recognize their boundaries.

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    1. Thank you as always for sharing.


  5. I’ve always had a concern over this subject. I believe most schools require it for children to be admitted. What are the alternatives, or what rights does a parent have in this situation?

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    1. The choices are difficult, but complying with a “mandatory” medical treatment that posses risk makes the difficult choices potentially easier to make. You ask what you can do:
      1. Ask your pediatricians for their LONG TERM independent studies PROVING the “safety of vaccines and their various ingredients. (10+ years worth of studies.)
      2. Ask your pediatricians for the LONG TERM studies regarding the SAFETY of the vaccine schedule. Ask for the LONG TERM SAFETY studies for children given 3,4,5 and even 6 vaccines in one visit.
      3. Ask your pediatrician if ANY of their patients has EVER had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. If they respond, yes, ask them if they filed a VAERS report for each adverse reaction occurrence on line with the government. If the answer is “no” can you see how the risk factors can be skewed because many cases are NEVER REPORTED.

      For some parents, homeschooling becomes an option.

      Contact your congressman or woman and give them your pediatrician’s answers to the above questions. Then ask how in good conscience you can subject your child to a procedure that doesn’t have the LONG TERM science proving the current vaccine schedule’s SAFETY.

      Turning a child over for ANY medical procedure because the government “mandates it” is not a good reason to comply. Non compliance certainly comes with hardship, but I believe our children’s welfare should be the basis of our decision making process.

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      1. I don’t personally have children, but I care for them as a profession…& this discussion often comes up when dealing with the parents. Thanks so much 🙂

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  6. Great point in mentioning how context can direct a decision. And thank you for your candid thoughts! Each one of your posts gives me much to think about.


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