informedconsentfeat-800x420-425Neurotoxicity is one possible outcome caused by poisonous chemical substances ingested or injected into the body. It can result in problems with memory, concentration, learning, mental processing speed, sleep, thinking, language, anxiety, depression, confusion, personality changes, fatigue, as well as physical loss of function.

One of the most common chemicals associated with neurotoxicity is MERCURY. METHYL MERCURY is the type of mercury commonly found in various types of fish. We have been advised to limit certain types of fish from our diets to avoid toxic accumulation in our brains. Another form of mercury is called ETHYL MERCURY. This, along with thiosalicyclic acid, is used as a preservative known as Thimerosol in varying amounts in different vaccinations  Most vaccinations today have reduced amounts of thimerosol as a result of much scientific controversy. Trace amounts (measurable as 0.3mcg or less,) however, continue to be found in some of our vaccines as preservatives. The argument is 0.3mcg of thimerosol (or less) has no biological impact. What happens when you combine multiple vaccines in one office visit? If each vaccine contains “safe trace amounts of mercury, what is the CUMULATIVE EFFECT?



What happens (in the LONG TERM) when a baby at 6 months of age is given a flu shot containing up to 25mcg of thimerosol?




Are you ready!!!

We don’t know where the mercury winds up!

Here is what we do know:

  1. Ethyl mercury dissipates from the blood very quickly (within days) after injected. (Sounds like a good thing.)

  2. Ethyl Mercury crosses the protective blood brain barrier (Not so good.)

  3. Ethyl mercury is stored in fat tissue (The brain consists of 60+% fat tissue.)

  4. Urine, stool, perspiration and hair do not show good evidence of ethyl mercury elimination (especially the more dangerous inorganic form that remains after it is metabolized.)


It leaves our children exposed to gradual mercury accumulation capable of reaching the brain and effecting neural brain function without evidence of a reliable method to naturally rid the body of this toxic heavy metal. A child (still developing after birth) has to contend with this artificially injected chemical without medical science clearly understanding the long term effects on the developing nervous system and brain.

This article is NOT ABOUT advocating or opposing vaccinations; it is about the use of MERCURY as a preservative ingredient repeatedly injected into our children. It is about neurotoxicity caused by mercury and the lack of QUALITY STUDIES showing its SAFE CLEARANCE from the BODY (NOT THE BLOOD!) All the articles proudly discuss how quickly it dissipates from the blood. I have been unable to find quality research showing any significant levels in the urine, stool, sweat or hair. It’s leaving the blood quickly, but where is it going?

This article is about creating AWARENESS. When is the last time you asked your pediatrician to show you the evidence that Ethyl Mercury has been EXCRETED from your child’s body. Doctors typically restate the “small amounts” of these substances have been “scientifically proven” to cause no harm. REALLYAre they talking about the one ingredient in the one injection, or the one ingredient repetitively injected along with other ingredients over multiple years? Are they willing to show you the LONG TERM SAFETY STUDIES? I’ll give you the answer.


Robert Kennedy Jr. is part of The World Mercury Project. He has gathered sufficient information from enough credible sources to pursue changing the regulations. He has been told he will never gain air time on ANY of the major network channels or major news publications discussing this issue. When the only information available to the public THROUGH MEDIA SOURCES benefits the parties RELEASING THE INFORMATION, one must question the validity of the claims made by these parties.

So parents, without getting legitimate answers to these legitimate questions, how comfortable do you feel providing authorization (by signing the informed consent document) to allow your children to participate in medical experimentation?


  1. Wow! Very topical and relevant!

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    1. Hopefully other readers will agree with you. Opening eyes to truths people often do NOT want to see can be challenging. Those willing to listen, however, will have opportunities to gain better CONTROL over their own health. Talk about EMPOWERING!

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  2. Praise you for writing this! This is a passion of mine. I have a vaccine injured sister and I refuse to vaccinate my children due to their genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease ( on both maternal and paternal sides). I am a passionate advocate of knowing your facts before injecting or using and prescription, especially something that big pharma and the cdc stand to lose trillions on a year if the truth were revealed. Praise you!

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    1. Words Written · · Reply

      What do you mean by ‘vaccine injured’? I am trying to learn more about vaccine related issues.

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      1. I’m not sure if “theoxymoronmom” was aware your question was to her so I’ll add an answer to your question. Vaccines are NOT HEALTHY substances injected into the body. They are pathogens (ex. viruses) that are attenuated (weakened) or dead along with preservatives (ex. mercury) and adjuvants (ex. aluminum) used for the purpose to intensify the response of the immune system. The goal of vaccinations is to expose the body to a pathogen without causing a full blown illness. This exposure is designed to protect future exposures to these pathogens and safeguard one’s health over time.

        There will always be a segment of the population that experiences adverse reactions to these vaccinations. This is NOT an opinion; this is a fact. Neurotoxicity is one of those risks suffered causing cognitive and functional disorders. A special court system was established in 1986 (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) to specifically handle cases of vaccine injuries. This was a “no fault” system Congress enacted into law protecting the pharmaceutical manufacturers from any liability associated with their vaccines. The consumer was no longer legally permitted to sue any vaccine manufacturer directly even if their vaccine was manufactured unsafely.

        The following should also be noted: “From 1998 through June 1, 2015, HRSA reported that 14,812 claims were filed in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. The total paid out to vaccine victims has been approximately $3.1 billion.”

        I am including the following link for you as well. This investigative journalist provides additional relevant information on the topic of vaccine induced injuries and death.

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        1. Words Written · · Reply

          Thanks for the article you shared. I had no idea there were recorded cases of damages or there were cases in court. Just few days before reading this, I had read an article that claimed that the first researcher who claimed association between austism and vaccine had made claims without any evidence and he apologized for making false claims.Vaccine-austism link is just so confusing.

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          1. Words are like statistics; they’re used to create an understanding that may impose an inaccurate conclusion. (EX. Vaccines cause autism: every child given a vaccine will NOT succumb to autism, therefore, vaccines do not CAUSE autism.) Vaccines, however, can be a correlating factor in those who are vaccinated and do succumb to autism. In this case, the vaccine is NOT the CAUSE, but rather one procedure or factor that may have influenced the final EXPRESSION of autism. In this example, we see the potential for a correlation vs. causation. This grey area is never really discussed by those supporting vaccinations.


    2. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so sorry to hear your sister was injured as a result of vaccinations. Hopefully, your comment (the sharing of your sister’s injury,) along with the documentation I provide gives people the CONFIDENCE to ask the DIFFICULT QUESTIONS to their doctors before accepting treatment recommendations. Many people are afraid to ask questions because they don’t want their physicians to feel like they’re “challenging their credentials.” The consumer must understand that:
      1. Doctors are HUMAN. They make mistakes.
      2. Doctors are typically LIMITED in their knowledge to pharmaceutical medicine. This isn’t a criticism; it is simply a fact. There are many approaches (many of which) are safer and offer better outcomes. Since traditional doctors are unaware of these approaches, they can’t be expected to recommend them.
      3. Doctors are BUSINESS PEOPLE looking to PROFIT from their services and products (pharmaceuticals.) Again, this is NOT a criticism, but a fact. This, however, creates a moral and ethical dilemma the consumer isn’t typically aware of. The question becomes, “is the treatment recommendation truly in the best interest of the patient, or the best interest of the doctor and the medical institution’s business model?”

      Unless the consumer is willing to take a little time to LEARN and SEEK available OPTIONS, the medical business model will remain the dominant factor when it comes to treatment recommendations.

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      1. Throughout my sisters ordeal, vaccine injury, misdiagnosis, mistreated with medicine that exasperated her condition, complete paralysis, loss of vision and cognitive function, I have learned a few things that are vital; 1)ALWAYS seek a second opinion. 2) the doctors, hospital, clinic, all work for YOU. They answer to YOU. YOU are in control. 3) Research. Not biased, proves your predetermined idea research, but research in order to know both sides of the coin, all pros, all cons, all options, so that you can be informed and not left to follow like a blind sheep. 4) Trust your instinct. My sister was told she was psychology defunct because of your ailments and the inability to pinpoint a cause. Then once diagnosed she proggressivley worsened far faster than any person with a case of M.S. is known to progress. Then she was diagnosed correctly with N.M.O., but it was to late, her body, mind, and life have been ruined.

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        1. Misdiagnosis is common in health care. Every doctor over their career will misdiagnose a condition or will only partially diagnose a condition involving multiple diagnoses. This is simply a reality based on the limitations we, as HUMANS, possess.

          COMPLETE accurate diagnosing is more difficult than most patients realize. Many conditions have overlapping symptoms creating confusion (especially early in a pathological process.) A good doctor, however, doesn’t ASSUME. If a patient isn’t progressing as expected, further evaluation, testing and consulting with additional physicians might be necessary. If a doctor continues to suggest “more time” is needed while a patient’s symptoms continue to worsen, it is possible that a new physician (with a new set of eyes) is needed. Doctoring is a difficult job. A doctor can be an excellent practitioner yet still provide an inaccurate diagnosis. It’s what the doctor does after recognizing an inaccurate diagnosis that determines the quality of character and the quality of physician.

          Again, let me repeat, how sorry I am for what your sister and family have had to go through in this situation. Most physicians have good intentions. Although I disagree with many of their treatment recommendations especially in cases of chronic diseases, I have a great deal of respect for their knowledge and treatment in emergency case management. ALL PHYSICIANS need to leave their egos outside of their clinics and continue to LISTEN and LEARN from each other. Not only will they benefit from this experience, more importantly, THEIR PATIENTS WILL BENEFIT!

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  3. We need to ask these questions and ask for alternatives. Being mindful about what we inject, consume, etc is so important and your information helps. It is just overwhelming sometimes to think of everything. The industries are alway bombarding us with minimal viable (according to their marketing view) products. Policies need to prioritize supporting consumers better instead of protecting businesses. Humanist view over capitalist view! Let’s continue working on it. Thanks!

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    1. The “overwhelming” concern you mention is a primary reason for my blog. I identify questionable concepts pertaining to healthy living and offer OPTIONS to help people initiate the process of CHANGE. I also make myself available (at no cost) to offer additional information to anyone requesting it.

      Change can be frightening. When people realize support is available (if chosen,) it makes the PROCESS of change more palatable.

      Always nice to see another person working to help people improve the quality of their lives. Gentle persistence and caring goes a long way!

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  4. great post….my kids couldn’t go to school with out the vaccinations….if I had it all over to do….I would of home schooled and passed on all the vaccinations…I would of made it work no matter what…

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    1. I don’t doubt it. You strike me as one who would put the best interest of the family first.

      Hopefully, people find this information factually accurate without bias in order to take the next step and implement a strategy that protects their health. It requires a little awareness and a little education, but it is very achievable if a person truly values their health and life.

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      1. Yup…I always tried to do the best I could with what I had for my family….infact still do…happy holidays…HO HO HO

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  5. The Twentysomething Social Recluse · · Reply

    Really interesting post that has opened my eyes. I’ve never considered your points, but they are very valid!

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    1. So many people confuse “conspiracy theory” with the REALITY of BIG BUSINESS. These industries are “for profit” industries and are often willing to exceed ethical boundaries to generate additional revenue. Taking off the blindfold reveals these truths.

      It becomes the consumer’s responsibility to decide their level of awareness and the potential impact it has on their health and well being. The first thing the consumer should realize is that there are (generally) alternative pathways that achieve the same desired results. When we are told that “everyone must follow a specific approach to achieve a desired outcome,” one must question the validity in such a statement. Health is practiced differently all over the world. The U.S. does NOT rate anywhere near the top when it comes to quality healthcare offered. It should only reason, that options outside of U.S. recommendations (at the very least) be considered.

      This is very different thinking than we’ve been raised with. All I ask readers do is consider the logic in this approach. If it “makes sense” why not take that first step and give yourself a chance to gain greater CONTROL over your HEALTH and LIFE! Those willing to implement this strategy rarely turn back!

      Wishing you a very Healthy and Happy Holiday season. 🙂

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      1. The Twentysomething Social Recluse · · Reply

        Very good points – there are lots of alternative pathways that people can consider. Thank you for taking the time to reply – Happy holidays! 🙂

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    1. Sorry for the delayed response. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!


  7. Great points you raise Jonathan on an issue I admit I don’t know much about. You’ve encouraged me to research this more.

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    1. There are so many credible doctors, scientists and researchers with concerns about the current vaccination program. The consumer is NOT informed about many of the risks associated with the various vaccines. My concern arises from the lack of willingness to share these risk factors as well as the lack of willingness to air opposing views to the vaccine program from CREDIBLE SOURCES. I support ANY decision a well informed consumer makes. The problem is, our consumers are only exposed to ONE SIDE of the vaccine story. I simply want the consumer to question, “why are the CREDIBLE SOURCES expressing concerns about the efficacy and safety of the current vaccine program absent from the vaccine discussions on major networks?” Major networks love to pit democratic views against republican views on a daily basis. Why is the vaccine debate not handled in a similar format; CREDIBLE doctors supporting vs. CREDIBLE doctors opposing? Instead, we typically see the traditional medical “authorities” vs. anti vax advocates or celebrities. Why are the “BIG NAME DOCTORS opposing the vaccine program absent from the most popular source of media; TELEVISION! Do you really believe this approach offers the consumer the “best truths?”

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      1. Very good points about the news media yet again not offering the full story. You’re right in that all we usually see on this topic are flaky celebrities who will they may be making very valid arguments, are tainted in a skeptic mind like myself’s because of their lack of scientific credentials. I’d love to see a good pro and con doctor debate, it would be a good public service for the networks to air them.


  8. I never knew mercury was used in vaccines. Even in trace amounts, it does not leave me with a good feeling. Thanks for the insight.

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