Part of the Hippocratic Oath is to SWEAR to NEVER DO HARM to a patient. Obviously, this refers to intentional harm. What if, however, there are questions whether a procedure MAY cause harm to a patient. The moral and ethical answer is to GET ANSWERS BEFORE proceeding with these treatments.

I pose to the reader the possibility that POLITICS and POWER may be factors compromising ethical standards in healthcare. Today, we are currently facing controversy and potential conflicts of interest as we proceed through our presidential election process. What we may fail to realize is that these conflicts of interest extend well beyond the White House.


As a doctor WITH QUESTIONS STILL UNANSWERED, it is my obligation to share public safety concerns when those in positions of authority refuse to allow proper (independent) investigations to evaluate research conclusions. This jeopardizes EVERY DOCTOR’S right to know whether the treatments they provide are truly safe and in the patient’s best interest.

The measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR vaccine) has ad nauseam been discussed in the media as a SAFE vaccine PROVEN to be UNAFFILIATED with AUTISM. During senate hearings on vaccine safety in February 2014, Rear Admiral Ann Schuchat, MD (principal deputy director at the CDC) and “top immunization official in the United States” emphatically stated NO EVIDENCE WAS FOUND PROVING VACCINATIONS CAUSED AUTISM.






Dr. William W. Thompson, a Senior Scientist and Epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Immunization Safety Branch), decided to SPEAK UP and SHARE the vaccine-autism connection.

“My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

All in all, Dr. Thompson wanted documents turned over to the Justice Department revealing other scientists covered up data showing African American boys under age three who received the MMR vaccine were SIGNIFICANTLY MORE likely to get autism. Recent spikes in those rates are consistent with these findings. He sent an email to Dr. Melinda Wharton (currently serving as the Acting Director for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases) stating:

(IN REGARDS TO THE DEPT. OF JUSTICE:) “I have also tried to bring your attention to some potentially sensitive legal issues surrounding what documents we should provide for this study.”E-mail to Dr. Melinda Wharton

The CDC and certain scientists have tried (and succeeded up until now) to hide this scientific and statistical evidence, according to Dr. Thompson and his full confession.  He told Dr. Brian Hooker:

“It’s all there.” 34 PAGE LETTER Letter To The CDC and U.S. Dept. Of Health and Human Services OUTLINING MANIPULATION FINDINGS OF RESEARCH. “This is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.

Mass Media Blackout

All of this historic information is completely blacked out by the mass media, including television, newspapers, magazines, hospital protocol, scientific journals, peer review publications, and any other business that sponsors allopathic chemical medications. Why are we, THE CONSUMERS, only permitted exposure to the information that supports the actions and policies of our government and healthcare institutions? How can we be expected to make intelligent medical decisions in life in light of this revelation? Apparently, it is our responsibility to BLINDLY ACCEPT THEIR “WORD” and follow protocols established even when legitimate questions remain unanswered.




Maybe the next time we hear the word VACCINATION, we shouldn’t talk in terms of PRO or ANTI, but rather in terms whether the EXPERTS supporting or opposing the treatments offer better concluding arguments. Today, our media shares congressional testimony of Dr. Schuchat (principal deputy director at the CDC) on the safety of the MMR vaccine and offers Jenny McCarthy (a Hollywood Celebrity) as the spokesperson to refute the head of the CDC. Where are the QUALIFIED EPIDEMIOLOGISTS and IMMUNOLOGISTS representing the opposing views? Why are their voices not shared in the media coverage?

As we witness the sacrifice of INTEGRITY during our presidential election, my concern for the INTEGRITY within our healthcare system GROWS. By using a strategy to suppress research data along with discrediting QUALIFIED CDC research scientists and doctors, the government and healthcare system’s agenda toward achieving mandatory MMR vaccination compliance remains the steadfast goal. With the exponential increase in autism and the medical field offering no answers or solutions, how can we (AS AMERICANS) IGNORE THESE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. How many more children and families must pay the price for government and healthcare DECEPTION?



  1. Very interesting post, Dr.Jonathan. I suppose as well, that the Hippocratic Oath is closely aligned with the ‘duty of care’. But in this respect, I am viewing this concept through a lawyer/barrister lens. In brief, I suspect the 2 (Hippocratic Oath and DoC) are interrelated. Have a nice weekend!

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    1. I’m sure there is an overlapping between the two oaths. The purpose of mentioning the oaths was related to the videos and the information they reveal to the public about healthcare policy. Did you have any prior knowledge about the controversy regarding vaccinations (in this case specifically the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine) and the health complications (including risk of Autism) potentially resulting from them? This correlation has always been denied. The 34 page letter, the email and the (2) 2 minute videos provide information the media and government has kept quiet from our population. This adds controversy to whether current policy is SELF SERVING or in the public’s best interest. People get hung up on the topic of PRO or ANTI VACCINE. The underlying issues are significantly bigger namely, “who’s interests are best served by mandating mandatory medical procedures?”

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      1. Hi Dr. Jonathan, yes-I do have some knowledge regarding the controversy re vaccinations. Of course, we are plagued by pictures, anecdotes et al. (usually horrible ones) as well as the advantages and disadvantages of vaccinations. It all is a bit too much at times, but knowledge, is power. The video is interesting and of course, the underlying/outstanding issues which you mentioned are pretty uncomfortable to deal with-which makes them important. Thanks for addressing this-it is so, so important. Cheers.

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        1. Thank you for sharing this comment. It is important for me to understand people’s levels of awareness as it pertains to various health concerns and issues. Have a wonderful weekend!


          1. Thanks. And you!

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  2. Very informative!

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    1. Were you already aware of this information? I am always curious to know if the information I share adds to or simply reinforces what people already know.

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  3. When I see these videos, honestly, I just want to look away. How could our country do this to children?! Shameful and disgusting.

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    1. I share this information so the world can see an HONEST perspective hidden from most of the world. We are living in times revealing TRUTHS (ex. wikileaks) the public would never have had access to in the past. Policies (whether governmental or health related) are being exposed as “SELF SERVING” yet are verbalized as policies of public interest. The first step is EDUCATING oneself to these realities followed by seeking options offering the best personal choices.

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  4. So much corruption…an epidemic of ethical ‘lack of care’ everywhere. But the hope lies with those, like you, who bring light into a dark situation. Thank you for being such a beacon!

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    1. I care more about correcting misperception than pointing fingers and placing blame. We are ALL better off learning to seek the TRUTH and create modifications in life to benefit from these truths. Turning a blind eye because it seems “easier” for the moment creates long term complications that reduce quality living. People (in general) deserve better than this!

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  5. …if the public is willing and able to open their eyes to see ALL SIDES to help them make the best informed decisions for themselves and their families!….

    It takes patience and gentle persistence because “hydraulic powered crowbars” working on “opening those eyes” just keep breaking! 🙂

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  6. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    The more I read your posts, the more and more grateful I am that I came across your website. I’m always learning something new and your extensive knowledge in the area or nutrition and health inspires us to delve even deeper.

    Thanks for opening people’s eyes to things that often aren’t widely known to the general public!

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    1. I appreciate you and your blog site as well. We appear to be sharing a common mission; to help make this world a little healthier and happier than it might be without our effort. Keep up the GREAT work!

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        Thank you so much!!

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  7. Thank you for being willing to tackle such a contradictory topic. I immensely enjoyed reading this post.

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    1. Thank you for your open mindedness to the subject content. Truth often is found somewhere in the “middle.” Advocates and opponents are often so angry, they fail to “LISTEN” to understand eachother’s concerns and perspectives. They shout to be heard, but are rarely “LISTENED TO.” In addition, today’s TRUTHS are tomorrow’s FALLACIES. For the consumer, they MUST be provided information from QUALIFIED people with opposing views. This is the only fair way to help people make the best informed decisions possible.


  8. love the post….I was at odds when it came time to vaccinate my kids….I struggled with the decision…of course my mother thought I was nuts if I didn’t….in the end, I did have the vaccinate but I worried through our there childhood if I did the correct thing…I can still remember standing in a long line of kids at the post office where they were inoculating us…still have the scar on my arm….I look back at it and it was like sheep to slaughter…..hope your having a good weekend…kat

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    1. My intent is NOT TO PREACH pro or anti, but simply to make certain people have more quality information to base their personal decisions. Those willing to take the time to LEARN about the risks and benefits from perspectives outside traditional medicine as well as traditional medicine are more inclined to make better informed decisions. This is my goal.


      1. and you do it well…I love all the information, whether pro or con in my life, gives me more information to make the correct decision for myself….thank you for that

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  9. Being uninformed is scary because of the consequences. It bothers me that vaccines are forced on a person. It is a requirement at some places like school or some work places. Do vaccines work? Sometimes in a titer it shows no inoculation. They won’t tell you what’s in the shot; aluminum? It’s so secretive yet they want me to put it in my body. The flu shot…never! It’s hard to trust when the people you should trust to have your health at heart is driven by big pharma. If I could only set my own bones and perform my own surgeries! Hahaha. Hope you are enjoying fall. It’s incredibly beautiful where I am right now. I hand mowed a trail out back and have been enjoying walking about and kicking up the fallen leaves. Be well!

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    1. You sound like you understand the potential conflicts of interest as they pertain to forced/mandatory medical procedures. Even the schedule assigned is poorly conceived. When a doctor’s first responsibility is to “do no harm,” how can we continue to combine 3,4 and even 5 inoculations in one office visit. We have no idea of the possible harm these combinations of vaccines may be causing. It’s a shame parents are not willing to LEARN more about medical treatments prior to imposing them on their families.

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