facts-about-shingles-vaccineWe have all heard of chicken pox (caused by the varicella zoster virus.) As a baby boomer, I experienced chicken pox in my youth and managed to SURVIVE without the intervention of ANY THERAPY. There was no therapy available when I was a child. My mother was instructed by my pediatrician to keep me home (to avoid spreading a contagious virus) and let my body HEAL ITSELF. 90+% of my childhood classmates experienced a viral attack by the varicella zoster virus and successfully recovered as a result of  their immune systems combating the disease. In my generation, people actually had chicken pox “parties” to intentionally expose other children to this virus to elicit an immune response providing lifetime immunity. Typical childhood diseases were not FEARED as they are today.

Death is an unavoidable event that occurs whether we use medical intervention preventatively or not. One must measure the RISK/REWARD efficacy of treatments in cases where LOW RISKS for serious illnesses occur. FEAR, by authoritative professionals, to convince or discourage treatments is both unethical and immoral. It is the professional’s job to SHARE ALL INFORMATION KNOWN (both supporting and refuting any outcomes) rather than IMPOSE personal preferences.

Today we have two treatments encouraged by the medical community for children and adults. We have the Chicken Pox vaccine for children and the Shingles vaccine for adults. Where we once had chicken pox “parties,” we now inoculate to prevent the illness from manifesting. How beneficial is this? Was this a HIGH RISK disease that effected quality living for a significant percentage of our population? The answer is no. Does the chicken pox vaccine provide the same lifelong protection as exposure to the actual virus? The answer is no. Does the vaccine require ongoing booster vaccines over a lifetime? The answer is YES! Does it raise enough controversy to make it a legitimate FAMILY DECISION rather than an IMPOSING STATE AND MEDICAL DECISION? I suggest YOU decide the answer for yourself!


SHINGLES is believed to predominantly affect those 60 years of age and older with weakened immune function. The vaccine was supposed to protect this population against Shingles and provide 20+ years of protection. In reality, the Shingles vaccine has been found to INCREASE the chances of developing the disease in a younger HEALTHIER population (ages 31-40) and only produced potential protection for two years rather than the 20 years expected. (Reference: Shingles Vaccine Research)



Although the vaccine is approved by the FDA for those 50 and older, the CDC has provided a warning to those under 60 to discuss the risks of complications with their doctor: (Ref: CDC Research on Shingles Vaccine)

Herpes zoster vaccine is approved by FDA for people aged 50 years and older. However, CDC does not recommend routine use of herpes zoster vaccine in people aged 50 through 59 years old. Health care providers considering the herpes zoster vaccine for certain persons aged 50 through 59 years should discuss the risks and benefits of vaccination with their patients. Although the vaccine has short-term efficacy, there have been no long-term studies of vaccine protection in this age group.



The SHINGLES VACCINE claims to reduce the risk of shingles by 50%! Let’s look at PERCENTAGES AND REAL NUMBERS instead of percentages alone.

The clinical trial showed a reduction of Shingles in the placebo group (3.3%) to the vaccine group (1.6%,) hence a 50% reduction. In REAL NUMBERS this translates to:

175 people vaccinated to prevent 1 CASE!

1087 would have to be vaccinated to prevent 1 CASE of post herpetic neuralgia (a known potential complication of the disease .)

All this at a cost of $150-$300 per vaccination.


  • This vaccine is still fairly new and its long-term side effects and effectiveness have yet to be determined.

  • Second, no one knows if it helps ward off repeat outbreaks.



Various forms of VITAMIN C have been studied and proven efficacious while effectively combating this virus. The explanation is lengthy and requires a LINK for those interested in the details. You can find it at:



Healthy skepticism is a TOOL that’s used to protect us from reflexively submitting to authoritative recommendations. CHALLENGING conventional as well as alternative recommendations  provides more comprehensive information when making informed health decisions.

It is important to remember the purpose of this article is to provide information typically removed from everyday circulation. It is intended to add information to YOUR ARSENAL to help you decide for YOURSELF the best course of action to take.

It is NOT INTENDED to impose ANY decision on you!

Wishing everyone the best in health finding a CHOSEN PATH based on the BEST and MOST CREDIBLE INFORMATION.



  1. Even with the chicken pox vaccine I hear of children getting it anyway. I think it was better how we did it when we were younger. I wanted my kids to have it and get it over with. My son was so much younger than his sisters that he potentially passed it on to their ball teams. Turns out only 1 parent hadn’t had it, all the kids had by that age. I felt bad for the parent, but we had no idea he had it yet. I called around once we knew.

    Though I think it is terrible that we have to look forward to possible Shingles after suffering through chicken pox.

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    1. At least knowing that a simple solution like Vitamin C (as described in the link in the article) can effectively address this condition, the FEAR of shingles can lessen. Vitamin C doesn’t cost anywhere near the $150-$300 cost of the shingles vaccine.

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      1. Thanks for the suggestion of Vitamin C. I really don’t like vaccines anyway.

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  2. Thanks Doc. This is some good and timely info for me personally. I am 56 and have been encouraged to get the vaccine. I have put it off primarily because insurance won’t cover it until I’m 60. But everyone has been saying to go ahead and pay and get it. Because it is not something anyone would want to have, obviously. This has tipped the scale for me and I will read up and research some more but I don’t think I’m gonna get in any hurry.

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    1. First of all, this 1 in 3 number I greatly question. I took care of patients for over 20 years and know for a fact that shingles was no where near as pervasive as the statistics claim. In addition, knowing that a simple inexpensive option like Vitamin C (as explained in the linked article) could MORE EFFECTIVELY address this virus certainly provides a quality tool should one succumb to this disease. Why doesn’t traditional medicine include this option? I hope it’s because they aren’t aware, because the alternative reason of discarding this option could only be based on financial compensation and that is reprehensible.

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  3. Interesting ! A lot of food for thought ! Funny, I managed to escape chicken pox as a child and in fact all the childhood illnesses. To this day, I have yet to experience them, even though being exposed to them. I remember when my daughter was in ICU just after she got ill, there was a woman in the ICU in her 30’s that had chicken pox! That was frightening, and I remember my mom, saying how dangerous it can be to get a childhood illness later on in life.
    Shingles, I was led to believe could be stress related ? And, it is uncanny how many people in their early 20’s have been exposed to it, that I have heard of !
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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    1. The actual cause reactivating a dormant virus is unknown, but stress is believed to play a role. If people spent as much time focusing on lifestyle changes that promote healthy outcomes as they do fearing disease, they would (to a large extent) be happier more content people. It’s a choice all of us have to make for ourselves.

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  4. Very interesting as my son just had shingles and he is only 18 and in great physical shape! Very interesting ideas and well written!

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    1. Shingles doesn’t discriminate between fit and unfit people, however, knowing that Vitamin C can play an effective aid can be a great benefit to all.

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  5. Vitamin C is a super vitamin! Great info:)

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    1. More amazing than most realize. It is being used along with other products in cancer treatments. Most people only know about potential benefits to “fighting colds.” This is a Vitamin more people need to learn about.

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      1. Yes, exactly! Glad you are opening the doors for people to know more about it;)

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  6. Many, many years after having had the chicken pox, all I remember from having them are the good parts – getting to watch lots of TV while stuck inside and getting presents. Even with several permanent chicken pox scars that are quite visible, I don’t recall it being a bad thing at all. It was sort of like a rite of passage – you got to tell everyone at school you’d had it, while those who hadn’t wondered when they were finally going to come down with it!

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    1. For an overwhelming majority of people, their experiences were similar to yours. With the congress passing blanket liability protection for ALL VACCINES (even if the manufacturers were derelect and produced contaminated product) profits from vaccines will skyrocket. They are working hard to require mandatory adult vaccines as well from 18-death. Initial good intent has grown into a very dangerous situation. How many personal liberties must be sacrificed to mandate medical treatments against the consumer’s will. This will set a very dangerous precedent.

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  7. Great info! My mother had shingles several years back. Once she got her diagnosis and prescriptions, I did some research and found that Vitamin C, Brewer’s Yeast and L-lysine were of great benefit for treating shingles. My mother opted to go with the information I found and it really worked well for her.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. As a doctor, people accept my academic credentials, but disassociate them with practical reality. When comments such as yours validates REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES it potentiates the affects and inspires consumer/patient curiosity and a willingness to further listen. These experiences you share adds credibility to the words I write. This lowers people’s defensive reactions and opens their hearts and minds to potential CHANGE. Once this point is reached, new opportunities in HEALTH and LIFE are possible. Thank you for helping me HELP PEOPLE find this PLACE!

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      1. Thank you for your kind words. I love the content value of your blog. I really want the message of what you share to reach more people. We all talk about living healthy lives but most of us have no clue on where to start. The information you share makes it doable/attainable. I enjoy sharing my experience in hopes that it may help someone in need and make their search for answers just a little bit easier.

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        1. Thank you again for your kind words. We share a mission to add valuable information to the universe giving the consumer healthier CHOICES in life. Those seeking short term immediate gratification will likely ignore this information. I certainly respect their right to do so. Those seeking LONG TERM LIFE ENHANCING RESOURCES will likely benefit greatly. My goal is to help those people CHOOSING to help themselves.

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      2. I’m over 60, and routinely take L-Lysine for Shingles pain which kicks up every now and then. It works for me just fine. I will add the Vit C to my regimen now as well. Great reporting. Thanks!

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        1. Thank you for adding your comment. People need to see REAL PEOPLE using REAL NATURAL HEALTH BASED products to address imbalances in the body. This helps to prove that pharmaceutical drugs are ONLY ONE option. The beauty is natural based products do NOT come with the unwanted SIDE EFFECTS!

          Keep the stress levels at bay (a factor believed to awaken dormant viruses) and stay healthy and happy.

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          1. “Keep the stress levels at bay (a factor believed to awaken dormant viruses) and stay healthy and happy.”

            Like cold sores, for example, believed to be caused by stress, and a weak immune system. Lemon Balm is good for this as well as L-Lysine.

            Thanks for being a good doctor, and operating outside the conventional “box”, so to speak.

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            1. I appreciate the opportunity to share information often undisclosed by traditional health care providers. Thank you for adding your amino acid (L-Lysine) treatment suggestion.


  8. Having had shingles, another one of those diseases that causes debilitating pain….I have not had a full second out break, but where I had the first outbreak sometimes has shooting pains if I am extremely exhausted from life problems….but it has not broken out again…I have included vit C in my daily regime and try not to let myself get exhausted….and the pains have subsided…yay..but fingers crossed it stays away…..!!!

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    1. Stress is a factor believed to allow reactivation of the virus. Taking Vit. C is great, but how have you determined if you’re taking adequate amounts? I would encourage you to do a little research to learn about the different types (forms) of Vit. C and how to determine adequate quantities for intake.


      1. okay…. thanks….

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  9. Shingles is not just for those aged 60+. I was vaccinated. Was 35 when I got it, after a bad period of stress, poor physical activity and then moving out furniture.. which moved something in the spine. It was painful and had to stay in bed for a about a week.

    Fortunately, it made me more aware of health issues and now writing about it.

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    1. Shingles can certainly happen at a younger age as you are proof. The federal gov’t has approved it for people 50 and older even though they claim it is safer to receive at 60 and over.

      Lifestyle does play a major factor activating a dormant virus. The vaccine unfortunately is sold as a “replacement” for healthy lifestyle adjustments. This is a foolish concept. Creating BALANCE in ones life (physical, mental and emotional) has a much greater impact on preventing disease than a shingles vaccine by itself.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and your story.


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