For most people, food inspires an emotional sense of a joyful experience. If you think about it, this is a relatively new concept. When our ancestors went out hunting and gathering food, the purpose was simple, SURVIVAL. Today, SURVIVAL remains the topic of discussion as we witness the damaging effects our relationship with food has caused.

Pain, agony and torment associated with today’s typical FOOD CHOICES may not be recognized on a cognitive level, but the havoc it wreaks on our physical bodies and mental functioning is clearly evident. Technology has developed a “science” fooling the taste buds with cheap harmful substances while satisfying the palate’s wants and desires. This has created an addictive need that many have used as a (destructive) tool to address anxiety, depression and other harmful emotions.



What Causes The Pain, Agony and Torment?

Most people would probably guess the “named” diseases including diabetes, cardiac disease, obesity, cancer, stroke, etc…are the CAUSES. No, these are the simply the END STAGES of a PROCESS of ONGOING DESTRUCTION caused by the real culprit known as:



Inflammatory foods interfere with the natural biological and biochemical processes of the body. They destroy ALL our major organs by either interfering with their function or forcing them to work harder than they are capable of doing. There is a “GENIUS” to these inflammatory foods; they create this extensive damage


or produce only minor symptoms we have been trained to medicate with prescriptive medications or over the counter drugs. Why do I use the term, “GENIUS?” They hide their LETHAL affects while simultaneously  stimulating greater demand. Rather than turning to healthier sources of food, the public chooses to spend their hard earned money on drugs. These inflammatory foods become “PARASITES directing our brain, controlling our behavior, running our lives and ultimately KILLING US. The manufacturers and distributors of inflammatory foods do not concern themselves with the disease and death their products cause because the supply of “BODIES” continues to grow.



How do Inflammatory Foods Cause Damage?

 Unhealthy foods, chemicals, food coloring and dyes, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, etc… CAUSE our IMMUNE SYSTEM to send out messengers (known as cytokines) to address these foreign substances THE SAME WAY it would send out messengers to address bacterial and viral infections. This leads to a chain reaction that causes white blood cells to attack these “foreign food invaders.” This ATTACK creates INFLAMMATION in an attempt to control and “WALL OFF” the areas of damage these foods, chemicals and substances cause.

The immune system is designed to work effectively and efficiently when required to work intermittently. It was not intended to ACTIVELY combat systemic inflammation 24/7, 365 days a year. It works similarly to our military forces. How effective would our military be without any rest while remaining in battle for 30 or 40 years? At what point does a military organization surrender?


  1. When overwhelming it with too many damaging food sources and full blown lifetime diseases manifest.

  2. When requiring lifetime medications in an attempt to stabilize function because our systems can no longer manage themselves.



Is this really what we mean when we espouse FREEDOM OF CHOICE? What happened to our PRIDE? With such destructive behavior, where do we find MEANING in our lives? When did we make the conscious decision to become PRISONERS within our own bodies?



If you insist on making unhealthy food the center of your life and primary source of temporary happiness, be prepared to accept a likely self imposed “sentence” of PAIN, AGONY and TORMENT.



If instead, you recognize a higher VALUE in yourself and are willing to accept the challenge and difficulties in overcoming destructive addictive behaviors, the opportunities for improved health (both physical and mental,) optimistic outlook and an ACHIEVABLE SUSTAINABLE IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE likely awaits you.







  1. Still working with nutritionist on inflammatory foods. Kinesiology/muscle-testing is helping a lot there. I am HAPPY to report that of the “9 foods to never eat” – I’m off of 7 and the other two very low – almost gone. This post was a very nice validation of work I’m doing.
    Interesting side note – getting off the inflammatory foods has dropped me 1 shirt size and 2 pant sizes already. Must be something in all that huh?
    🙂 Thank you again for the post!

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    1. This is why I tell people the focus needs to be on HEALTH and NOT weight loss. Weight loss is the END RESULT of better health (if needed.) You are a living testimony to this statement.

      Keep up the good work. Food is such an important component to physical and mental health.

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      1. Now you sound like Dr. Cheryl (my nutritionist expert)

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        1. Hopefully, I speak 1 or 2 octaves lower! 🙂


  2. Very interesting indeed! The foods never to eat were also quite enlightening. I’m happy to say that my family doesn’t eat most of them, but there is some room for improvement. One of them we have with some regularity and two others are very occasional for us.

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    1. Sounds like your family is doing well above the average family. Nice to see you care! Keep up the good work. It’s not about perfection; it’s about quality and moderation!

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      1. No, it’s definitely not about perfection. I’ve always been a believer in good nutrition though. My husband had some health though so we’ve been trying to make healthier choices.

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        1. I agree with you. Nutrition is a major component to achieving and maintaining good health.

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  3. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Your health blog has easily become one of my favorites! I resonate with every single post I have read by you so far.

    I love what you mention about value. Honestly, if you genuinely value yourself, truly healthy eating becomes as effortless as breathing.

    A few years back, I wouldn’t be able to resist eating an entire bag of Oreos or eating fast food every other day. Now, I can easily resist it all and happily bite into an apple. Fruit is now my favorite dessert.

    Anyway, thank you for what you’re doing here! All of this information is SO important and I’m glad you’re sharing it with everybody.


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    1. The feelings are mutual. Your posts share great value to those seeking information on the various topics.

      Keep up the great work. Combined (along with many other great blog writers) we can help modify the paths so many people unknowingly and unwillingly navigate.

      Stay healthy and ALWAYS happy! 🙂

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        Thank you for the kind words! 🙂

        Yes, sharing valuable information pertaining to health is definitely a team effort.

        Stay happy AND healthy, too!

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  4. Prajakta · · Reply

    Very useful information and very nicely explained 😊👍

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    1. Sometimes things need to be stated directly to the point rather than meandering around it to get people to focus and truly understand the intent of the message. This certainly wasn’t a “feel good” article, but the intent was absolutely to help people FEEL BETTER about their health and their lives.
      Thank you so much for taking your time to read it and comment on it. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  5. Pain, agony and torment. Sounds like what happens when I eat food. It’s hard to trust the sources and keeping up with nourishment requirements can be exhausting. No wonder healthy eating is seen as a chore or at best high maintenance.

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      Sometimes I think healthy eating is seen as a chore to justify unhealthy behavior. Of course healthy lifestyles are challenging.

      You are an artist. Is it easy? Does it require effort? Have you ever spent a great deal of time creating a work of art that left you completely UNSATISFIED? Did you choose to quit because it was “hard” (became a chore?)

      Many things in life requiring GREAT EFFORT also produce GREAT REWARDS. Without good health, quality living is sacrificed. Without good health, it becomes impossible to do the relevant and discretionary things in life we want to do.

      Until we accept a lifestyle necessary to achieve Good Health as ESSENTIAL it will remain an inconvenience; an impediment to “enjoying” life. This misguided belief and attitude has contributed to the fact that anti-anxiety and anti-depressants are the 3rd most popular prescribed medication today.

      Creating a new mindset and commitment to HEALTHY LIVING is difficult, but necessary if we wish to pursue our PASSIONS in life.

      I appreciate your comment more than you realize. These sentiments regarding the “chore” of healthy eating/living are frequently expressed and need to be addressed in a manner that RESONATES with people. A complaint without an alternative approach remains nothing more than an ONGOING PROBLEM. Who benefits from this?

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  6. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    i am so glad to say there is not one awful thing I’m eating from the ‘do not eat’ list! and my body and mind have never felt better! Thanks Jonathan for another post to keep me knowing that I am headed in the right direction! Finally! 🙂

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    1. Proof once again that it’s never too late! So proud of all your efforts.

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Jonathan! Means a lot to me! XO!

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  7. I just made a big pot of turkey chili with canned tomatoes and sauce, thinking it was healthy. I ate it for 3 days. I wish I would have read this first. Does it help if I used organic canned tomatoes/ sauce?

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  8. My biggest concern about canned tomatoes is the potential Bisphenol A lining many cans. Some organic products have created cans without this. You will have to check your can’s label to see. The acid from the tomatoes breaks this down and permits its ingestion.

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  9. Man do I know about the foods that cause inflammation…I am proud to say that the only food I eat on the 9 foods you shouldn’t eat, it I do use some canned tomatoes…I saw that you mentioned about the potential Bisphenol A lining, does the label tell you if the can is free of this?? I don’t use a lot of canned tomatoes but hate to give up the stewed tomatoes….I will watch for the cans without this…..good post….nice to see I am on the good list for a change….LOL kat

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    1. Most cans that are not lined with Bisphenol A state so on the can. If you don’t see it stated, count on the can BEING LINED with it.


      1. thanks….all cans are good in my pantry…yay

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  10. What’s wrong with table salt? Wouldn’t a diet without salt cause low thyroid levels?

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    1. Table salt is processed and stripped of its mineral content and value. Sodium chloride is a cheap form of salt that has been shown to play a role in causing blood pressure problems. It also contains other chemical compounds that can cause health risks.

      Himalayan salt and celtic sea salt are natural forms that contain approximately 80 minerals while also satisfying the iodine needs for proper thyroid function. It’s the processing specifically of table salt and the widespread use of this cheap form of salt that gives salt a “bad name.”

      Personally I favor the Himalayan salt because sea salt may have greater quantities of pollutants.

      The article wasn’t advising against all uses of salt. It was expressing the health risk factors of table salt which is the most common form used today.

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      1. Oh. Thanks for the info. It makes a lot of sense !

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  11. Thanks for writing this post!

    I have an autoimmune disease and have decided to juice fast as a way of cleansing and healing the body. Going off of solid food and sticking solely with fruits and vegetables really gives great insight into our relationship with food and how addictive all that processed stuff really is….

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    1. Your picture doesn’t reflect a weight management issue, but the link I’m providing you is a MUST WATCH video. It is called, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It is about an Australian business man that juice fasted for 60 days and turned his life completely around. The video is 1 1/2 hours so you may want to watch it incrementally. You WILL find it fascinating.

      Detoxifying is a smart approach for anyone suffering an autoimmune condition. I am looking forward to hearing about the results. Just remember, you can feel pretty lousy in the beginning as your body adjusts to the elimination of all those toxins.


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