Does this sound familiar?

“I’ve tried dieting, exercising, appetite suppressants and the number on the scale won’t go down!” “I’ve done everything POSSIBLE, so I guess I’ll have to live with this reality.”



Most people did what they were WILLING TO DO under the terms they were WILLING TO DO IT. Without clearly understanding the mechanism of weight gain, they attempted to alter its outcome by throwing various “weight loss” ideas at the problem. This method  worked in the past, therefore, would surely work again. Unfortunately, as we age, it frequently doesn’t!

When patients came to me with specific health concerns, I didn’t simply reach into my bag of “experience” and “pull out” things that worked with other patients. I went through a thorough health history, examination and diagnostic testing (which might have included blood work, MRI’s, ultrasounds, CT scans, evoked potential studies, etc…) BEFORE EVER determining a treatment plan.

HEALTHY LONG TERM weight loss is NOT about guessing. It’s about creating a LONG TERM game plan to losing and maintaining weight loss while providing essential ongoing needs for the MIND AND BODY. It’s not just about FOOD AND EXERCISE; it’s about LIFE AND LIVING! 

You say you’ve done EVERYTHING you can, but have you really? There are many questions that need to be answered to SUCCESSFULLY address this problem. It’s very possible you didn’t realize its complexity. For example, the following are a list of questions that provide VITAL INFORMATION determining a PLAN OF ACTION to achieve LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS. Can you answer these questions?

  1. What is your resting metabolic rate?

  2. What percentage of your body weight is: (a) lean body mass, (b) body fat, (c) body water?

  3. How many calories do you burn exercising?

  4. How do you determine the length of your exercise program?

  5. How do you determine the length of your cardio exercise vs. your resistive exercise?

  6. How many calories do you eat?

  7. When do you eat?

  8. How many meals per day do you eat?

  9. What percentage of calories are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats?

  10. Does your diet satisfy the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function efficiently?

  11. As you’ve aged, have you modified calories and macronutrients to accommodate your body’s needs?

  12. When was the last metabolic blood profile performed and what were the results?

  13. What activities do you do to offset the effects of stress? How often do you do them?

  14. How much sleep do you get each night? Is it restful sleep?

The list of questions goes on. The point is, if you have not answered ALL these questions, you have NOT approached your weight loss concern in a manner consistent with resolving it. LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS is achieved using a methodical approach addressing the various ROOT FACTORS contributing to the CAUSE of weight gain. It is NOT achieved by “doing what you’ve done in the past” and hoping the results produce a lower number! It is NOT achieved (LONG TERM) because events such as weddings or class reunions are coming up.

For most people, a HEALTHY weight loss is achieved using the RIGHT APPROACH to sustaining HEALTHY LIVING. Unless a person is willing to put forth the effort required to achieving this goal, frustration and ongoing failure will likely be the end result. It starts with being HONEST to ONESELF.










  1. I think I have some questions I need to answer – not for weight loss purposes, but because it is probably a good idea to know these things in general to make sure I am doing what I should to be healthy.

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    1. Smart thinking. We don’t need to suffer problems BEFORE taking appropriate actions to safeguard and protect ourselves from harm.

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  2. Reblogged this on One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100 and commented:
    What I like most about this post is that it focuses you on your health and not just pounds. I know that when I struggled – for years – it was because all I looked at was the pounds. As soon as I lost five or ten I went back to my old ways. No wonder I never succeeded over the long term.


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    1. When a person can shift the focus from weight loss to healthy living they create a LIFETIME PLAN. Living this plan RESULTS in weight loss. This is significantly different than changing a number on a scale.

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      1. Exactly so.

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  3. Great information and it sure is about a long term plan!

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  4. Those willing to commit to themselves NEVER regret the decision.


  5. Love the little girls…see it doesn’t hurt…Love it….another great post….xxkat

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    1. I try to interject a little humor just to tone down the intensity without reducing the significance of the message.
      Thank you , Kat.


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