What makes food so appealing? It comes down to THREE simple things:

  1. Appearance

  2. Smell

  3. Taste

If we could remove these three components, why would people overeat? In most cases, they wouldn’t! The experience would no longer satisfy the visual and sensory stimuli and would reduce eating to a mandatory functional activity.

How can we accomplish this?


  1. What if we could wear some type of eye covering (ex. non prescription sunglasses in a dark environment) that would distort our ability to identify food on a plate. We could still see food on the plate; we just wouldn’t be able to identify what it was.


  2. What if we could wear a small apparatus that could effectively reduce our ability to breathe through our nose during a meal (similar to the concept of nose plugs for swimming?) This would neurologically alter our perception of SMELL

  3. and lastly, TASTE.


Even if we knew what we were eating, our emotional RESPONSE to these foods would change. On a VOLUNTARY cognitive level we would experience disappointment in the lack of taste and flavor (from the lack of ability to smell the food.) On an INVOLUNTARY autonomic level, hormones would NO LONGER be stimulated reducing cravings for these food choices. As we begin mixing healthy meals and unhealthy meals, our inability to taste the difference would dissipate. The end result would be:

  1. Food would no longer satisfy a “short term fix” for emotional anger and/or discomfort.

  2. Food would no longer be seen as an important source of pleasure.

  3. Weight reduction WOULD OCCUR.

  4. Health would IMPROVE because healthy and unhealthy food would share a similar “taste.”

  5. Instead, people would be able to CHOOSE HEALTHY ACTIVITIES IN LIFE to satisfy lifestyle needs and desires creating greater levels of personal HAPPINESS. This would replace UNHEALTHY FOOD CHOICES AND ENVIRONMENTS that encourage SELF DESTRUCTIVE behavior.



This approach alters our mind and our perception of food on a physiological level as well as an emotional level. As we reinforce the concept that healthy food and unhealthy food TASTE and LOOK SIMILAR, we correct the hormonal imbalances creating the cravings that overtake our ability to control behavior.

  1. Why eat UNHEALTHY if it doesn’t satisfy appearance, smell and taste? Most people would probably lose their incentive.

  2. Why eat HEALTHY if it doesn’t satisfy appearance, smell and taste? As people begin experiencing the physical, mental and emotional benefits they will become motivated to live and enjoy a better quality of life.

This approach requires NO SURGERY, NO MEDICATIONS, NO STARVATION TACTICS. It addresses the physiological causes while partially addressing the emotional ones. Additional strides toward restoring emotional balance could be achieved by finding one’s PASSION(S) and PURPOSE(S) in life and living a quality of life CHOSEN.

The natural tendency is to look for reasons why this approach will FAIL. We all have the POWER to make anything in life FAIL if we choose. I suggest a more optimistic approach. Be creative; come up with ideas that you can use to create the template I’ve laid out. Come up with creative methods that alter your ability to recognize the food you’re eating.  Come up with creative methods to alter your ability to detect the smell of food (which in turn, will alter its taste.)


As people perceive you WEIRD and likely LAUGH at this idea, you will have discovered a method to achieve a healthier weight while slowly transitioning to a healthier overall lifestyle. As you begin enjoying the BENEFITS of HEALTHY LIVING you will notice a change in people’s ATTITUDES. Those who LAUGHED at you and previously thought you STRANGE, will suddenly stare in amazement at your SUCCESS. ENVY will replace LAUGHTER! Those with low self esteem will continue searching for other areas of weakness to bring you DOWN to their level of UNHAPPINESS.






  1. We try to shop for food after we have eaten to try to curb the urge to purchase treats. As soon as we finish eating, I wash the dishes and we try to hide all traces of food. We like to think if we don’t see food or treats it will be easier to curb our desires.

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    1. Becoming creative and discovering methods to curb detrimental patterns is an effective tool in combating unhealthy lifestyles. Since each person has different needs and different triggers, finding solutions become a customizable event. Sounds like the two of you have discovered this for yourselves. 🙂

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      1. We have to. It is so easy to fall back into old patterns.

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        1. You’re absolutely correct!


  2. That sense of smell…just remember how tasteless and uninteresting food is when you are congested with a cold.

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    1. Great example. This concept can lead to new patterns of improved behavior. After all, we are creatures of habit. Alter the senses and reduce the cravings. Choose the essential nutrients the body NEEDS and experience a CHOSEN LIFESTYLE. Talk about opening doors to hidden opportunities!

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  3. My only problem with this idea is that I live to eat. I know that is wrong, but it is the way it is. There are few things in life I enjoy, but food is one of them.

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    1. When people understand the ramifications of their decisions, it is NOT for me to question. Each person has the right to choose their path in life. As long as I believe they understand the positive attributes as well as the negative detriments, I will NEVER judge nor attempt to convince them otherwise. Since your comments often express an understanding, I simply wish you only the best on the path you’ve choosen.

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      1. How refreshing NOT to get a long condemnification. I do understand and for some reason now is not the time for me to change things. No change without a deep desire for that change. I know that is how it works. I have to want that change. I am battling both my body and my mind. Right now my mental state is more important to me. Thank you for understanding and not judging me. I do read all your posts and they are filled with great information. And when I am ready I know the information will be around. 🙂

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  4. Frank Fusco · · Reply

    Never put more food on the table than you’re going to eat, this leads to second and third helpings.

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  5. Wow that is pretty interesting. I can understand this from an intellectually level, but I would imagine it would be hard to implement and stick with from an emotional and practical level, would it not?

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    1. First, it would require some creativity. For instance, there are foam nose plugs that can be inserted into the nostrils so no one would see them. Secondly, this process is designed for short term use to get the brain and emotions over the need for unhealthy temptations. It’s a similar concept to using a “support (nicorrete gum) to get over smoking. Once the hurdle is crossed and the hormonal response is balanced increased functional capabilities (as well as weight loss) acts as motivation which reinforces the new behavior creating LONG TERM results.

      Once a person achieves improved health and a DESIRE to maintain this new state, this paraphernalia is no longer needed. Since this is NOT a diet, this process only requires the time frame it takes the individual to see food as FUEL and INFORMATION instead of emotionally comforting addictive short term enjoyment.

      When people with these types of problems say things like, “this sounds difficult,” I generally agree and ask, “what REALISTIC alternative do you know that will SUCCESSFULLY overcome the recurring problem you face?” It comes down to, “how badly does a person want to overcome their problem” given the fact their are people willing to help and support them during the process?

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  6. Great post, indeed people would always try to bring you down when you trying to achieve something like this but being able to surpass all the negativity and aim towards achieving the set goal is what matters. Awesome post!!!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you recognize the challenges and importance in maintaining a positive attitude when those around us challenge us. In the end, achieving a chosen life wins out!


  7. Very interesting ideas and post!!

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    1. Thank you Lynz. I appreciate it.

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      1. Your posts are always thought provoking!

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  8. Sadly I believe most eat ’emotionally’, to fill a gap because they don’t feel satisfied with their life! Its not like their junk snacks smell or taste any good … but they still shovel it in to try and fill that emotional void.

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  9. There is no question that emotional eating fills a certain need, but appearance, taste and smell play an important role in addictive outcomes. The endocrine system becomes severely impaired “feeding” into this vicious circle. Altering foods appearance, taste and smell would remove a significant portion of short term satisfaction. It would provide the brain a chance to recover from excessive stimuli resulting in greater opportunity addressing root underlying issues. It certainly isn’t a perfect answer, but adds a tool to help those seeking additional options.


  10. As someone who really dislikes the smell of a lot of things (which is, I realize, different than not smelling something), I can see how this would work if necessary. I can’t even get past the smell to eat things, which I would think is similar to not being able to smell them and be able to taste them. In both cases, you lose the joy of eating the thing.

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    1. This concept incentivizes people to search for alternative sources that bring pleasure and fulfillment to their lives. Our culture places an inordinate amount of pleasure on food which has created the dilemma we face today.

      Obviously people look at this idea as pretty extreme. I suggest people take a moment to re-evaluate their thinking. Isn’t surgery and the trauma that accompanies it a little more extreme than wearing sunglasses and “pinching your nose?” Surgery doesn’t remove the appeal of food. This approach does. Surgery doesn’t reinforce that food is FUEL and INFORMATION for the body. By removing the appeal for food, this approach incentivizes people to make better decisions.

      The BIG PICTURE is creating a method that helps people overcome food addiction and poor food choices. Some will look at my suggestion and say, “NO WAY!” To that I ask, “what better alternative idea are you willing to succeed with?”


  11. This is indeed a brilliant idea if carried out accordingly.however at the end of the day it all boils down to the simple fact that everythibg else depends on the person’s determination to stay fit and healthy.

    I am 40 and modesty aside people say i look have my age..i would like to give that credit to my healthy lifestyle…i eat balanced diet and a mandatory 30 minutes exercise..it’s been like this for as far as i could remember..

    I have four grown up kids and again modesty aside people say i dont look like i have given birth to four…again: diet and exercise.

    I have a thyroid problem in which case patients get fat…i never did…:diet and exercise has always been the reason.

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    1. Those who seek excuses rarely find LONG TERM success. Those who make commitments to THEMSELVES by respecting their minds and bodies generally live healthier happier lives. It is obvious which path you’ve chosen. Congratulations! 🙂

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  12. If I remember rightly, there was an experiment some yrs ago in which subjects did wear plugs over their noses and tried to tell the difference between similar-looking foods by taste alone, such as slices of peeled raw white potatoes or peeled raw apples. Many could not.

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    1. Neurologically this blocks nerve pathways interfering with sensory perception. Naturally, the bigger picture is to show people how to minimize the addictive components associated with poor food choices. Take the appearance, smell and taste out of the equation and you are left with “food stuff.” If it basically is interpreted by the brain this way, it makes eating healthier choices simpler. It also forces the individual to turn to other activities to fulfill the role food played.

      I like it when people say this idea is too aggressive. When compared to bariatric surgery, extreme dieting and bulimia/anorexia I would have to say perception of the term aggressive might be skewed.

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  13. It”s so important thank you

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  14. This is great and it makes so much sense.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad the article made a positive impression on you.

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