The Impact Of Media


Who was the first man to land on the moon?

Most of us can answer this question without great difficulty. It’s not like the event caused any tangible benefit to the quality of our lives. One man on a planet containing more than 3.612 billion people (as of 1969), yet we can proudly remember it was Neil Armstrong. TV coverage of this historic event on July 20, 1969 provided 600 million viewers the opportunity of witnessing this amazing event.


Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgro

Now, what if I asked you to name ONE person outside your family or circle of friends that survived Stage III or Stage IV cancer after being sent home or to hospice with no hope of survival? On a planet now containing over 7 billion lives, I’ll bet less than 1% of the population can answer this question.

Cancer will directly affect the lives of 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women today. There are thousands of documented cases of patients that have chosen not to accept their doctor’s terminal diagnosis and continue to remain in “remission” 10, 20 and even 30 years after the fatal diagnosis was given.

Rather than writing these cases off as spontaneous recoveries, wouldn’t it make more sense to document the lifestyle changes these people (from all over the world) implemented to see the common factors associated with their successful stories. Some have undergone traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation along with alternative therapies. Some have chosen to exclusively follow a non conventional ALTERNATIVE approach providing greater quality of life DURING THE TREATMENT period. Regardless, the outcome has been 10, 20 and even 30 years of ongoing QUALITY LIFE replacing the “death sentence” handed to them by their physicians.

I’d call this a news worthy story, yet, we can’t name ONE heroic person that chose this alternative path. We can’t name one TV show providing a biography on this topic; a topic affecting (as of 2012) an estimated 14 million new cases per year, a figure expected to rise to 22 million annually within the next two decades.

transgenderbathroom-750x400What causes us to lose focus on what really matters in life? What causes our media to care more about transgender bathroom stories than creating greater public awareness about natural treatments and lifestyles adding years of quality life to patients diagnosed with terminal cancer?


News stories about natural healing doesn’t generate money. These stories educate the public, provide alternative solutions, create greater awareness, but conflict with big businesses that provide millions of advertising dollars to the media.

When will the media see value in reporting health care stories preventing unnecessary cancer suffering?

Are we placing value on television that actually causes more harm than good? Would we really miss:

  • the countless new drugs we must “educate our doctors” about because the manufacturers obviously believe these doctors aren’t smart enough to know to recommend them without OUR ADVICE?

  • finding the best “heart healthy” cereals approved by the American Heart Association so we can develop Diabetes (as a result of the processing and sugar content) instead?

  • learning which soft drink makes “the world sing in perfect harmony” while destroying our healthy gut bacteria necessary for proper digestion, immune function and brain function.

  • the comparisons of fast food restaurants providing essential information about their organizations so we are certain to know which company’s products most effectively clog arteries killing us faster without sacrificing flavor!

The next time someone asks for the name of a person who overcame their terminal cancer diagnosis, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone knew (for example) Ben Williams, a 50yr. old psychology professor who included non conventional therapy against his oncologist’s recommendation.


His bravery to battle cancer matches the bravery Neil Armstrong displayed as the first man to land on the moon.





  1. Thank you for this timely post. My dear friend had a rare cancer in her eye last summer, received chemo, and was declared cancer-free, only to discover it is now in her brain. She is undergoing Gamma Knife procedure tomorrow. Since the diagnosis, she’s gone to an alkaline diet, has been receiving alternative therapies, and changed up her lifestyle. My heart is with her.

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  2. I am so sorry for you and your friend. It is unfortunate, but cancer frequently “comes back” because it has never left us. Stem cancer cells are the culprit and traditional approaches are not effective at eradicating these “mother cells.” There are natural approaches that SYSTEMICALLY create an unfriendly environment for cancer cells while enhancing healthy cells. These approaches are effective and spare the patient the harmful and painful side effects of traditional therapies.
    If you or your friend have any questions and would like my input my email is My thoughts and prayers and with the two of you.

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  3. To answer your question – No, I know of no one. Everyone I’ve known to have had cancer, died from that cancer.
    You and i had the same thought after seeing Dr. Lynn’s post! Thought you might get a kick out of this humor post I found…

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    1. Love it! That is certainly one way to burn 2000 calories! Thank you for sharing.

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      1. You’ve been helping me to burn calories – so I figured I’d help you out !! haha

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        1. (LOL) Although I’d rather consume the brownie calories, I think I’d better stick with my game plan! 😀 Enjoy the rest of this wonderful Monday.

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  4. My mother survived early stage cervical cancer at the age of 28. She is now 68.

    My father, who started smoking when he was 15, lost his battle with lung cancer when he was only 43 (I was 18).

    I celebrate one, mourn the other and beg people to quit smoking.

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  5. We’ll Doc, at least I know that YOU know one person outside your family,Its been almost 5 -1/2 years since this person was diagnosed with stage 3 Colon cancer, when he quit chemo almost from the start people told him he’d be dead within a couple of years but it looks like he’s still kicking around!

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    1. I’m fortunate to be in that 1% category. The interesting thing is noting that most people that have survived late and end stage cancers have elected to include HEALTHY complimentary approaches that enhance quality living. Some have used these EXCLUSIVELY; some have combined them with traditional therapies. The most common factor with all late and end stage survivors was their unwillingness to accept the terminal diagnosis. Instead they seem to have viewed it as the DOCTOR’S LIMITATION in treating this disease rather than their own body’s limitation. I was hoping for people to be willing to share personal stories. As a doctor, many will view my ideas about health care as biased. When cancer survivors tell their stories and share their inclusion of COMPLIMENTARY therapies, it creates a bigger impact on other readers. NEVER BELIEVE THERE IS ONLY ONE METHOD TO CURE CANCER OR ANY OTHER DISEASE!

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  6. Thank you for your willingness to share your personal story. I am so sorry for the loss of your father at such a young age.
    I take your concern for smoking and broaden it to include ALL SELF DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS we self impose. If we took a few minutes to determine our REAL VALUE to ourselves AND OUR FAMILIES, maybe we would feel the need to take greater personal responsibility in a manner that would increase the chances to spend more quality time with them. We need a wake up call to recognize our damaging lifestyles affect the lives of more than just ourselves.
    Your comment shows the reality of what happens if we continue on the same destructive path.
    I am so glad for you and your mother she has survived her diagnosis.

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  7. Wow amazing! Sad it is all about money and weird no cure yet? What does that mean??? Alternative approaches are seen as foolish and scary and this must be why!

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    1. Alternative methods when explained in laymen terms makes so much sense, it is important for Big Industries to discredit them to maintain patient FEAR and control over their treatment. I have always provided answers that I told my patients to follow ONLY if the ideas made sense to them.

      Think about it, in a courtroom, a lawyer’s strategy to win commonly involves “discrediting” the witness testifying against their client. It’s not about whether the person in the witness chair is factually accurate; its about making certain the jury doesn’t believe the testimony.

      As the public gains greater awareness to this insight, better options become available. This is one of the major reasons I write. It is my moral and ethical responsibility to provide unbiased health care information so that consumers can make the BEST informed decisions for their own care.

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      1. Thank you so much! It is a very important thing to do Jonathan!

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  8. Great post. We are living through a period where news, media, and society’s has been distracted on issues of little importance. I would love to hear about more “miracle” cancer surivors. And other health issues. I guess we won’t see these things on television, because it does little to entince advertisers.

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    1. A sad, but true commentary. I know I’m naive, but it amazes me that people and organizations are willing to turn their backs on human suffering in the name of financial gain. This shows the real value (as a society) we place on life.
      Guess it’s time to get back to my “work” to help convince people there is a better way!!

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      1. Yes, there is. You are doing the right thing. Thank you.

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  9. So really bloody scary. It really does make you think what it is all about…….

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    1. I think so many people get “caught up” in life, they don’t CREATE the time to reflect and see if changes in thinking and actions are needed. We take so much for granted.

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      1. Absolutely. I am a different person to the one I was, yet at present I have no time to consider the things I have achieved to date and I must be more mindful of that fact.

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  10. I can name a few and preferred the alternative path myself having seen the suffering from traditional methods – but then I don’t have most people’s fear of death.
    One guy in Melbourne had amputations – he combined both traditional and alternative treatments but now makes a fortune pushing the alternatives, claiming that they cured him … short term memory loss?
    Another is a dear friends father, an outback farmer, who just didn’t have time to die … what a man!
    Plus quite a few women who only tell those close – one ex-boss is a real treasure!

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    1. Your comment about “fear of death” as it relates to alternative approaches is interesting. To logically look at the traditional chemotherapy approach which severely impairs the immune system and typically causes some combination of the following: cognitive impairment, permanent paraesthesia (numbness or tingling) in the hands and feet, loss of balance and or coordination requiring ambulatory assistance, chronic debilitating muscle pain and weakness, cellular damage to the gastrointestinal tract and all the diseases associated it, hormonal imbalances requiring additional pharmaceuticals attempting to control the symptoms resulting from these imbalances, kidney damage and disease, heart damage along with circulatory compromise, lung damage and respiratory compromise, etc… the list goes on. I am not convinced this list helps reduce the “fear of death.” Conversely, approaching this diagnosis using alternative approaches designed to strengthen HEALTHY cells while creating an environment unfriendly to cancerous cells resulting in IMPROVING one’s quality of life and health might reduce the “fear of death.”

      I am NOT suggesting that traditional approaches be abandoned by everyone. There might be better ways to incorporate these treatments (if needed at all) when using them in combination with alternative approaches that “get the job done” producing SIGNIFICANTLY LESS TOXIC effects on the entire body.

      Recognizing that FEAR often produces instinctive REACTIONS rather than well thought out RESPONSES is important. Even in the face of mortality, we must slow ourselves down and LISTEN to ALL THE OPTIONS before making our decisions. We are all going to die; determining HOW we are going to LIVE is a personal decision of great value and merits our best judgement.

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  11. I know of 2 survivors stage 3 colon cancer and 1 is at end stage lung cancer 😕

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    1. In case I wasn’t clear with the question, are these people you’re referring to clear of their disease and living healthy lives? I was trying to see how many people know of late and end stage cancer patients who beat their terminal disease diagnosis by finding non traditional approaches.

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      1. Yes 2 of them changed their diets to organic produce and avoiding red meats. Stage 4 chappie is undergoing experimental drug therapy at National University Hospital.

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        1. Thank you for clarifying. We see another example of survival when alternative approaches (in this case, NUTRITIONAL) was added to the equation. Why would I call NUTRITION a therapeutic approach? Because Hippocrates (the father of medicine) quoted, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

          Maybe someone can explain to me (because I may not be bright enough to understand) why NUTRITION remains a subject ABSENT from the medical student’s curriculum. If food is an ESSENTIAL component in maintaining good health, why is this topic avoided? Does anyone really believe prescription medication is an ALTERNATIVE to QUALITY FOOD?

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  12. Hi Jonathan – think you took my ‘fear of death’ comment out of context.

    I believe that our society in the west has a strong denial of death – read an article to that effect just last night! Whatever treatment or combination there of people decide – most are keen to pursue the medical model because medicine/science are deemed our current ‘gods’ – getting that initial diagnosis raises the whole question and sense of mortality. Facing our concerns or fears or ignorance around death enables us to make more objective choices when confronted with various treatment options … or NO treatment!

    Plan to address ‘death’ issues more in my blog in the near future – my speciality for years.

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    1. Thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to your future blog on this topic.

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  13. Great post! I completely agree, you never hear of the stories where natural cures worked.

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    1. If there is one think in life I have learned, there is a REASON for everything. Why do you think effective natural approaches to correcting health imbalances remain off the radar? Why do you think the media avoid searching for these truths?

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  14. Another award winning article! I read recently that this month marks the 55 year anniversary of Alan Shepard becoming the first American in space when he made a 15 minute suborbital flight. According to this, the sky hasn’t been the limit for a long time! I mentioned our interview and shared a link to the podcast on my blog this week. If you know of anyone else who wants to be a guest on my show send them my way. One of my reasons for doing the show is ” to document the lifestyle changes people implemented to see the common factors associated with their successful stories.” “To Infinity and Beyond!”

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    1. Thank you Jason. Will gladly keep my eyes and ears open for potential interview candidates. Keep up the good work.

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  15. I’ve heard via social media of many cases of folks recovering long term from cancer using alternative medicine/ nutrition etc.but more convincing for me is I’ve had 8 friends over the years with various forms of cancer 4 using various alternate cures + prayer have had long term recovery (though one did die some 10 years later of a heart attack) of those sticking with conventional medicine only one recovered (and she is also into health food etc.) the other 3 are sadly no longer with us. For me that speaks for itself.
    I once saw the statement that you are more likely to die from the chemo or radiation than the cancer. I don’t know if that is true but it is worth considering.

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    1. What is meant by that statement is the toxicities caused by these treatments produce more lethal outcomes than the potential cancerous disease. Case after case, study after study showing the benefits and efficacy natural therapies, yet the medical field (in general) refuses to include these modalities. Worse, they often encourage people to eat highly processed foods and those high in some form of sugar (attempting to help keep weight on their patients) feeding the cancer and strengthening the disease to defeat the already weakened immune system from chemo and radiation.
      People must be exposed to this information to help them make better informed decisions for their own lives.
      Thank you for sharing such a valuable comment for all of us to read.

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      1. Thank you for spreading the word. People need to know there are other options so they can then make their own choices. I’ve been encouraged about just how many people are speaking out these days (sadly some of the more well known doctors/scientists have died under mysterious circumstances after trying to expose the truth. I find it hard to accept what some may be capable of to preserve their lucrative domains, but I’ve read of at least 7 reported murdered or “suicide” so sad.

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        1. Hopefully I continue to have the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with the public. My goal is to awaken minds; not direct individual thinking. I leave it up to each person to decide for themselves what is “right” or “wrong” and what they believe is in their best interest.

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          1. agreed

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  16. I hate to say it, but the media are only interested in what sells….death doesn’t sell…even if someone beats the odds….they still see it as negative news….of course this is just my opinion…however, Dr. Oz, the Doctors and some of those I am sure have talked about beating the odds…I just watched a wonderful show on the use of polio being placed in the cancer itself and the amazing results in the stage 1 phase of this treatment…pretty amazing….

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    1. What ever happened to starting conservatively and working our way more aggressively. Why not start with foods and modalities that STRENGTHEN the body’s cells and immune function and measure the effectiveness before throwing the “kitchen sink” and all its toxicities at these patients. It just doesn’t make sense to destroy the body’s defense system as well as deplete all quality of life as a “first line of defense.” That would be like having gas and surgically removing parts of the colon before trying over the counter medication for symptom relief. Remember, Hippocrates, (the Father of Medicine) quoted, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Every doctor must take the hippocratic oath, yet not be required to follow his philosophy?

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      1. well said….and I hear your frustration…I am hoping this generation is teaching there children a different path to life, health and happiness…xxkat

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