Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer: The Missing Component


Disease is a state of ill health RESULTING FROM an imbalance or multiple imbalances within our bodies. It is (in general,) NOT SOMETHING WE “CATCH.” It is important to recognize this subtle difference because it changes our approach to battling infections and diseases. Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer are merely examples of this imbalance. Most people believe each “named disease” has its own protocol to “cure” or “treat” the condition. For example, Diabetes is treated with insulin; Obesity is treated with diet, exercise, appetite suppressants and surgery; Cancer is treated with surgery, chemotherapy and or radiation. This belief system identifies each of these conditions as distinct entities unique in themselves. This methodology has failed to produce consistent actual “CURES” and has resulted in a health care system that finds itself today attempting to minimize the damages these chronic diseases cause rather than correcting their underlying mechanisms.

Although the body has a similar anatomy and physiology from person to person, the functioning of these structures varies greatly. The body’s response to external (environmental) factors as well as internal (mental, physical and emotional) factors INFLUENCE / AFFECT the health of the human body.

We, as doctors, attempt to bypass these realities and provide so called “solutions” for our patients. The chiropractor will adjust their patient removing nerve interference. This is their solution. The medical doctor will prescribe medication to chemically alter the body. This is their solution. The acupuncturist will place needles in meridian points to re-balance energy flow. This is their solution. In each case, it appears the doctor is the individual responsible for the answer to diminished health.


Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer all have a common component rarely if ever identified. The common component is:


This component is a ROOT CAUSE issue that addresses these “named diseases” as well as several other named diseases including heart disease. I use the word ROOT CAUSE because these diseases (to a large extent) can be AVOIDED with the proper utilization of nutrition and lifestyle modification.


Until doctors AND patients begin learning and understanding the INFORMATION ROLE (in addition to the nutrient role) that nutrition plays in coordinating the physiology of our bodies, recurring diseases will continue to plague our society. Food is responsible for turning genes on and off (a factor in preventing Cancer;) it is responsible for creating and maintaining endocrine (hormonal) function (a role that dramatically affects Obesity;) it is responsible for tissue repair and recovery; it is responsible for sleep; it is responsible for immune function (an ability to prevent foreign substances from overpowering our bodies and succumbing to disease;) and it is responsible as a major player in addressing Diabetes.

Until we are willing to view food and nutrition with the same relevance we view our families and loved ones, Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer will continue to prevail. Chemicals, processed foods and sugar will continue to destroy the ability of our bodies to maintain adequate levels of function resulting in chronic ongoing diseases. Do the foods we eat enhance the quality of our lives or merely create obsessions similar to those a drug addict or alcoholic experiences? Poor quality food is a leading cause of mental and physical detriment, yet we refuse to accept its damaging effects. In fact, we look forward to the next serving ofย  processed, chemically laden, sugary “food substances” regardless of the fact that these products create toxicities that destroy the health of our bodies.

I believe it’s time we acknowledge the need for change. We must attack this problem to benefit our children as well as our adults. We must begin to take personal responsibility to learn how to feed our bodies the nutrition it needs. We must be honest and recognize our current approach to eating is simply destructive regardless of the temporary pleasure we feel from the experience. We must be willing to accept that unhealthy foods and unhealthy lifestyles:


we like to re-package under such names as Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer.

Please, don’t “make light” and minimize this danger anymore. Assigning blame to the food industry for this dilemma won’t change the outcome. Deciding for yourself what you are willing to place inside your mouth, WILL!

If you are ready to correct this problem but don’t know where to start, you can:

  1. Get a referral from your licensed health care provider (chiropractic physician, medical physician, naturopathic physician, etc…) to schedule a consultation with a registered dietitian or nutritionist

  2. Research the topic and implement a healthier pattern of eating for yourself. If this proves too difficult seek a professional for guidance.

  3. Feel free to contact me. I will gladly (at no cost) offer basic information to help get you started.



SOLUTIONS, on the other hand, are PLENTIFUL.



  1. This goes back to one of your posts last week when you said when we eat we feed our bodies or we feed a disease. Reading that statment I immediately thought of diabetes and high blood pressure. My question to you, even certain cancers can be acquired from poor dietary habits?

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    1. That is an interesting idea and I believe the same thing, that we should starve diseases and nurture health.

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      1. Absolutely. This is most easily achieved by feeding the body REAL FOOD.

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        1. We are definitely on the same page with that thought. Thank you for another enlightening post. Have a great evening.

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          1. Thank you so much for sharing your views. I am convinced people’s comments help motivate and influence fellow readers to improve the quality of their lives as much (if not more) than anything I write. I appreciate your input. Enjoy your evening as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. I love that statement!

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    2. Anything that interferes with the body to function normally can result in cancerous outcomes. Food coloring, food preservatives, pesticides, PCB’s, mercury, processed meats containing sodium nitrates, Microwaved popcorn bags and teflon coated cooking pans containing PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid,) high temperature cooking (stove and grill) creating acrylamide (a known carcinogen).

      It is my opinion that GMO foods, cans containing Bisphenol A in the lining (most of you soups, canned tomatoes, canned vegetables, etc…,) hydrogenated fats and trans fats and processed vegetable oils also increase risk for cancer development, but I am not confident with the research I’ve seen to conclusively state these as cancer agents. There is no doubt that food is a major contributor of all types of diseases including cancer.

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      1. Well, I just tossed the last bag of microwave popcorn. I had no idea that cooking tools like the teflon coated pans could play a role in our health. This is eye opening.

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        1. Personally, I use ceramic cookware which works well without the health risks. I cook my own popcorn using Orville Redenbacher (NON GMO) corn and use avocado oil to pop it because it tolerates a higher cooking temperature without creating harmful effects. You can also use coconut oil.

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          1. So, I do have option for the microwave popcorn. NO need for butter or oils, I do mine plain. Wife & I were planning on buying a new set of cookware later this year, so I will keep this in mind. Thank you so much.

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            1. I do NOT microwave the popcorn. I have a machine (looks like a cake platter with a cover) that I place the kernels and HEALTHY oil on and pop the corn myself. I do not recommend microwaved popcorn. Just wasn’t clear on your comment so I thought I’d clarify.

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              1. Cool. I tossed the last bag out. That is what I will do. I am SERIOUS about eating healthy. Thanks.

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  2. I so needed this tonight…thanks…kat

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    1. Always a pleasure, Kat.


  3. So you are saying that even canned goods such as tomatoes and the like (ideal for my curry and bolognese sauces ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) are possibly harmful?
    Sure ly if this is the only way you can’t vegetable then it has to be less harmful than not?

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    1. I have heard that canned tomatoes are incredibly bad for you because of the lining in the can and how susceptible tomatoes are to absorbing it. I think that when you can, fresh is always better. I personally am terrified to eat canned tomatoes now, lol. I have a tomato salad for lunch today that I sliced and diced myself.

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      1. Bloody hell. I never knew this. I have gotten away with it so far because I hardly ate them in the past so now I shall definitely go to processing my own for sure.
        You live and learn on this site don’t you!

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        1. Dr. J makes sure of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    2. You might want to look for manufactures that use organic tomatoes. They usually are more sensitive to the consumer’s understanding of healthier choices and use cans absent of Bisphenol A. The acidity from the tomatoes can potentially cause the breakdown of the can lining allowing Bisphenol A to leach into the product. The topic is controversial. If I can avoid a potentially dangerous product in favor of a known healthier choice I purchase the healthier choice. It certainly is a personal decision. Just offering information so each of us can make better informed decisions for ourselves.


      1. I find it quite remarkable the things you know Doc, and to share them is a great thing to do. Thank you for the and I will look into the organic possibilities so as to reduce the Bisphenol A issue.

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        1. I appreciate your kindness. I have a passion for health and simply want to share what I have learned over a lifetime. I care about people and their well being and believe this is one of my purposes in life. Believe it or not, I don’t want to change people; I want to give them information so they can decide for themselves if change is in order. If the answer is yes, I simply provide some “tools” of information to facilitate the process.

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          1. It shines through in all you write Jonathan. You are knowledgeable and easy to understand. I for one enjoy it so keep it up!

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  4. My friend who got cancer at 30 was a very healthy individual. She never eats junk and works out daily (even during chemo and radiation!). In her case, I think it is more genetic (especially given her age) than something that she actually did to cause it. I do agree that we cause many of our own illnesses, but certainly there must be exceptions? What about autoimmune diseases like MLS and ALS? Do you think it always goes back to nutrition or are there extenuating circumstances in some cases? Genuinely curious as I am a bit obsessed with trying to prevent these things from entering into my life!

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    1. In my opinion it always goes back to a healthy immune system. The natural state of the body is healthy, not diseased. Nutrition only plays one factor in the equation. Genetics play one factor in the equation. The integration of ALL the components synergistically are significantly more powerful determining one’s health than viewing each component by itself and attempting to find the “weak link.” Some factors we can’t control. Environmental toxins are a great example. How many people jog or bike for exercise for hours on end in heavily polluted environments? People forget about environmental toxins; they only think about how exercise promotes good health.

      Sometimes our view of “healthy living may be skewed as well. A person that exercises and eats well is certainly taking steps in a positive direction. What about their stress levels? (stress can manifest from childhood; it doesn’t only have to be recent stress.)”What about their sleep? What about their social existence with friends, family, community? There are many factors many people never think about or realize that influence the quality of health. Good health requires REAL EFFORT; effort I certainly believe is worth investing time and energy in.

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  5. Interesting post. I am wondering, what is the best way to preserve nutrition in terms of methods of cooking? For example is cooking using a slow cooker better than the oven/baking. I love using the slow cooker whenever I possibly can, but I wonder if there is any future implications for this. Great post.


    1. The best methods are to use low heat for minimal cooking time requirements. It is beneficial to cook with cookware that doesn’t produce dangerous outcomes to the foods we eat. Many vegetable oils are altered (on a molecular level) producing health dangers. Many teflon coated cookware also posses questionable health risks. Check your slow cooker with the manufacturer for more detailed information. I hope this helps.

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      1. Yah it does. Thanks

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  6. I completely agree that we need to attack this problem of misinformation on the importance of nutrition. Type II diabetes rates are skyrocketing (especially among children which is frightening) yet so many have no idea that what they put in their mouths dramatically affects this.

    tI’s a difficult problem that I think involves many factors but the main one is personal responsibility like you said. At least for type II diabetes and cholesterol and obesity issues, I’m not so sure about genetic diseases.

    Thank you for continuing to put such empowering information out there.

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    1. Hopefully, as more people begin realizing the severity of health conditions as it relates to nutrition and begin making the necessary changes to alter the current course of varying diseases this problem (once and for all) can be contained. It is less about rocket science and more about common sense, discipline and tenacity. We cannot afford to follow our current path.

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  7. Eat fresh, drink pure be happy don’t take more. CONTROL! is the word that was missing..from addictions and laziness.

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  8. Agreed, but Control becomes the end result of the process. People typically view this backwards and assume we must gain control BEFORE we can alter our lives. Satisfying the various components and balancing their influences creates the CONTROL you mention.
    You bring up an excellent point. Thank you for adding this perspective.


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