“UN”developing Cancer

barry-book_cover-front-back-1How scary is a urinary tract infection for women? How scary is a prostate infection for men? Both conditions are experienced often in our world and, although painful and exhausting, do not put the fear of death in most of our minds. They shouldn’t under normal conditions. They are diseases that occur when our body’s immune system is unable to combat foreign “invaders.” Let’s add the word CANCER to our list of diseases and see if the response by the public becomes more fearful. Why? I believe more people associate the word cancer with death than urinary tract infections. My mother had both of these conditions. Can you guess which one caused her life to end? It wasn’t cancer! The point is, any disease including cancer can become fatal if the body’s immune system is compromised.


Understanding the environment needed within our bodies to allow healthy cells to become diseased cancer cells is a story worth understanding. It is a preventable condition in many cases and reversible in others if people are willing to begin living a lifestyle that provides the essentials needed to restore healthy function. IF, I am correct, treating cancer would become less feared and considered just another form of disease rather than a death sentence. Follow me, as I take you on a tour that provides an easy to understand explanation of CANCER.

The human cell (for most of us) is PERFECT. It is self regulating and has all the components necessary to function, multiply and “die a happy death.” These cells need us to provide sustainable support to allow the body to reproduce over five hundred thousand new cells every day. When a “hiccup” occurs in the process, our immune systems are called in to “clean up” the debris. Only healthy cells recognized by the immune system are permitted to remain. This system works non stop 24/7. Although most of us do not give it a second thought, good health is the NATURAL state for the human body and disease is the aberration.

As infants, we are provided regular feedings, regular sleep and regular playtime. We are nurtured; provided emotional “sustenance” also known as love. Under these conditions most infants thrive and develop into toddlers then children. Notice all the work required to become a healthy child. An infant, in most cases, would still develop and grow into becoming a child without all this work, but their system would likely function at sub par levels. This would typically go unnoticed analogous to the reduced brightness of a halogen lamp with a dimmer switch. The lamp may produce enough light to see, however, the intensity (maximal function) is impeded by the dimmer (limiting the potential for electrical flow.) We limit the human potential and impede our bodies capabilities when we engage in behaviors destructive to our needs. This is what makes us more susceptible to diseases including cancer. The cells in our bodies begin to lose the energy needed to replicate. This loss of energy weakens the structures inside our cells as well as the membrane surrounding the cell that acts as a protective barrier regulating what is permitted to enter and exit. Foreign matter (microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc…) begins to penetrate these cells interfering with the final process of cell life known as apoptosis (cellular death.) As the foreign matter’s DNA combines with our cell’s DNA it alters the health of the next generation of cells. Weak older cells continue to poorly function as new stronger unhealthy cells begin to reproduce. We call this process, CANCER.

Since we have established that our bodies under normal conditions are well designed to prevent disease including cancer, which approach makes more sense to return the body to a healthy state:

Chemotherapy Treatment                 vs. Radiation                    vs. Infra Red Sauna

  1. injecting toxic chemicals (chemotherapy) into the body causing severe damage to the immune system needed to fight off disease.

  2. subjecting the body to ionizing radiation (radiation therapy) that destroys both healthy and unhealthy cells with the potential side effect, CANCER.

  3. providing the body with therapies that support healthy cell development while creating a hostile environment for cancerous cells. This HEALTHY approach would include therapeutic examples such as:

  • supporting a weakened immune system with vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

  • detoxifying the body to REMOVE ROOT CAUSE factors interfering with the normal process of cell development, reproduction and normal cellular death. It is important to remember that the process of detoxification is designed to rid PHYSICAL toxicities of the  BODY as well as EMOTIONAL toxicities of the MIND.

  • removing processed sugar from the diet which cancer cells thrive on at a rate of approximately 16:1. This means that 16 cancer cells are provided a source of “food” to every 1 healthy cell. This is why cancer patients lose so much weight; cancer starves the body’s healthy cells.

  • alkalizing the body’s environment (with fruits and vegetables- The Gerson Diet) which becomes a toxic environment to cancer cells. Cancer cells need an acidic environment to survive.

  • oxygenate the body using hyperbaric chambers to increase intracellular oxygen levels. (cancer is anaerobic and cannot survive an oxygen rich environment)

  • infra red saunas, sono-photo dynamic therapy and the list goes on.

Choosing the 3rd option provides an approach that treats the body in a healthy manner with the ability to MAINTAIN QUALITY LIVING. Its approach is consistent with revitalizing and rebuilding health within the body on a cellular level using supportive techniques to enhance (not destroy) our immune systems.

Some may question, if this option works, why hasn’t the medical community jumped on board to offer these therapies?

ANSWER: Their training does not include any of the above choices. How can you recommend something you have never been trained in? They know drugs, chemotherapy and radiation. They will provide (with the best of intentions) the only methods they know to combat disease. Where is the proof that their methods are the best and most effective? We, out of FEAR, ASSUME that chemo and radiation are our only options. Those, willing to open their eyes and ears to new perspectives are witnessing many successful treatments that address cancer effectively and more humanely.

I leave you with one final thought. If fear is used as an approach by any healthcare provider  to obtain compliance for ANY treatment recommendation, you may want to reconsider the members on YOUR HEALTH TEAM. A doctor should be supportive, compassionate caring and maintain patience with their patients. They should be open and responsive to ANYTHING that improves the outcome of ANY CONDITION including cancer. Those unwilling to respect your input may not be worthy of YOUR TIME.

Cancer, like any disease, (in most cases) is very treatable. The option you choose is important because it can determine the outcome of the quality of your life for as long as you live.





  1. ahhhhh..this ia just what I need at the moment….Thanks for sharing

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    1. Glad this article found its way into satisfying a personal need of yours. It was my pleasure to share.

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  2. I love the quote at the end! It’s so true and as you explain, healing is a balance of many therapies and not just one. Thanks for taking the time to help us understand how we can continue to have good health and more importantly, what options are available to us if we are faced with disease.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Using the tools of our trade to help other people understand life and health adds value to everyone’s life. I feel fortunate to have found my purpose and passion. I hope my information helps guide people to improve the quality of their lives. Thank you so much for all your support.

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  3. Again, you open people’s eyes to the truth of the medical world. Thank you for sharing these alternative methods of therapy with us. I’m always intrigued to learn the ins and outs of it all.

    Side-note: I’ve started a blog challenge for my Fabulous Foodie blog and wanted to invite you to take part. Here is the link: http://abigailirozuru.com/blog-challenge/ . Please feel free to participate if and when you want this month 🙂

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    1. More and more people are seek better options to improving their well being. I try to help fill this void. Thank you for contributing and adding value to my blog site.

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  4. Wow.
    It’s amazing that these corporations are allowed to hoodwink us so freely.
    I have over the past few months realised that my health has improved because I am living a healthier lifestyle. This in itself should tell me that there must be other ways to deal with disease because if a lifestyle change can make me feel better then should I ever be poorly I must consider a much more natural approach because it has worked already if only on a lower level.
    Thank Doc.

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    1. Hippocrates said, “food is thy medicine, and medicine is thy food.” Natural approaches effectively help restore the body to a state of balance. It’s based on a lifestyle. Those that truly follow it reap the rewards. As you gain greater confidence in the process, you will be amazed by the results.

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      1. I will continue to eat healthily for sure. I am so pleased that I have unlocked the vegetable mystery that has thwarted me for so long and KNOW I will be well from now on.

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  5. I love your boxer picture! Unfortunately boxers are somewhat known to be cancer bags. B has had one bout (we surgically removed it) and I’m hoping that’s the end of it. As you know, we also lost my dad to it (and he did go through the usual chemo and radiation protocol).

    Did your mom go through with chemo and radiation or did she try a different approach like you listed above? I wish that I had known more about all of this in time to help my dad and I also truly hope that cancer never touches my life in any way again, but I’d still like to be informed.

    I’ve been reading lately that the body wants to restore itself to a natural and healthy state and just needs our help along the way (nutrition, exercise, water intake, etc). I found a couple of articles about people who cured diseases like MS and Parkinson’s without following the traditional approach. When I shared that with my family and friends, they didn’t believe me. I don’t think that all of our minds are prepared to understand that sometimes medication and toxins are not the answer.

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    1. My mother was a unique person. She suffered from high blood pressure and obesity, yet survived multiple major surgeries and diseases as well as the treatments associated with them including radiation (no chemo.) The bigger picture, however, asks, “what was her quality of life?” She survived nearly 20 years of advanced arthritis that limited her capabilities of almost any movement, as well as cognitive damage that limited her awareness of her surroundings. She was on multiple medications to regulate multiple functions because her internal environment was so damaged. This, in medical terms, is considered a success because she outlived the average life expectancy. My view on the quality of life would take exception to their opinions.

      You can find more and more articles on diseases that “went away.” using a natural approach to health. The reason is more simple than one would think. We continue to view disease as the “combatant.” This is a BIG MISTAKE (in my opinion.) It doesn’t matter what we call the disease, the approach to becoming healthy remains the same. Providing the body with the tools needed to maintain internal homeostasis is the answer. Naturally, if an internal mechanism is broken, it needs to be repaired (naturally if possible) before it is capable of running at “full throttle.” When it becomes impossible to repair the broken mechanism, we need to provide external sources of support (natural and or pharmaceutical). This is the natural progression as our bodies lose their vitality over time. It must be realized that death is part of the natural process. It is not the failure of natural medicine or pharmaceutical medicine.

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  6. Your posts always leave me thinking when did the United States go wrong with health care? I remember the old TV shows and the doctors making house calls. I am afraid progress isn’t always for the better. Quality of life should always be the first objective.

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  7. I think we might be at a tipping point. There are more and better places to find information than the past. Western medicine is beginning to accept its current limitations and factions of doctors are forming utilizing integrative and functional methods to treat their patients. ROOT CAUSE is their approach rather than symptom care and disease maintenance. The popularity of this approach is likely to gain momentum. In my opinion, everyone will benefit from this new approach.

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  8. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with us!

    I absolutely love every post I have read by you. It inspires me to write more about all things health.

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    1. Thank you. I look forward to your postings. Any time a quality person that cares about the welfare of others is willing to jump on board, I welcome the company!

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        And we look forward to yours! 🙂 We’re glad we crossed paths on the blog-sphere.

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