A Simple Journey: Can You Guess The Journeyman?

Conditions were wet and slimy right from the start as I began my journey. Multi-layered in composition, I immediately realized the conditions were going to require significant change to be able to adapt to my environment. The composition of the moisture I came in contact with altered my current state and I realized I had to quickly move from this location. I felt a force come over me that swept me to a new location just down the path. I thought to myself, “what is a swimming pool doing here?” The fluids began to clean me destroying damaging bacteria leaving me a wet mess, but a clean mess. It wasn’t hard to find a way out of this situation. I let gravity move me along to my next stop hoping for a friendlier environment. That was a mistake. It looked like a car wash shooting some kind of chemical at me causing me to feel like the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of OZ. This liquid was literally breaking me up into smaller and simpler versions of myself. This produced my first break, however. I was small enough now to escape. I jumped through the opening into a red warm liquid that delivered me directly to my journey’s end. As I knocked, no one answered. In the distance I heard someone yell, “you’ll need assistance to get in there.” The key-master was now visible and on his way. “Here, let me get that for you,” and with that key the “door” opened providing me easy access. As I turned to say “thank you,” it slammed shut. It was obvious as everyone looked at me I was expected. I had never seen this place before, yet I was put to work immediately. I felt so used and could hear so many others knocking outside trying desperately to come in. Offering to open the door, I was told my job was my primary task and to keep working. Those outside would have to find their own work if they could. As I finished my job, I realized I used every ounce of energy I had. My life seemed to go by so quickly as I realized I had reached my journey’s end.





Too much will result in death. Too little will result in death. A real food balanced diet with minimal additives, processing and genetic modifications, will provide the average person the perfect amount of sugar necessary for healthy living. Too much sugar is a catalyst for obesity, metabolic syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, heart disease and cancer. Although the above story was just a tale, the destructive reality of sugar isn’t. How much of life are you willing to sacrifice to simply satisfy the taste buds where the whole destructive journey begins?


  1. billgasiamis · · Reply

    I stopped eating sugar and lost 4 kilos about 9 pounds. It increased my energy cured my fatigue and I no longer crave for it.

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    1. You’re a perfect example of shifting hormones. As you combat the cravings and successfully abstain, the vicious cycle is broken and the body stops secreting the hormones that induce these cravings. There are fewer (sugar) spikes and valleys resulting in greater energy. This typically results in more movement and physical activities leading to increase in weight loss. As people become truly ready to improve the quality of their lives, this is a great way to start the process. The positive feedback occurs quickly which helps reinforce motivation.

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  2. I feel so much better that I am only getting sugar naturally from foods….my energy is through the roof…..good post….thanks….kat

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  3. It is so good to read about your positive response to dietary changes. People need to understand that life can be so much more fulfilling when they experience real healthy living. Reducing processed sugar no longer is viewed as a “sacrifice” because one comes to realize how damaging it effects truly are. Weight gain and lethargy are typical results of high sugar consumers. The physical and mental benefits of reduced sugar consumption ignite the energy inside us in ways we never imagined possible. Talk about motivation!


  4. How creatively you started this topic 🙂 I didn’t knew what it is about until I saw that word in RED 🙂 And how true it is that you need to evaluate the amount of sugar intake 🙂 Because you never know when can diabetes hit you 🙂 My Mother in law has diabetes and I know how tough it is to live with that …how we handle her diets. So it’s better to eat small amounts now ..so that you can continue eating it throughout your life instead of overeating and then stopping it at one go 🙂

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    1. It is a choice becoming more difficult to make for the average person due to the growing addiction sugar causes and the willingness of the food industry to provide it in such unhealthy forms and amounts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and comment. People need to see that families truly suffer as a result of this and other processed sweeteners.

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  5. Ah! A clever, engaging and important post! You seemed to have had fun writing this. Well done, Dr. J. I enjoyed your unconventional medical post.

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    1. Thank you Rose. I will approach the topic of health from every perspective necessary to open as many eyes as possible to the importance of taking the necessary time to take care of one’s personal health needs. I truly believe that people are not aware of the real consequences if they don’t. I think the average person views health as:
      1. How do I feel?
      2. How do I look?

      Many people feel just fine right now as their high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and or cancer go undetected. This is not to create fear, but rather optimistic opportunities if people learn the value in taking care of their own health.

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  6. Read labels! Manufacturers dump sugar in most processed foods!

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    1. It’s actually quite simple.
      1. The fewer the ingredients, the better.
      2. If it contains ingredients you can’t pronounce or don’t understand, don’t buy it.
      3. If it’s real food grown on this planet and either minimally processed or not processed at all, consume it.
      Following these three basic steps will place most people in a direction for better health.

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  7. Highly addictive stuff! Fun post!

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    1. The supplier of chemical drugs whose purpose is to sell these products for money in exchange for a sense of temporary relief that can ultimately cause disease and death is called a “Drug Dealer”. The supplier of food products containing artificial chemicals that sell these products for money in exchange for a sense of temporary relief that can ultimately cause disease and death is called a “Food Manufacturer.” As a society, are we hiding behind a title to justify a source of revenue?

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  8. Very creative and well done! Question for you about sugars, how do you feel about the natural type we get from fruit? I eat a fair amount of it daily (usually berries and apples) plus a small glass of OJ in the morning. I know it’s much better for the body this way coming naturally and from whole foods but, do you think we ought to limit ourselves with fruit?


    1. I am a proponent of mixed colorful fruits IN LIMITED QUAUNTITIES. Two servings of fruits per day satisfies the nutritional needs and provides plenty of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. I’m not a big fan of juices, however, 1 small glass per day (4oz or less) is fine if you enjoy it. Vegetables on the other hand should be consumed in greater quantity (6-9 servings/day). It is also important to remember that fields are sprayed with highly dangerous pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and fruits and vegetables absorb these toxins readily. If you can eat organic fruits and vegetables it is much wiser.
      I base these sugar recommendations on the fact that Diabetes continues to rise and people should not eat anything high in sugar in large quantity. Small amounts of healthy colorful fruits also protect us against the formation of cancerous cells.

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      1. Good points. I do have a fairly ample supply of vegetables too, usually but sometimes I do wonder about the amount of fruit I eat. Sugar is still sugar…

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