MUST SEE Interviews of Cancer Patients

As many of you know, I have tried to share information on the topic of disease and cancer to increase awareness of viable SUCCESSFUL OPTIONS many people have never heard about. Tonight, (October 21st) at 9pm eastern daylight time, Ty Bollinger will provide a FREE video segment interviewing these patients (many of whom were sent home to die by their traditional oncologists) who have undergone these therapeutic treatments and survived (while maintaining a good quality of life) their diagnoses. This video will be between 100-120 minutes long. I promise it will keep your attention and open your eyes and minds to options you may want and need to choose for yourself some day. Please make the time to watch this video. I make this urgent request from the bottom of my heart.

This viewing will only be available for up to 24 hours AFTER it airs tonight.

With 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women expected to be diagnosed in their life with cancer, this video provides essential information for all of us. I once again strongly encourage you to take the time to watch this video. The following link will provide you access after 9pm eastern daylight time:


  1. Thanks Jonathan. My cousin sent me the link to this yesterday. He is very excited about this and plans to travel to Mexico at the end of the year for treatment. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to extend his life.

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    1. They have treated patients with pancreatic cancer that are still alive 10+years later that were classified untreatable. As long as one is capable of breathing there is always hope.

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  2. Watched the video. Amazing! Sharing on FB this morning. Thanks for the post!!!

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  3. […] so, hop on over to All About Healthy Choices and read Doc’s posting today, then link to the You Tube video he is promoting over […]


  4. This video relays a very important message. Glad you enjoyed it and found it beneficial.


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