625xNxAlternative-Cancer-Treatments.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Auaw15DzIoNow that we have discussed the concept of “CREATIVE THINKING” and the current most common traditional therapeutic approaches to combating cancer, it is time to reveal therapeutic options utilized all over the world. To combat ANY problem effectively one must always seek the ROOT CAUSE or CAUSES of the underlying issues. For example, what is the underlying cause of a clinical bacterial infection:

  1. over exposure to bacteria

  2. possible poor hygiene

  3. dietary deficiencies

  4. spinal nerve interference causing a lack of immune response to a bacteria

The answer may be any one or more of the above choices. The answer IS NOT a deficiency of antibiotics, for if more drugs in our bodies was the answer to disease, the United States would rank near the top in overall health (which it doesn’t.) So, what are the Root Causes of CANCER? The answer is both simple and very complex. The answer is, “anything that reduces the capacity of our immune system to identify foreign entities and respond with limited capabilities.” What are some of the factors that reduce immune function?

Rats and tumors

  1. Poor dietary habits that cause an inflammatory environment within our bodies that support damage on a cellular level. Genetically modified organisms(fed to the rats above) sprayed with Round Up (a toxic herbicide) is just one example.GMO

  2. Environmental toxicity (various forms of pollution) that have carcinogenic effects on the body.

  3. High levels of stress that create hormonal imbalances that suppress immune function.

  4. Lack of physical exercise which interferes with vascular and lymphatic flow needed to rid the body of toxic substances.

  5. Lack of sleep which supports the regeneration and repair of the body.

These are a few of the factors that MUST be addressed concomitant (at the same time) with the various therapeutic approaches to strengthen and revitalize the body. Why is this so important? Because the definition of health or cure can not and should not be defined as a 5 year or even 10 year survival interval. The term “health” and “cure” must take into account the QUALITY OF LIFE. Does it make sense on any level to approach health from the perspective of poisoning and toxifying the body destroying the strongest and most effective defense system ever designed to combat disease in an attempt to CREATE HEALTH?

The medical field has great respect for Hippocrates, the founding father of medicine. All doctors are required to repeat the Hippocratic Oath prior to beginning their licensed careers. When Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” what did he mean? When he said, “as to diseases make a habit of two things,–to help, or at least to do no harm, what did he mean? He meant that answers to disease could be found in the food sources our planet provided for us. He meant there was a direct causal relationship between supporting the body with the medicine (information) in our foods and enhancing the quality of health. He meant that health was achieved by building stronger bodies with the energy our foods provided. Are we not directly violating Hippocrate’s law when we poison the body with chemo drugs and burning the body with radiation in an attempt to produce health? Is the goal of chemo and radiation HEALTH or SURVIVAL?

It is time we recognize for the benefit and growth of the healthcare system and the people it is supposed to take care of that this current approach defies common sense and medical ethics. The healthiest of bodies are those that are capable of achieving homeostasis; a state of balance among positive and negative forces. Why has the medical field intentionally disregarded nutrition from the required protocol of cancer treatment when the founding father spoke specifically about its essential component to health? Are you beginning to see the inherent failure in the current approach to this disease?


Our new approach to solving this problem begins with preventing its occurrence. Understand there will ALWAYS be an exception to the rule where individuals living the healthiest of lifestyles will still develop this malady. The frequency, intensity and survival rates will dramatically improve, however, if we make the necessary changes in personal lifestyles. Once again they include:

  1. 80-90% healthy eating

  2. exercise

  3. restful sleep

  4. stress reduction

  5. proper hydration (water)

  6. correcting nerve interference to allow the body to communicate and function properly

If cancer is diagnosed, the first step should be to organize a team of professionals that you trust who can work together to support a healing approach to this disease. What is a healing approach? It is an approach that creates an “unfriendly environment” for cancerous cells while enhancing the function of healthy cells. How do we do this?

  1. Cancerous cells are anaerobic (without oxygen.) They cannot survive in an aerobic environment (with oxygen.) Hyperbaric chambers are utilized to increase oxygen permeability on a cellular level by amounts up to 300%. Will this in and of itself win the battle? No. Remember, each body is different with different needs. This is simply one tool which “feeds” the body oxygen enhancing the bodies abilities rather than poisoning and weakening it. It is one tool that helps create an unfriendly environment for cancer.

  2. Changing one’s diet. SUGAR is absorbed by cancerous vs healthy cells in a ratio of up to 17:1. A diet high in sugar (and carbohydrates) will feed the cancer while starving the healthy cells. Have you ever noticed how people suffering from cancer develop CACHEXIA ( defined as “general physical wasting and malnutrition usually associated with chronic disease.”) Cancer DOES NOT KILL most of its victims. Cancer causes starvation and the current treatments destroy the immune system making the victim susceptible to secondary viral and bacterial diseases that result it the patient’s demise. Healthy diets free of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, etc are essential to provide the real “medicine” needed to strengthen the body and its immune system. A qualified nutritionist could help guide a cancer patient with this component in the treatment arsenal.

  3. Hyperthermia with long wave far infrared has the ability to raise body temperature. Realize, when we get sick, our body temperature elevates to a specific temperature which kills the invading entity WITHOUT damaging healthy cells. Cancerous cells are heat sensitive and can be attacked using this form of conservative therapy without damaging the body or weakening the immune system. Here we have another tool to destroy cancer without causing harm to the body.

  4. Rigvir is a virotherapy that introduces a virus into the body that specifically targets cancerous cells without causing damaging effects to healthy cells. In addition, this virus can effectively locate “hidden” cancerous stem cells creating markers which the immune system identifies and then destroys. This form of therapy has had great results with melanoma and is under testing for other cancerous forms.

  5. Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT therapy) is another method used to destroy cancerous cells without damaging the immune system. It is a method that reduces the available sugar in the body for cancer cells. As a person shifts their diet to fats and proteins the healthy cells utilize the metabolism of these macro-nutrients while the cancer cells are unable to. Once again this therapy creates an unfriendly environment for cancer.

The list goes on. These are just a few of the methods currently used throughout the world that are effectively treating cancer even in the advanced stages. There are other treatments that cancer patients must undergo to detoxify their systems to maximize results of these complimentary therapies. The big question is, why are patients not informed of these options?

Hippocrates also said, “it is far more important to know what person the disease has, than what disease the person has.” This meant we had to understand the person and THEIR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. This was as important as understanding the disease itself, because the response to various treatments depended on the WHOLE PERSON and their imbalance; not simply the correlation of disease and treatment. This helped customize the specific treatment to the specific person resulting in better outcomes.

I hope these three articles helped demonstrate that real options exist outside our traditional medical model that are following the Hippocratic laws while restoring health and improving the quality of lives. This “SECRET” needs greater exposure to provide more options to more people. Once again, this information is not designed to make decisions for people; it is designed to offer honest hope and show that real scientific options are available to those who believe their lives have ended by being diagnosed with cancer.

Are we more likely to live better healthier lives by researching methods that introduce toxicity into our bodies to destroy and kill opportunistic invaders, or research methods that strengthen ALL our systems and enhance our bodies to maintain maximal function. In your opinion, is it time to re-evaluate our approach to HEALTH and DISEASE?


  1. I have been waiting for this post. I see now why you were so pleased that I changed my food philosophy to “farm to fork.” I am definitely going to research the topics you introduced above in more detail. As you know, my father had cancer and underwent chemo and radiation. He died and that forever changed my life and mindset. I now have a friend who underwent chemo and has just finished radiation. She was terrified about all of the awful things her treatment can cause, but she didn’t feel like she had any choice; she was told that chemo and radiation were her best chance of survival and so she simply did what her doctors told her were best.

    I suppose if you have cancer and are facing possible imminent death, you don’t feel that time is at your disposable and you can research different options. You just go with what you think is best, even if it really isn’t. You trust the experts who are in charge of your care and you hope for the best. That’s why I think it’s such a good idea for people to be informed about topics such as this (even though they are very unpleasant to think about) in advance of any scary diagnoses in their family. Believe me, I wish I knew before my dad got sick.

    The quote you started this article with about oncologists – that’s scary to me. I’m not sure where this survey was based or what alternative treatments those doctors would seek, but I’m not sure how someone could on one hand say that they would never undergo a treatment that they in turn recommend to countless people. Just because someone is not in your family doesn’t mean that they aren’t incredibly important to someone else. As doctors, you would think that they would want to give their patients the best options. There are a lot easier ways to get rich than going to medical school. You would think the basis of wanting to provide the best care would be there or else those folks could have gone to law school and still gotten rich by screwing people over in a way that, at the very least, doesn’t kill them.

    Thank you for the food for thought!

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    1. I once mentioned a video series for your friend. Ty Bollinger is currently revealing many of these approaches in a 9 part series (tonight is part 6) free to the viewing audience. I encourage you and A.W. to jump on the opportunity to view these videos. I do not agree with everything that is reported, but much of the evidence is clinically and scientifically based and the doctors discuss going through these therapies themselves. You also directly hear from advanced stage cancer patient survivors as they followed traditional and complementary approaches.
      I encourage skepticism, because that motivates research and the opportunities for new knowledge. The more we challenge the better the outcomes in life. Accepting the “laws” of outdated protocols impedes the progress of better health. Any doctor threatened by questions and concerns is a doctor typically more concerned with their own security than their patient’s well-being.
      I do believe many doctors believe they are doing the best they can with the information they were taught. Their limitations result from an education based solely on a pharmaceutical approach. This certainly has a place, but is NOT the end all when it comes to health. They were never taught nutrition, homeopathy, etc… How can they recommend something they have no background in? It would be like asking your family physician if a damaged tooth should be filled, pulled, undergo root canal or simply be capped. Yes, teeth are part of health, but not part of the education a medical physician is trained in to make this type of recommendation. Nutrition, EMF, Hyperthermia infrared, are therapies that are outside the scope of a typical western practicing physician as is Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese medicine. Create a team approach utilizing the best skills from the various studies, and the outcomes are likely to be far superior. One of the difficulties is the requirement that all doctors need to check their egos outside the healthcare facility.

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  2. Do you know if all these things you talk about are available in the US? My friend had radiation therapy and was burned terribly from it. She is coming up on her 5 years post-op. She also has to take this nasty drug for 5 years and it has terrible side effects. The experience has worn her down. She hasn’t recovered strength wise. And the drug is not guaranteed to prevent a return of cancer. Many in her support group had returning cancer despite the nasty drug.

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    1. Some are, some are not. Detoxifying ones body and beginning to strengthen the body with nutritional food is certainly attainable. It’s all about how badly one wishes to pursue an alternative path to that which they currently follow. The good news is, there are certainly options.


      1. Well I don’t believe she was given options. She was just happy not to have to do chemo too.

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  3. Great information in this post Jonathan. There are so many options for those with cancer, when they choose to look. My sister is working with a cancer patient. She is doing energy healing work with him and suggested how important it was for him to leave his current job, which is causing immense stress in his life. He said he wasn’t prepared to do this. So even when all the options are carefully laid out for each case, the person with cancer is the only one who can decide to want to live and heal this disease. Thanks for your research.

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  4. I certainly agree with you. A person must have a positive mindset with any approach they choose. It is difficult to overcome disbelief. I once heard the following:
    “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right. If you choose to believe in failure, it will likely be the outcome.
    A positive attitude is crucial for happiness AND good health.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and situations. The more people are exposed to the realities we share the less fearful they become to act.

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