Where do our beliefs come from? As children, we are exposed to parents and siblings, friends, educators and spiritual leaders. If we think about it, beliefs are handed down from previous generations sometimes with or without modifications. The word, CREATION, is usually viewed in a positive manner. An example might be, “the creation of a masterpiece.” We view creative skills and creative thinking in a positive light. This word CREATION, however, seems to run into a brick wall of discontent when its content diametrically opposes ideas and beliefs that were handed down from generation to generation.
The theme of my previous article was based on cancer screenings. I strongly believe in preventative actions when it comes to maximizing one’s health. Most people agree with these sentiments even if they do not actively pursue the beliefs. Why do people support this concept? It is my opinion that much of this support comes from the teachings of health care professionals. After all, healthcare professionals have been educated and have had to pass rigorous testing to achieve the credentials and licenses they maintain.
When it comes to cancer treatment, the word “creation” (as it pertains to the phrase “creation of natural treatment protocols”) is challenged strongly by our existing healthcare system. Why is it on one hand creative technology is demanded but creative natural health care solutions dismissed? Is it possible that FEAR of complementary effective solutions might challenge traditional teachings and beliefs? Should we stand steadfast in our beliefs simply because they have existed for so many generations? Are we better off closing our minds to creative thinking, new ideas and outcomes in favor of maintaining compliance and acquiescence? If you believe this, the automobile would never have become the preferred means of transportation over the horse and carriage. Realize, the automobile hasn’t replaced it. Most people have chosen the automobile for transportation, however, horses remain a viable option in some areas of the world. The importance here is to understand that truth can be found in new ideas and new creations that may replace or simply be utilized in addition to traditional methods.
How do horses and automobiles relate to cancer treatment? We have waged a war on cancer for many decades. We have used primarily three approaches to attempt to defeat this condition. These approaches have included:
  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation
Our success has been limited. Anyone that has survived cancer utilizing these treatments will naturally and understandably praise these procedures. It would be difficult for a cancer survivor to “challenge” this belief because it would mean challenging conventional thinking as well as the limited options they were provided by their physicians involved with these treatments. Am I challenging our current system when I use phrases like “limited success?” Absolutely NOT. This conclusion is based on the following chart found in the journal, “Clinical Oncology.” As challenging as it may feel to your beliefs and convictions, this research was published by the medical community showing the effectiveness of chemotherapy on the following list of cancers. You will note that this study concluded chemotherapy effective  2.1% of the time as an average. The significance of showing this study is NOT intended to prove that chemotherapy has no place in cancer care, but rather to open one’s thinking to the fact it might not be the BEST AND/OR ONLY THERAPY we can choose from(in addition to surgery and radiation) to kill cancer.


At this time in evolution our healthcare community agrees that cancer can not develop if an individual’s immune system is functioning properly. Cancer is a byproduct that develops within the body when the immune system is compromised. The “things” that cause this compromise likely come from a multitude of sources. Some of these include, (1) environmental toxins, (2) dietary toxins, (3) hormonal imbalances aggravated by complications in lifestyles, (4) and  inadequate rest providing inadequate time for recovery. Using a “CREATIVE” approach to this disease would suggest we address the factors leading to the compromise of the immune system in order to prevent the disease from manifesting in the first place. Our current healthcare system does not teach this to our society. Why? Does it defy common sense or reasoning? I don’t believe so. Why must we only act after the disease has been diagnosed? The medical field claims to be preventative when they strongly recommend vaccinations. Just because a vaccine has not been developed to address cancer doesn’t mean other preventative measures don’t exist. Why is cancer prevention a topic absent from everyday healthcare public education?
In my next article, “THE AWAKENING Part II” I will explain some important facts about surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This article will also discuss CREATIVE options currently used by the medical community when approaching this disease. These brave doctors that have saved countless lives while helping their patients maintain quality living during the treatments have been threatened repeatedly by their licensing boards. If these doctors were “quacks” the medical and pharmaceutical companies would encourage the media to lambaste them. Why has the media been so quiet. Is it possible that the medical advertising dollars currently spent would dry up if the media reported beneficial outcomes using safer less costly options?
Opening one’s mind is essential if positive change is desired. Change is inevitable. Defying it won’t prevent its outcome. Don’t you think it’s time we help our healthcare system evolve to the point equating its advances with the automobile rather than the horse and carriage? Don’t you think it’s time our healthcare system opened its eyes to less costly EFFECTIVE complementary treatments with clinically proven track records? As Soreen Kierkegaard quoted at the beginning of this article, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” The choice is yours.


  1. I absolutely agree that prevention needs to be the first step. However, sometimes people get cancer anyway. My friend AW, for example, is a prime example of someone who “shouldn’t” get cancer and did: a young, healthy, fit person who eats well, exercises, and has an extremely positive mindset.

    The treatment options are scary. She has been subjected to countless CT scans, chemo, radiation, and drugs that all increase her risk of getting other kinds of cancer later in life (among other things). Our current treatment options don’t come without risk and in my opinion cancer is never “cured,” it is just managed.

    I wish that there were more alternatives…but maybe there are and they are just not widely known. I will be eagerly awaiting part two of this article 😉

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    1. There are other real options that offer a more humane and common sense approach to this horrible disease. I have personally seen the video stories of doctors and lay people diagnosed and treated successfully without the “Big 3.” This doesn’t mean that traditional treatment has no value. It means that options are not being offered which is unethical and immoral. In life, some people will appear to do “everything” right, yet still succumb to disease. Others will do everything “wrong” and will pass on as centenarians. We need to address the ROOT CAUSES which currently are being ignored in favor of conventional (expense and painful)traditional approaches. This is why I wrote this article. Stay tuned for Part II.

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  2. What year(s) are reported on this graph of chemo outcomes? It is staggering to see how little the chemical option helps, when almost all cancer patients who have had their disease metastasize are recommended to include chemo in their treatment options.

    Also, it looks like Hodgkins Disease and testicular cancers respond much better than other cancers to the chemo approach. Interesting! Great post. Can’t wait for Part II.

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    1. This was from 2003. The stats have not been reported with greater success on average since then to the best of my knowledge.

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  3. One of the reasons I quit chemotherapy at the 2nd session (Oncologist said it was good when I did, because the really bad side effects start at round 3 and 4) was the contrast I saw between the evolution of technology, smart phones etc and the fact they were using 35 year old chemo drugs …really? President
    Nixson started the war on cancer in 1971 and all have are 35 to 40 year old drugs? Something is drastically wrong! This January will be 5 years cancer free, was diagnosed with stage 3 Colon cancer. I’ve been a Christian for almost 30 years and knew better than to eat loads of rare beef, Old testament warns of eating meat with the blood. I have changed my eating habits and my theology!

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    1. You are just one of many examples of people who have chosen to bypass the traditional approach. It is obvious you have an improved quality of living and continue to successfully improve your health by incorporating the tools needed. Congratulations on your decision and results.

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